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Wrinkles, Laxity, Enlarged Pores



Internal and external Inflammation is the primordial cause of all aging and laxity and enlarged pores and acne and melasma and brown spots and skin cancers and all disease and ultimately death.

What causes this internal and external inflammation and how do we prevent and reverse and guard against as much as scientifically possible? Please read below.



Sunlight causes inflammation from the surface of the skin down deeply into the skin and as it passes into and through the skin and inflames it, destroys the collagen and elastin that are anti-aging and anti-laxity and destroys the cells that produce collagen and elastin. It inflames the blood and the pigment producing cells as well, the melanocytes- which is why you tan as you are aging, but over time with chronic inflammation internally and externally, those pigment producing cells cannot keep up with the demand to try to block the inflammation caused by the sun.

All this, combined with the chronic inflammation internally from stress and not enough or good sleep, eating badly (thus inflaming your gut and further challenging your immune system (so eat right for your blood type and the less carbs and sugars and the more green vegetables  – the healthier and youthful appearing and acting – is your skin and entire body), and from high blood sugar and not exercising or moving your body much and not drinking enough water, so your body cells are dehydrated thus inflame. This ALL HASTENS aging, laxity, enlarged pores and brown pigment/melasma/spots AND increases disease risk. Aches and pains and joint pains as well are all caused by internal inflammation.

Collagen and Elastin are in every organ of your body and what help hold the organs in place, so you want to STOP the inflammation internally and externally as much as possible, understanding it is never possible to do anything other than decrease internal inflammation, but by doing so, you are ANTI-aging and preventing internally AND externally!

We suggest that you contact us directly for a personal HEALTHLINE Consultation – customized to your needs.  Please click here.


This is your step ONE in therapeutic treatment Internally and externally and must be increased to Step 2 as below.  Remember, this is a process, as it takes the body one month just to begin responding to giving it what it needs and is missing, then another month to begin to see increasing resolution, then another 1-3 months to visibly begin to resolve.

Step 1 – Skin Products





Follow all product directions carefully.


SERUM – The chirality, quality, chemistry and quantity of ingredients provide maximal obtainable results to help wrinkles, laxity and reduce enlarged pores as well as firm, lift, clarify, smooth, clear, protect, prevent, correct and anti-age. Formulated to help provide the most intensified therapy to drastically help diminish all forms of hyperpigmentation in order to achieve optimal skin health, by repairing, and providing clarity. This serum helps supply and support the mitochondria – the power plant of cells, collagen and all skin component production to accelerate skin health, exfoliation and renewal.

Instructions: 2-3 pumps for entire face, eyelids, neck, chest. AM (morning) only. Can mix in your palm with all products except CLEANSER & PEEL Can use on the body.

WHOLE BODY RENEW – improves elasticity and firmness, increasing dermal matrix component production and promotes the cycle of cellular turnover and growth to decrease lines, wrinkles, promote lifting, volumization, and increase collagen production with its UNIQUE AND MAXIMALLY COMPREHENSIVE HEALING FORMULATION of POWERFUL Healthy Anti-Inflammatories combined with the natural organic acids, Lactic AND all the shielding and EMPOWERING aged grapeskin exfoliating elements.

WHOLE BODY RENEW intensified NON-TOXIC, therapeutic ingredients are SUPERLATIVE  and combined with our Skin Fitness Plus internal supplementation, is an ESSENTIAL piece of your Health Solution to help PREVENT and TREAT EFFECTIVELY and more easily SKIN ISSUES QUICKLY on the face and entire body.

WHOLE BODY RENEW should be used DAILY OR EVERY OTHER DAY as skin tolerates with NO irritation nor peeling – on ENTIRE face, eyelids, ears, neck, chest, back, arms, legs, and ENTIRE body for MAXIMUM Results and Skin Renewal. SAFE  and Perfect for all Skin Types, Colors and Genders.

Instructions: STEP 1 – AM (Morning): First product to apply after cleansing  in the morning – daily or every other day. Separate carefully one pad, which contains enough therapy to wipe over entire face, eyelids, ears, neck, chest, back, arms, legs, entire body. Place morning products over.

CALM AND REPAIR – SPF 30 and environmental shield to help protect form further signs of aging. CALM AND REPAIR is a maximal strength, multi-layered defense and environmental shield, and broad-spectrum SPF 30, all medical conditions therapy, for skin of EVERY color, gender and type.  It is not greasy nor sticky and does not “grey” dark skin.

Instructions: Apply to skin daily over AM (morning) products and before makeup for ultimate environmental protection. Can mix with Wrinkle Filler or Emu Dermyl. For best environment/UV protection, reapply every 2 hours, and can be used as a water-resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating. Sun increases skin cancer risk, skin aging. To help decrease risks and symptoms use this broad-spectrum SPF 30, wear sun protective clothing/ sunglasses.

EMU DERMYL – Emu Oil combined with Neodermyl® its skin anti-wrinkle, rejuvenating, lifting, volumizing, tightening therapies, visible results are incomparable for skin volumizing and firmness, prevention and reversal. due to its unique combined formulation of cold pressed, biodynamic Emu Oil and NeoDermyl®. It’s incredible healing properties help skin to renew, restore and prevent more damage from appearing.

The Aborigines taught, and my medical practice again confirms Emu Oil if made the way the Aborigines taught so the MOST therapeutic, so it has the superlative chemistry to penetrate the skin, therefore, its BEST of all known choices, immediate moisturizing, skin soothing, calming and restoring characteristics. Combined with Neodermyl® its therapies and visible results are incomparable! In addition, unequalled proven results to help:

  • Dry, damaged skin.
  • Soothe and relieve the symptoms of rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, shingles, rashes, and sensitive, irritated skin.
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines particularly around the eyes, mouth, neck and to help prevent.
  • Help reduce pain, irritation, redness and blistering from shingles.
  • Scar and stretch mark.
  • Resolving burns and sunburn, cuts.
  • MAXIMALLY moisturizing the entire body’s skin, yet no oil remains on the surface of the skin only a more youthful and healthy, volumized, dewy and restored.

Instructions: Shake well especially when cold. Use 1-7 drops or more as needed and absorbed for face, eyelids, neck and chest. You can always use 1-2 drops into your palm and add 2-3 drops of tap water into so you have enough liquid to spread all around your face and add CALM AND REPAIR and mix all together with VitAamia C Plus in your palm then you have enough liquid to spread all over your face, around your eyelids, neck and chest an leftover on your hands.   Normally AM (morning) – 1-4 drops; PM (evening) – 1-6 drops. Can use on entire body. Can mix with all products except PEEL.  ADD THIS AS STEP 1 MORNING AND/OR EVENING ONLY if you skin needs more moisture despite SERUM, CALM and REPAIR and CAN USE to save money INSTEAD of NIGHT REGENERATION in the EVENINGS.

WRINKLE FILLER – is an unequalled topical strength Hyaluronic Acid, which is found in injectable fillers. L-Hyaluronate holds up to 1000 times its weight in water, significantly more than even collagen for restoring youthful skin volume, suppleness and moisture, minimizing age-related wrinkling, lines and crinkling, preventing evaporative loss and with NO OIL, so excellent as well for oily, blemished skin and as aftershave.

Instructions: A tip of fingertip size amount is enough for the face, eyelids, neck and chest. (Add in 2 drops of water for more spread volume). Can mix with all products ex­cept CLEANSER & PEEL. Use on every part of the body.


Add NIGHT REGENERATION ideally or your moisturizer IF NON-TOXIC OVER PEEL to reduce monies spent or just use EMUDERMYL as above OVER Peel as you will need some moisture over PEEL and EMU DERMYL helps rid pigment as stated above.

CLEANSER – CAN USE IN MORNING AND EVENING. Provides the MAXIMAL strength therapy and visible results, scientifically possible, to help correctly and deeply clean the skin and pores of EVERY skin type, color and sex, of dirt and makeup, so that your Skin Therapy products penetrate deeply and respond quickly.

CLEANSER is gentle, will not inflame, but will cleanse down into the pores and exfoliate in a gentle, healthy and essential non-inflammatory method to also preserve the skin’s acid mantel. It provides the MAXIMAL strength therapy and visible results, scientifically possible, to help correctly and deeply clean the skin and pores of EVERY skin type, color and sex, of dirt and makeup.

Instructions: 1-2 pumps in palm. Apply a thin film on face, neck, chest (entire body if desired). Use in the PM (evening) and/or AM (morning). Add several drops of water to lather. Ideally leave on 1-5 minutes to deeply clean pores. Removes makeup.

For VERY sensitive skin, mix into Cleanser in your palm 2-4 drops of EMU DERMYL for I month then just use CLEANSER.

NIGHT REGENERATION – Helps provide maximal amounts of the gamut of raw materials that your skin, stem cells and immune system require during sleep, when they best build and repair most energetically and youthfully, restore, optimize the appearance, treat the conditions, problems of ALL skin types, including blemishes and oily skin. Essential, most potent ingredients to help restructure, restore skin barrier liquid crystal youthful emollience.

In addition, NIGHT REGENERATION is SUPERLATIVE for blemishes, bacteria and sebum overproduction, seborrhea, fungistatic to protect and repair, and moisturizes without oil, cell nutritive. Enriched with uniquely, intensely moisturizing ingredients, YET desirable for ALL-even oily, acneic- skin types and conditions to maximize moisture levels uniquely and skin respiration. The synergistic, powerful ingredients increase oxygen in the skin, which help to produce remarkable visible clarity, clearing, revitalization, resolution of skin conditions and help prevent skin challenges.

Instructions: EVENING ONLY AFTER CLEANSING (see instructions for CLEANSER above in AM (morning) products section) –  a thin film ( a small fingertip size amount is enough) over face, eyes, neck, chest, hands and arms. After one minute can place NIGHT REGENERATION OVER PEEL May mix with all EVENING products except CLEANSER & PEEL. Use nightly. Can use on entire body. Place Retin A or non-toxic cream bio- identical hormones (if using) OVER evening products.

EXFOLIATING REPAIR – These intensified ingredients have the density to help speed symptom resolution and infuse the potent array of physiological skin factors, help assure, along with the other synergistic SKIN THERAPY products and recommended supplement therapies – best prevention, anti-aging, rejuvenation, repairing, correcting and restoration of healthy, youthful functioning and appearing skin of the entire body.

Instructions: All skin types – Apply a thin film to just cleaned skin, while still warm/wet on entire face, neck and chest for exfoliation/improvement. Massage lightly for 1-2 minutes, let dry, leave on for 10-30 minutes. Remove with lukewarm water. Place usual products regimen OVER. NO PEEL for 2 days.

Normal, dry/mature skin – once every 1-2 weeks if no irritation. Oily, thick or acneic skin – begin once a week for one week – if no irritation, increase to 2-4 times a week. If irritation, then decrease usage, place SERUM and/or EMU DERMYL to soothe and do NOT use VITAMIN C PLUS, PEEL, VITAMIN A PLUS, Retin A for 3 days.


Step 1 and Step 2 Supplements

Supplementation you SHOULD take, and more is better, in my experience if over time your goal is to slow the external aging clock as much as possible and below they are LISTED IN THE PRIORITY of strength.  More supplementation IS better in today’s toxic world I see in my medical practice as the patients who take and do more seem to age markedly less visibly AND have more energy and endurance.  BUT GENETICS ARE a factor! 



Please follow all directions on product pages carefully.

You can take less which is why I prioritized by strength, but  more IS better and different antioxidants do different things in the body and they are often synergistic taken together, so they make each other stronger or last longer when taken together and help address so many of the challenges which contribute to visible and internal aging. VERY IMPORTANT with supplementation – the formulation, sourcing, purity and strength of what you take because if you take 1 molecule of a supplement and NOT the correct dose, then like a pharmaceutical you are not taking the amount your body needs to do the job correctly and adequately!  EVERYTHING I use is the correct amount or strongest per pill, so I try for you to take the least number of pills, but you have to take the correct amount and the purity and sourcing is also the best, and I try for the pricing to be the best as well, for the purity and correct strength and for the least number of pills per day.  

ALKALIZE C-4000 mg per teaspoon-start with ½ teaspoon per day for 3 weeks to 1 month anytime of day in water or in a juice/smoothie then increase to 1 heaping teaspoon per day or ½ teaspoon TWICE a day. 

OMEGA GOLD because it has the correct dosage strength and purity so 1 pill per day if you are less than 25 years old and 1 pill twice a day if you are older and follow the Supplement instructions for how many to take for other conditions.

ADRENAL LIFE FORCE-1 pill per day if you are age 14-18 and 2 pills per day if you are 18-30 and if you are very stressed or older increase to 3 pills in the morning WITH food

BIO A CURCUMIN-1 pill per day anytime if you are age 30 or less and 1 pill twice a day if you are older.

R-LIPOIC ACID—1 pill per day if you are age 18-35 and 1 pill twice a day if you are older AND if you have high blood sugar you take 1 pill twice a day AND you take Tri Chromium  -1 pill per day to help lower your blood sugar which is very inflaming to your tissues and high blood sugar contributes VERY much to causing wrinkling, laxity, aging more quickly internally and externally, brown spots and skin tags. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT- R LIPOIC ACID is the MUCH stronger and chirally (chemically) correct form of Lipoic Acid so if you take Alpha Lipoic Acid you have to take twice as much per day as it is 50% or so less strong.  Also the brand I use is made by the biochemists who DISCOVERED R Lipoic.

ORGANIC SULFUR-this is the MINERAL sulfur NOT the medication Sulfa that some are allergic to.  EVERY cell in your body is made of this mineral so it is EXCELLENT for anti-aging and rejuvenation, forcing new collagen, elastin/skin and entire body cells production, much better hair, skin, nails and bones and is VERY EXCELLENT for helping to detox the accumulation of heavy metals and toxins that accumulate in your bones and deep tissues, and that help destroy and thin bone and poison the deep tissues and enzymes of the body that help make all healthy and youthful chemical reactions and detox occur. Helps clean the liver and cells of toxin accumulation

GLUTATHIONE LIPOSOME -most on the market is destroyed in the stomach so is useless and a waste of trust and money.  The Glutathione I use is wrapped in a liposome that survives the stomach and thus the glutathione is deposited in the gut where it can be absorbed and every cell in the body cannot get or produce enough Glutathione as one of the main enzymes of detox in the liver and every cell. VERY anti-brown spots and anti-inflammatory and anti-aging and pro-youthful energy and endurance and  helps the liver clean and clear the body. IF You drink or smoke you REALLY should take in my medical opinion.  You can also take-Milk thistle which helps the body produce more Glutathione, but the stronger  supplement to help produce Glutathione after taking this Glutathione, is MAX ONE which is particularly produced to force Glutathione production in the body AND there are people who genetically cannot produce Glutathione and Max One is made to give the body what it is missing to help MAKE the glutathione which they cannot because of a genetic defect and in those people they generally are the ones more likely to experience Chronic Fatigue and more susceptible some studies show Lyme and MS and perhaps but not known, ALS, as in these patients generally it is found that they cannot normally detox and are much less optimized internally. In my practice I have those patients manifesting symptoms such as these take MAX ONE and I have them do a Detoxigenomic test by Genova Labs to see if they are missing enzymes of detox  although science has yet to define ALL the enzymes of detox.

NIACELL—I use this brand as made by in my experience one of the most pure and medical strength nutraceutical companies.  This chemical when discovered was found to help the mitochondria-the power plant in AND of EVERY cell in the body- help produce more energy for each cell and the body thus is VERY antiaging and anti-inflammatory thus anti-wrinkles, anti-brown spots and anti-enlarged pores and helps repair and prevent and make more brain and body thus skin as well energy so once you get to be 30 years old, if no symptoms of chronic fatigue or Lyme’s Disease before then I recommend taking.  The energy for the mitochondria also comes from your thyroid and Adrenal glands being optimized so you see how it is critical to treat all the pieces of the body’s puzzle! 

GAMMA E-the scientifically correct form of Vitamin E to take and important to NOT take the INcorrect form. This is a STRONG antioxidant and works with the others to regenerate the other antioxidants, so all last longer so you get MORE anti-inflammatory/ antiaging/rejuvenation/helping decrease disease risk, laxity, brown spots/enlarged pores when you take together. ONLY 1 pill per day. 

GYNOSTEMMA—this has been used for thousands of years in Asia and ONLY the Emperors and Royal family members there could access to take as it was so precious and an anti-aging and anti-disease strategy. Now it is more available and is SUCH a powerful antioxidant/antiaging and helps protect telomeres and is the metabolic master switch.  EVERYONE in my medical opinion should take this from early 20s for slowing the ticking aging clock and for helping everything from skin to internal to brain antiaging and helping prevent disease and helping prevent and address Metabolic Syndrome and high blood sugar and high lipids. 

RESVERATROL—MAXIMALLY Powerful antioxidant and anti-disease and heart disease and very anti-brown spot, anti-enlarged pores and anti-aging.  NOTHING stops aging no matter how much you take but you can SLOW SIGNIFICANTLY which is the most we can do.  This helps as well with mental and physical energy and the one I use has the correct dose and sourcing and chemical form and if you don’t take correctly you are wasting to a large extent again your trust and time and investment. 

LASTLY-I ALWAYS recommend MELATONIN as it is one of the strongest antioxidants in the body, but everyone does not need.  If you dream your have normally enough melatonin and if you take and you have wild dreams then you do not normally need but it is known to help be anticancer and it is THE strongest antioxidant.  You shouldn’t need before age 35 but do you dream or not. IF You do not and are younger than that then first I would take 2 bottles of Pineal Code to optimize my Pineal gland and make sure it is not poorly functioning due to the Fluoride that helps damage it and Pineal Code helps remove this, so I recommend everyone in my practice take 2 bottles once a year. The Pineal Gland makes the melatonin and make sure you am eating healthily and exercising and sleeping well

If you can take Melatonin and not have wild dreams we find in my practice that the liquid we use is reported by patients to work better than any other they have ever used but you have to try for yourself.  If I was 55 years old or less I would not take more than every OTHER night because you do not want to disincentivize your pineal gland to make its own but if you sleep much more soundly and are not groggier in the morning than when you do not take it then you can take nightly but try only 5 nights per week. 

IF You have wild dreams when you take Melatonin but do not sleep well then you can try instead 5 HTP which helps you sleep like a baby and which also increases your serotonin so you should get happier and more even tempered or less bothered by stresses…..

THE BOTTOM LINE – the facts ARE – MORE antioxidants are better to try to maximally slow down and turn back the clock, the younger you start the better and you MUST- to help win this battle against wrinkles and laxity and brown spots and enlarged pores and skin tags-MAXIMALLY treat the body INSIDE AND OUT, all the pieces of the body’s puzzle and with the best tools for the job! 

I have tried to explain WHY this vs. that, and I hope I succeeded in helping you understand.  IF you cannot decide to take all, then I have prioritized the internals AND externally you start with Step 1 skin products and then you MUST add Step 2 but just Step 1 helps in a significant way but MORE and STRONGER is better. 

After all this-you MUST turn to high dose PEELS and I use the HIGH dose Retinol Restoration and Perfecting PEEL and THEN you HAVE to step up in strength to technology, and on the website you see what I choose in my practice as the best and strongest tools for the job. EVERYONE has to be treated with technology in a bespoke, individualized manner and technology, and injectables and threads are ONLY as good as the aesthetic eye and hands of the PERSON who is choosing and using and looking at and advising you.





 This is your Step 2 in therapeutic treatment and increase as below if not progressively significantly clearing over 3 months’ time with Step 1 therapy. Remember it takes the skin and body 3-6 months to significant resolution, and then often more time to completely resolve.

Step 2 – Skin Products



Please use all products carefully as directed on product pages.

Morning Products:

VITAMIN C PLUS – Most maximal anti-oxidant formulation, chirally-correct power, fortified with L-Glutathione (the master anti-oxidant) to help defend, protect, promote health, and reverse appearance of aging. Collagen stimulation, skin cell and component renewal (youthful tightening, lifting, volumizing, clarity).

Chiral 95% L-ascorbic acid with strengthening synergistic vitamins C, E, B, A, amino acids, minerals and omegas to help quickly and maximally relieve symptoms of inflammation and generate maximal healthy cell renewal production.

Instructions: Mix top of fingertip-size amount in palm with 2 drops of water, SERUM, CELL OPTIMIZER, WRINKLE   FILLER,   and/or   EMU  DERMYL   in   AM. CALM AND REPAIR placed OVER.  Use once per day, twice a day if needed for skin conditions,  on face, neck, eyelids, chest, body. Can mix in PM with PEEL,  NIGHT    REGENERATION,  VITAMIN  A  PLUS, EMU  DERMYL  or   WRINKLE  FILLER,   CELL  OPTIMIZER if used in PM.

CELL OPTIMIZER – Lifting/tightening, volumizing, wrinkle/line minimizing collagen synthesis and elasticity restoration. Skin microcirculation repair, energizers, rejuvenators, DNA, mitochondria health, revitalization in every skin type and age for youthful skin color and health.

Clinically prove n, state of TODAY’S Gold Standard skin science, ultimate quality,  quantity,  and  formulation  of  cutting edge ingredients, providing maximal, UNPRECEDENTED show me… don’t tell me visible results. Optimizes quickly and very visibly the synergistic, essential ingredients in each of the other Skin Therapy products with no redundancy.

Instructions: A small fingertip size amount daily AM or twice daily for entire face, neck, chest, hands, body skin. AM/PM – mix in palm with all products except CLEANSER & PEEL.

Evening Products:

PEEL – Anti-glycating, free radical quenching, super antioxidant abilities to help prevent loss of and REPAIR elasticity, wrinkling. Scientifically CORRECT exfoliation results in tighter, luminous skin with less wrinkles, cellulite, lines; clock slowing and reversing.

Exfoliating, synergistic L-Lactic, Mandelic, Malic acids with Pumpkin Ferment help suppress, brighten and even pigmentation, blemishes, scarring, wrinkles, risk of abnormal growths, restorative and rejuvenating. Physician-strength blemish, scarring, pore, pigment, growth, clearing and volumizing, clarity, elasticity optimizing.

Instructions: Apply in EVENING  only, first  product  after washing. One dropperful in your palm. May ONLY mix with VITAMIN C PLUS. Apply thin layer to entire face,  neck. chest, once a week for  2-3  weeks. If no irritation, increase every 2-3 weeks to twice a week, every other night, then nightly. Another 2-3 weeks, if no irritation, may apply 2 layers per night. Wait one minute after applying, then can apply evening products OVER, including Retin A, bio-identical hormones. Use on body brown spots, stretch marks, scars, growths, nightly if no irritation, or increase as above.

VITAMIN A PLUS – Provides optimal, visible results – lifting, tightening, youthfully volumizing, anti-aging via personifying production of collagen, elastin, fibroblasts and deep dermis components. Niacinamide topically helps increase collagen and cell component production. Helps collagenases, maintain skin elasticity and proteins, superlative anti-oxidant and decreases skin irritation. Vitamin A Plus contains a cell regenerator to support increased tissue longevity, help reduce and combat first signs of aging.

This MULTl-action Vitamin A encapsulated, STABILIZED formulation competes with highest strength pharmaceutical Retinoic results, yet NON-TOXICALLY AND UNIQUELY layering PHYSICIAN­ strength synergistic ingredients creating the MOST  potent therapy WITHOUT a prescription.

Instructions: Use ONLY in evening after cleansing,  2-3 squirts are enough for thin layer needed on face, neck, chest. If using PEEL, wait I minute AFTER then apply . Can use on entire body and use under Retin A. May mix in PM with all products except CLEANSER & PEEL. Start by using VITAMIN A PLUS every 3rd night for 2-3 weeks, then every other night for 2-3 weeks, then every night.

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