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CO2 and O2 Skin and Body Therapy

Scientific Advancement in Skin and Body Regeneration, Cellulite and Fat Reduction, Hair Growth, Healing and Optimal Support for Health and Skin Conditions

Our NEW CO2 and O2 Therapy technology is the synergistic state of TODAY’S science advancement and needed addition alongside the other technologies we use in your ACTION PLAN, for BEST solutions and VISIBLE RESULTS treatment of aging, skin laxity, volume loss,  pigmentation, under eye dark circles, cellulite, genetic fat areas (saddlebags, abdominal, under the chin), stretch marks, scarring, skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, seborrhea, acne and its scarring, skin infections, skin lesions and many health challenges including pain, injuries, compromised and stagnant blood and lymphatic flow everywhere in the body.

It markedly and UNIQUELY vs. all other techniques stimulates complete cell renewal, microcirculation, metabolic rate, cellulite breakdown, collagen and elastin neoformation, hair follicle stimulation and neogenesis, even genital rejuvenation and antiaging, all in the most physiologically correct, forcing healthfully your body out of retirement method, delivering maximal visible results to expedite, optimize and maintain as much as possible health and beauty goals.

This technology has been used in Brazil for years for all the above obvious reasons and their results are IMPRESSIVE but a Swiss and Italian manufacturer made a machine  that is FDA approved, and I had the technology and results re-emphasized to me recently in Switzerland and Italy from VERY EXCELLENT and experienced Dermatologists and therapists there who showed me their VERY CONVINCING pre and post photos and informed me about this new machine, which could be used in the US and told me with indisputable evidence that I NEEDED to add these therapies and WHY!

By adding the CO2 and O2 Therapies  to your Action Plan of healthy diet and exercise, Skin Therapy Products, Skin Fitness Plus Essential Supplements, and Skin Physiology Bio-identical Hormones, you are receiving the best and MOST complete WHOLE body restorative and reparative treatments scientifically known today and vs. ALL OTHER methods and available for optimal health, prevention, longevity of life and I HOPE greater happiness!  We are always happy to explain why this vs. every other tool in the toolbox, and we know them all.



The CO2 and O2 one or the other or both if indicated injected under the skin with a tiny needle and quickly, helps repair better/faster/synergistically, skin elasticity for improved firmness, and improves skin pigment to a healthy youthful glow and color, as it maximally increases circulation and oxygenation , new healthy blood vessel production thus reversing weak blood circulation, which occurs as we age no matter our health, which results in no or compromised: raw materials for the cells and tissues, thus they shut down and you age increasingly or experience pathologies, compromised stem cell stimulation or delivery to the poor circulation area and this is in a large way responsible for laxity, poor skin tone, dark under-eye circles, cellulite, stretch marks, hair and follicle loss, skin lesion and pathologies, lower extremity particularly pigment accumulation and poor skin healing,  pain, poor healing of ligaments and joints, toxin accumulation, poor lymphatic flow, swelling, many of the genital aging issues and many skin and health conditions.

Scientific research studies have demonstrated that the use of injected Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen works to:

  • Increase microcirculation, where it mechanically reopens closed capillaries, reactivates the malfunctioning ones and boosts the percentage of oxygen in the tissues, improving pathologies and metabolism of new cells and tissues in every part of the body.
  •  Adipose tissue (body tissue used for the storage of fat), where by rupturing the adipose cell membranes, it reduces by ridding fat deposits and helps rid lymphatic congestion, edema (swelling) and toxin accumulation. The result is fewer fat cells and cellulite and firmer, younger looking and less abnormally pigmented skin. 
  • Stimulate skin, hair and skin cells, where it increases the percentage of oxygen in the tissues improving skin elasticity, increasing the production of collagen, fibroblast and hair follicle and stem cell reactivation and rejuvenation, inducing dermal rejuvenation. For skin pathologies increasing the oxygenation helps kill infections, decrease inflammation, rosacea, heal pathologies as the area is flooded with immune and stem cells and raw materials to force re-energizing the cells and tissues. It is used for treating gums and teeth for many years, as well but different and healthier than ozone. Oxygenation and healthy blood flow is the MOST anti-aging, but you NEED to have the raw materials and bring in HEALTHY blood, which is why FROM HEALTH COMES BEAUTY and why I treat INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY! This technology anti-ages for all the above reasons what your body does not have the capacity nor energy to accomplish without being FORCED as we go down the path of life and facilitates healing and healthy youthful tissues and blood flow as when you were less a fine antique.
  • ALSO this technology slows down aging so imperative for all ages from preserving that healthy, youthful blood and nutrient and stem cell flow and oxygenation and toxin removal to SLOW down AND turn back the clock.  Healthy oxygenation is anti- carcinogenic studies have also indisputably shown for years.


This treatment is excellent for ALL skin types, genders, skin colors and most parts of the body. CO2 is remarkable on skin tone and laxity – as it stimulates fibroblasts, inducing new collagen and elastin production, greater cell hydration and better fluidity of cell membranes and stem cell function reactivation.

CO2 intensifies the speed of blood flow, resulting in the increased percentage of oxygen and raw materials in the skin tissues. This results in an accelerated improvement of cell production, skin tone and elasticity – with noticeable firmness in the face, eyelids (including dark, under-eye circles and bags), neck and chest, and tightens laxity on arms, buttocks, stomach, backs and legs, as well as overall visible skin visible rejuvenation.  This has also been used for years quite successfully and easily to rejuvenate the genital area if desired for tightening of the surrounding skin and reactivating vaginal lubrication and healthy more youthful tissues and blood flow in both sexes. The Brazilians and Italians are quite happy with their results in these areas and were quite keen to show me the results and vs. other modalities so FYI – WHOLE body rejuvenation if desired.

Under-eye Circles

Dark circles under the eyes are usually caused by congested circulation, which creates vascular pooling. Injecting the carbon dioxide gas under the eyelid reduces this bluish pooling and replaces it with the youthful, pink, blush tone of healthy blood and lymphatic flow. By injecting the soft tissue underneath the eyes with CO2, the blood flow increases in the capillaries and changes dark circles back to normal skin tone, never mind lifts and tightens over time.


CO2 and or O2 is injected into fat cells, which causes the congested area and fat cells and abnormal tissues to be eliminated and replaced with healthy and more youthful. This process weakens and destroys the fat cells deposits. The process of CO2 and O2 for cellulite removal leaves the skin impressively tighter, thinner, brighter and a much less dimpled appearance.

Targeting the abdomen, arms, legs, backs, saddlebags, under the chin fat deposits and buttocks, CO2 and O2 cellulite treatment removal also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin  with very little pain and discomfort. This is the non-painful and fast treatment and less expensive, MUCH healthier alternative to Kybella and liposuction.

CO2 works fast – providing impressive visible results with progressive, continual improvement … and less costly and less time for treatment and no down time!  The worst thing that you can experience is a small bruise. You will see a decrease in skin dips/pock marks and orange peel skin, as well as everything being treated as well as reactivating tissue functions so improvement over time.


This CO2 therapy works superbly with PRP, as it augments PRP treatments and their results – by intensifying stem cell activity and the regeneration processes.

The synergy between CO2 injections and dermal and hair follicle regeneration with platelet growth factors and stem cells (PRP) boosts the activity of all and the results obtained are MUCH improved.

CO2/O2 and Stretch Marks and Scarring  —The stretch marks you see on your body are a rupture of dermal collagen and elastin, so are deep scars. CO2/O2 creates new collagen and elastin and fibroblasts which manufacture them, which then thickens and heals the skin dramatically and expeditiously and differently, than do peels and other technology and it is all synergistic, NOT redundant.

CO2/O2 is effective in diminishing scarring of acne or any source by increasing the blood flow thus healing and resolution to these poorly vascularized regions, making them infinitely less visible and blending them better with the surrounding skin so they are MUCH less visible. The treatment is excellent for scar therapy and synergistic with the other modalities we use.


For new hair growth scalp treatments, CO2/O2 is extremely  effective in the stimulation of hair follicles. It improves circulation by forcing red bloods cells to release more oxygen and raw materials and supplies more oxygen and development of healthy blood vessel formation for rejuvenation/restoration of all cells function and stem cell function. The injection of CO2 vasodilation effect (opening up of tiny blood vessels) in the scalp, allows Skin Fitness Plus supplements and prescribed therapies to more so induce hair growth and sustainability.

CO2/O2 and Eczema/Psoriasis Treatment

Lack of microcirculation can cause/trigger/exacerbate and prevent healing of eczema and psoriasis inflammatory recurrences. CO2 and O2 therapy combined with correct non-toxic Skin Therapy products and Skin Fitness Plus supplement therapies, increases tissue oxygen and raw material bioavailability in the involved tissues, which in turn provides intense stimulation and rapid improvement by reducing redness and inflammation, and promoting healing by renewal of new youthful skin tissue.


Pain Therapy – muscle diseases and musculoskeletal disorders of wrist, elbow, shoulder, spine, knee and ankle.

Orthopedics and Rheumatology – arthritis, arthrosis, peri-arthritis.

Sports Medicine – microcirculation increases fast recovery of fatigue disorder and injuries in muscles, muscular lesions and pains.

Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases – genetic family lipodystrophy (abnormal collection of  fat in the body).

Gynecology and Urology – vulvovaginal rejuvenation, erectile dysfunction on vascular basis, lichen sclerosis.

Phlebology – capillaries and small varicose veins.

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