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Health Solutions – by diagnosing ALL the pieces of the body’s puzzle, I am always striving to find the solution, rather than just treating the symptoms in perpetuity!

Skin is the largest organ of the body. Its beauty, the first way the world views us, comes from its health. Its appearance is a window that shows us how all the internal organs of the body are working, individually and collectively. Think of your body as an orchestra and every organ should be in tune for the orchestra to work and look good! Acne, wrinkles, brown spots, abnormal blood vessels, skin rashes, issues and thinning hair are primarily the end result of internal organ compromised functioning. Sun, pollution, radiation, toxic, irritating chemicals in products used on the skin, hair and nails, in water (including what we bathe in), foods and the air we breathe, worsens the internal challenges caused by what we eat, nutrients needed but lacking, stress, foods we are sensitive or allergic to and toxins (such as mercury and DDT) deposited in our glands and tissues and absorbed through our skin.

Please click on the HEALTH SOLUTION below to find detailed instructions and video overview of how to correctly use our skin products and supplements to give you the the best, scientifically possible solution to therapeutically help your problem.


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All of these, at any age, also cause decreased hormone levels, adrenal and thyroid gland dysfunction which further compound skin symptoms, gastrointestinal and often ache and pain issues, lack of energy and “brain power”, moodiness, sleep disorders, frequent illness and disease risks. We optimize, as much as possible, all the pieces of your body’s anatomical and physiological puzzle, utilizing only the best, most doable and affordable tools for the job, science NOT commerce, empowering you with the “how to” and road map to beauty, health, vitality and hopefully, happiness.

Without health, everything you do to promote and preserve beauty works 30-50% at best. Provide your body with what it needs and wants and it will reward you. It’s not deprivation…it’s information and moderation. Read the ingredients of everything you put on or in your body. Mimic nature. You build your house on a firm foundation. The firm foundation of health and beauty is ingredients that the body needs and are lacking and can penetrate into where they need to go, have the chemical form the body can recognize and receive, are not toxic and inflammatory and are therapeutic and their dosage is correct. Otherwise, your money is just spent on advertising, packaging and marketing. Remember – there is NO magic bullet despite being marketed to believe there is, because the body and science does not work like that. We are awash in a sea of products, technology and treatments, which are generally just competing brands, more of the same, more commerce and marketing than science.

You NEED to understand why and the difference between all your options, achieve peace of mind and confidence in your decisions through knowledge and common sense, and understand the limitations and realistic expectations. My pragmatic approach to practicing medicine is what works and why, why this vs. that, the best use of time and funds, and what is on the market today vs. what are the correct, science-based solutions to skin and health problems that are doable, scientifically correct and affordable. I do not want you to waste your time and money nor to have your hopes and dreams betrayed.

Be well and live life to the fullest!

IMPORTANT! Please read HOW TO START & ADVANCE SKIN THERAPY PRODUCTS and How, Which and WHY SUPPLEMENTS & REMEDIES before beginning Health Solution Treatments.

You may contact us directly for a personal HEALTHLINE Consultation – customized to your needs. Please click here.


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