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Brown Pigment, Age Spots, Melasma



Brown pigment (hyper-pigmentation), age spots and Melasma are common conditions that can occur at any age. Instead of just treating the symptoms, which at best temporarily improves the visible undesired pigment, then often more pigment  re-appears or in other locations, it is imperative to try to first and ALWAYS prevent and try to cure the cause, treating  the body “wholistically”- inside and out. The goal is always to find the cause, and to rid ideally, decrease, stop or at least slow more undesired pigment recurrences in the future. Read more below…



Brown pigmentation/age spots/melasma are due to internal and skin inflammation caused by and accumulating over time as a result of sun exposure, heavy metals toxicity, accumulation of fungal/Candida overgrowth internally and on the skin surface which are generally Seborrheic Keratoses, eating foods, which are unhealthy especially for your genetics and blood type which inflames the gut as well as the entire body secondarily, synthetic hormones either birth control or for treating menopause and some brown spots/pigmentation have a genetic component with their location on the body. Not exercising/moving nor sweating so lymphatic flow is poorly removing toxins and less blood flow to increase organ oxygen supply, low thyroid function, unbalanced hormones if the body is inflamed especially during pregnancy due to gut inflammation and/or low thyroid/stress/adrenal glands/not enough sleep or from taking synthetic hormone birth control or for menopausal symptoms in the incorrect meaning too high dosages for your body when your body is inflamed from all the above, AND with certain genetics are all contributing factors to this condition. Gene switches we all can have can be turned on or gene mutations occur as a result of chronic inflammation. If you are from a pigmented heritage such as Italian, French, Spanish, Asian, Indian, African you are at greater risk of pigment activation with inflammation but abnormal pigment overproduction can occur in any heritage with heritages starting with more pigment in their skin are at greater risk and should be more careful to thwart inflammation in their bodies if possible but these heritages, due to the greater amount of pigment normally have some more protection from the inflammation caused by the sun, HOWEVER you EQUALLY need to wear sun protection as damage occurs!

Aging is accelerated by all of the above and with internal fungal overgrowth and by environmental toxins in food, water, the air, ESPECIALLY products with inflammatory ingredients we put on and in the body. These are all also contributing causes of undesired pigmentation including Melasma which is the result of the body being inflamed from all the above causes thus inflaming the melanocytes of the skin in some people, also contributed to by genetics in many cases, that all create chronic inflammation and stagnation of the skin and body functions.

How does this happen? The darkening-melasma- occurs when the chronically inflamed pigment producing cells-the melanocytes- deeper in the skin  at the junction of the dermis and epidermis in the stem cell layer-produce and contain an excess buildup of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color and helps protect from sunlight, due to all the causes of body inflammation. These melanocytes die as a result of the pigment overproduction due to the chronic inflammation. The pigment then can be spilled into and stains the surrounding epidermal and deeper dermal tissue of the skin and is harder to stimulate, peel or laser up, out and off of the skin.  This all results in darker patches seen called melasma. When you are in the sun that melasma which is merely dead pigment darkens temporarily  but when out of  the sun that darkening lightens to how it appeared originally.

Abnormal pigment is NEVER easily resolved as it is deep in the skin, and first if you do not stop the production/ cause as much as possible, then it just duplicates itself continually from chronic inflammation in pigment producing cells remaining alive, which is why it is IMPERATIVE to treat internally to address the cause as well as externally to help stimulate and exfoliate the skin. With abnormal pigment – PREVENTION IS KEY- from HEALTH comes BEST beauty and MOST slowing of aging.  We cannot vaporize the pigment in the skin rather it has to FIRST be stopped being produced then the pigment has to be pushed up to the surface and peeled off and that takes time. The time it takes depends on how deep it is embedded in the skin originally and how quickly the skin can tolerate being stimulated to make new skin thus pushing the abnormally pigmented skin off the body.  IF you try to overstimulate and over-exfoliate the skin faster than it can keep up making new skin, you inflame it and will harm and age the skin and risk making new abnormal pigment, so it has to be done so the skin is not irritated such that you see or feel irritation overall.

VERY IMPORTANTLY- if your skin is pigmented by heritage, then you MUST be aware that certain lasers can negatively impact your pigment meaning inflame it and make more abnormal pigment if not used cautiously and correctly by someone experienced. Always discuss this with your Skin Care Provider.  Also pigmented heritage people have pigment that tends to settle in the crevices of the body such as armpits, groin and around the eyes and that is normal but the younger and more optimally your body is functioning internally the less this occurs.

Treating the body internally via eating healthily- Eat Right for your Blood Type, the greener, the darker, the closer to nature the better, foods, exercising healthily not OVER exercising to further inflame, taking antioxidants, keeping hormones in healthy balance or treating when needed with lowest dose birth control pills or bio-identical hormones in nontoxic cream for hormonal deficiencies as much as possible and VERY importantly that includes the thyroid and adrenal glands, help address prevention and resolution. External therapy with skin products chirally/chemically correct, non-toxic ingredients that are NON-inflammatory, maximal, Physician Strength and visible result Skin Therapy products and peels, are the scientifically correct solutions for resolution, future prevention and longevity of clear skin results.  Carboxy and oxygen therapies under the skin, certain lasers which are best tools for the job/scientifically correct for YOUR skin will help speed resolution.

BE AWARE that many products marketing campaigns claim to quickly resolve these pigment issues, which is rarely a scientifically correct nor possible claim and some products temporarily fade and when you stop them the pigment returns equally or more and have well known toxicities due to their ingredients. My recommendation is not to spend money on marketing claims nor on products which increase inflammation such as hydroquinone, when inflammation is the cause of the problem. It is difficult for you to know what works vs. what is marketing which is why I try to educate you – AND myself – continually.

There is a new product from Switzerland, which I add (in the practice) when the pigment is quite bad and prominent, called Cysteamine.  It is the non-toxic alternative to Hydroquinone.  It takes a month to start working and it has a bit of a smell, but it can help fade but NOT cure if nothing else rids enough. It is just another tool to try with hard to cure pigment. You can follow the instructions on the box how to use.

We suggest that you contact us directly for a personal HEALTHLINE Consultation – customized to your needs.  Please click here.


This is your step ONE in therapeutic treatment Internally and externally and must be increased to Step 2 as below.  Remember, this is a process, as it takes the body one month just to begin responding to giving it what it needs and is missing, then another month to begin to see increasing resolution, then another 1-3 months to visibly begin to resolve.

Step 1 – Skin Products

Skin Products IN ORDER OF PRIORITY of what is MOST important to buy  for most efficient and effective resolution.


Other STEP 1 PRODUCTS ideally you can and should use if desired for optimal results AND WHY!




Follow all product directions carefully.


WHOLE BODY RENEW – helps diminish brown/age spots and Melasma with its UNIQUE AND MAXIMALLY COMPREHENSIVE HEALING FORMULATION of POWERFUL Healthy Anti-Inflammatories combined with the natural organic acids, Lactic AND all the shielding and EMPOWERING aged grapeskin exfoliating elements.

WHOLE BODY RENEW intensified NON-TOXIC, therapeutic ingredients are SUPERLATIVE  and combined with our Skin Fitness Plus internal supplementation, is an ESSENTIAL piece of your Health Solution to help PREVENT and TREAT EFFECTIVELY and more easily SKIN ISSUES QUICKLY on the face and entire body.

WHOLE BODY RENEW should be used DAILY OR EVERY OTHER DAY as skin tolerates with NO irritation nor peeling – on ENTIRE face, eyelids, ears, neck, chest, back, arms, legs, and ENTIRE body for MAXIMUM Results and Skin Renewal. SAFE  and Perfect for all Skin Types, Colors and Genders.

Instructions: STEP 1 – AM (Morning): First product to apply after cleansing  in the morning – daily or every other day. Separate carefully one pad, which contains enough therapy to wipe over entire face, eyelids, ears, neck, chest, back, arms, legs, entire body. Place morning products over.

VITAMIN C PLUS – Chiral 95% L-ascorbic acid with strengthening synergistic vitamins C, E, B, A, amino acids, minerals and omegas to help quickly and maximally relieve symptoms of inflammation and diminish hyperpigmentation and generate maximal healthy cell renewal production. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant, that will help decrease appearance of brown pigment, as well as pore size, symptoms of rosacea, sensitive and red skin, blemishes and scarring, undesired veins and growths, ingrown beard hair, abnormal skin cell exfoliation.

Instructions: Mix top of fingertip-size amount (a bowl of the spoonful size amount  in the spoon which comes with the product) in palm with 2 drops of water, SERUM, CELL OPTIMIZER, WRINKLE FILLER, and/or EMU DERMYL (if using all or one OR can mix in any nontoxic serum or moisturizer)  in AM (morning). CALM AND REPAIR placed OVER or IF just using EMU DERMYL and VIT C PLUS and CALM and REPAIR then mix all together in your palm and add in a drop or two of tap water so you have enough volume of liquid to spread easily all over your face, neck, chest and around your eyes.. Use once per day in the AM (morning) only, on face, neck, eyelids, chest, body. Can mix in PM (evening) with PEEL, NIGHT REGENERATION, VITAMIN A PLUS, EMU DERMYL if used in PM (evening) as well only for dark pigment, acne and/or scarring.

CALM AND REPAIR – It is necessary to protect and shield the affected areas from harmful environments toxicities and the sun’s rays to keep the pigmentation from darkening or increasing, in order to promote and optimize therapy. CALM AND REPAIR is a maximal strength, multi-layered defense and environmental shield, and broad-spectrum SPF 30, all medical conditions therapy, for skin of EVERY color, gender and type.  It is not greasy nor sticky and does not “grey” dark skin.

Instructions: Apply to skin daily over AM (morning) products and before makeup for ultimate environmental protection. Can mix with Wrinkle Filler or Emu Dermyl. For best environment/UV protection, reapply every 2 hours, and can be used as a water-resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating. Sun increases skin cancer risk, skin aging. To help decrease risks and symptoms use this broad-spectrum SPF 30, wear sun protective clothing/ sunglasses.

EMU DERMYL – formulated to visibly reduce abnormal brown spots and diminish melasma and hyperpigmentation due to its unique combined formulation of cold pressed, biodynamic Emu Oil and NeoDermyl®. It’s incredible healing properties help skin to renew, restore and prevent more damage from appearing.

The Aborigines taught, and my medical practice again confirms Emu Oil if made the way the Aborigines taught so the MOST therapeutic, so it has the superlative chemistry to penetrate the skin, therefore, its BEST of all known choices, immediate moisturizing, skin soothing, calming and restoring characteristics. Combined with Neodermyl® its therapies and visible results are incomparable! In addition, unequalled proven results to help:

  • Dry, damaged skin.
  • Soothe and relieve the symptoms of rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, shingles, rashes, and sensitive, irritated skin.
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines particularly around the eyes, mouth, neck and to help prevent.
  • Help reduce pain, irritation, redness and blistering from shingles.
  • Scar and stretch mark.
  • Resolving burns and sunburn, cuts.
  • MAXIMALLY moisturizing the entire body’s skin, yet no oil remains on the surface of the skin only a more youthful and healthy, volumized, dewy and restored.

Instructions: Shake well especially when cold. Use 1-7 drops or more as needed and absorbed for face, eyelids, neck and chest. You can always use 1-2 drops into your palm and add 2-3 drops of tap water into so you have enough liquid to spread all around your face and add CALM AND REPAIR and mix all together with Vit C Plus in your palm then you have enough liquid to spread all over your face, around your eyelids, neck and chest an leftover on your hands.   Normally AM (morning) – 1-4 drops; PM (evening) – 1-6 drops. Can use on entire body. Can mix with all products except PEEL.  ADD THIS AS STEP 1 MORNING AND/OR EVENING ONLY if you skin needs more moisture despite SERUM, CALM and REPAIR and CAN USE to save money INSTEAD of NIGHT REGENERATION in the EVENINGS.


CLEANSER – or use just water in the AM (Morning) and CLEANSER MUST be used in the evening because It is imperative to cleanse and open the pores of the skin of makeup, dirt, pollution, sweat and oil for skin products to penetrate and work faster and more effectively to clear, diminish and resolve anything including brown spots, hyperpigmentation and Melasma. CLEANSER is gentle, will not inflame, but will cleanse down into the pores and exfoliate in a gentle, healthy and essential non-inflammatory method to also preserve the skin’s acid mantel. It provides the MAXIMAL strength therapy and visible results, scientifically possible, to help correctly and deeply clean the skin and pores of EVERY skin type, color and sex, of dirt and makeup.

Instructions: 1-2 pumps in palm. Apply a thin film on face, neck, chest (entire body if desired). Use in the PM (evening) and/or AM (morning). Add several drops of water to lather. Ideally leave on 1-5 minutes to deeply clean pores. Removes makeup.

For VERY sensitive skin, mix into Cleanser in your palm 2-4 drops of EMU DERMYL for I month then just use CLEANSER.

SERUM – The chirality, quality, chemistry and quantity of ingredients provide maximal obtainable results to help remove unwanted age and brown spots, diminish melasma and overall brown pigment, as well as firm, lift, clarify, smooth, clear, protect, prevent, correct and anti-age. Formulated to help provide the most intensified therapy to drastically help diminish all forms of hyperpigmentation in order to achieve optimal skin health, by repairing, and providing clarity. This serum helps supply and support the mitochondria – the power plant of cells, collagen and all skin component production to accelerate skin health, exfoliation and renewal.

Instructions: 2-3 pumps for entire face, eyelids, neck, chest. AM (morning) only. Can mix in your palm with all products except CLEANSER & PEEL Can use on the body.

EVENING PRODUCTS – to minimize cost if desired just add PEEL for STEP 1:

Add NIGHT REGENERATION ideally or your moisturizer IF NON-TOXIC OVER PEEL to reduce monies spent or just use EMUDERMYL as above OVER Peel as you will need some moisture over PEEL and EMU DERMYL helps rid pigment as stated above.

PEEL – Scientifically correct, HEALTHILY and CORRECTLY exfoliating, synergistic L-Lactic, Mandelic, Malic acids with Pumpkin Ferment help suppress, brighten, clear and even skin pigment, reduce brown/age spots and melasma.

It is also excellent for blemishes, scarring, wrinkles, abnormal growths, restorative and rejuvenating. Niacinamide, Phytic Acid, D-Beta Carotene, antioxidants, polyphenol rich fruit extracts to help maximally treat, repair, correct, by slowing down and reversing pigment, spots, enlarged pores, blemishes and signs of aging.

Instructions: Apply in EVENING only, first product after washing. One dropperful in your palm. May ONLY mix with VITAMIN C PLUS (if using)  in the evening for significant blemishes/scarring/melasma. Apply thin layer to entire face, neck ,chest, once a week for 2-3 weeks. If no irritation, increase every 2-3 weeks to twice a week, every other night, then nightly. Another 2-3 weeks, if no irritation, apply 2 layers per night. Wait one-2 minutes after applying, then can apply all evening products OVER, including Retin A, bio-identical hormones (if using). Use also on body brown spots, stretch marks, scars, growths, nightly if no irritation, or increase as above.


NIGHT REGENERATION – The array of raw materials in MAXIMAL amounts, help skin renewal and diminish brown pigment by providing the entire skin and mitochondria what is NEEDED to function, perform and restore MOST energetically and youthfully. Buddleja natural plant stem cells help provide broad spectrum protection from photodamage, oxidative stress, and irritation.

In addition, NIGHT REGENERATION is SUPERLATIVE for blemishes, bacteria and sebum overproduction, seborrhea, fungistatic to protect and repair, and moisturizes without oil, cell nutritive. Enriched with uniquely, intensely moisturizing ingredients, YET desirable for ALL-even oily, acneic- skin types and conditions to maximize moisture levels uniquely and skin respiration. The synergistic, powerful ingredients increase oxygen in the skin, which help to produce remarkable visible clarity, clearing, revitalization, resolution of skin conditions and help prevent skin challenges.

Instructions: EVENING ONLY AFTER CLEANSING (see instructions for CLEANSER above in AM (morning) products section) –  a thin film ( a small fingertip size amount is enough) over face, eyes, neck, chest, hands and arms. After one minute can place NIGHT REGENERATION OVER PEEL May mix with all EVENING products except CLEANSER & PEEL. Use nightly. Can use on entire body. Place Retin A or non-toxic cream bio- identical hormones (if using) OVER evening products.



Step 1 – Supplements



Please follow all directions on product pages carefully.

Please begin with following products:

VITAMIN D3/K2 – Increased skin pigmentation lowers the rate of manufacture in the body of vitamin D. Therefore, greater levels of skin pigmentation are considered a risk factor for vitamin D deficiency which increases the risk of cancers and low thyroid, which is why Vitamin D3 supplementation is ESSENTIAL in everyone but also to help pigmented skin resolution and optimize internal health.

It is also WELL documented to help support the decreased risk of many types of cancer, enhance immunity, thyroid and entire body’s cell health and beauty.

Instructions: 5,000 IU/pill Directions – Take 1 pill per day if over 120 pounds (54 kg). If 80-120 lbs. 1 pill every other day OR 1 pill 5 days per week only. If you weigh less, take 1 pill three times a week. . If you have blood work drawn (at every age), always get a Vitamin D3 blood level test.  IF you are VERY active or stressed and greater than 120 pounds then take 5000 IU=1 pill 4 days per week and 2 pills=10,000 IU Per day 3 days per week and best to take 1 pill AM (morning) and 1 at bedtime.

ORGANIC SULFUR – Helps to promote and improve skin tone, clarity, anti-aging, texture, pigment and color reduction and prevention, hair beauty, growth, thickness and joint health and discomfort/injury resolution by optimizing youthful entire body organ function.

In addition, it supports/helps optimize thyroid and immune function, energy, clearer thinking, detox including with heavy metals, liver cleansing, internal fungal overgrowth, increased sense of well-being, the reduction of skin wrinkles, acne facial scars and gut inflammation.  This is NOT the drug Sulfa so if you are allergic to sulfa drugs this instead is a mineral so no overlap.

Instructions: Organic Sulfur should always be taken 45 minutes before any prescription or supplements starting 1 teaspoon once a day for 1 month, then 1 heaping tablespoon once a day. Some people have reported mild detox symptoms initially meaning a bit of gas, bloating noted and less energetic for 1 week. If this occurs decrease to the lower dose for a week before increasing again. Dissolve the crystals in a small amount (4 oz) of warm or hot NON-chlorinated water (best to use bottled water)  If a microwave is used to heat the water, do NOT add the sulfur until AFTER the water is heated. Microwaves use temperatures above 400 F and sulfur vaporizes at 270 F. However, heating the water in a microwave is a good way to remove chlorine from the water.  IF you find the taste a bit bitter then add in green tea and/or a slice of fresh lemon, herb tea or a touch of raw honey if you must.  It is  one of the MOST important supplements EVERYONE should take!



 This is your Step 2 in therapeutic treatment and increase as below if not progressively significantly clearing over 3 months’ time with Step 1 therapy. Remember it takes the skin and body 3-6 months to significant resolution, and then often more time to completely resolve.

Step 2 – Skin Products



Please use all products carefully as directed on product pages.

Morning Products:

CELL OPTIMIZER- is brown pigment/age spots, skin cell damage thwarting and reducing as it helps promote skin microcirculation repair, has profound cell energizers, rejuvenators, DNA, mitochondria health and revitalization in every skin type and age for youthful skin color and health. Previously unavailable skin stem cell, telomeres, fibroblasts, cell to cell communication, DNA/mitochondria,  cells stimulation and preservation, for skin cell immune defense and balancing.

Clinically proven, state of TODAY’S Gold Standard skin science, ultimate quality, quantity, and formulation of cutting edge ingredients, providing maximal, UNPRECEDENTED show me… don’t tell me visible results. Optimizes quickly and very visibly the synergistic, essential ingredients in each of the other Skin Therapy products with no redundancy.

Instructions: A small fingertip size amount daily AM for entire face, neck, chest, hands, body skin. AM- mix in palm with all products except CLEANSER.

EXFOLIATING REPAIR –  this MASK provides the most CORRECT, non-inflammatory, necessary and therapeutic strength to help reduce discoloration and pigmentation, including Melasma and can be used on the body as well as the face.

In addition, it helps clear blemishes, blackheads, comedones, pustules, repair/improve fine lines, wrinkles, skin dullness, enlarged pores, laxity, hypersensitivity, rosacea, scarring redness, while helping to instill the maximally needed gamut of nutrient and antioxidant restoration and PROTECTION to help accomplish these goals. ONLY ADD THIS after you have worked up to using PEEL NIGHTLY or as often as skin will tolerate with NO irritation per instructions but ideally at LEAST every OTHER NIGHT for 1 month THEN ADD EXFOLIATING REPAIR ONLY ONCE A WEEK.

Instructions:  MORNING OR EVENING use. All skin types – Apply a thin film to just cleaned skin, while still warm/wet on entire face, neck and chest for exfoliation/improvement.  Massage lightly for 1-2 minutes, let dry, leave on for 10-30 minutes or if using in the evening can leave on overnight and put nothing over if so. Remove with lukewarm water or when you wash your face with water only or CLEANSER in the AM. Place usual products regimen OVER.

Normal, dry/mature skin – once every 1-2 weeks if no irritation.

Oily, thick or acneic skin – once a week – If irritation with this OR PEEL, then decrease usage, place SERUM and/or EMU DERMYL to soothe and do NOT use VITAMIN C PLUS, PEEL, VITAMIN A PLUS, Retin A (if using) for 3 days.

Evening Products:

VITAMIN A PLUS – MULTI-action Vitamin A encapsulated, STABILIZED formulation to help reduce and speed resolution of hyperpigmentation, brown and age spots and melasma as this formula competes with highest strength pharmaceutical Retinoic results, yet NON-TOXICALLY AND UNIQUELY layering PHYSICIAN strength synergistic many more ingredients creating the MOST potent therapy WITHOUT a prescription. In addition, Niacinamide topically helps increase collagen and cell component production and abnormal pigmentation.  Brown pigment CANNOT BE MADE to just disappear UNDER the skin RATHER it has to be pushed to the surface by new skin production then exfoliated off which is why VITAMIN A PLUS which penetrates DEEPLY helps push the old inflamed abnormal pigment faster to the surface for exfoliation by WHOLE BODY RENEW AND VITAMIN C PLUS AND PEEL AND EXFOLIATING REPAIR.

In addition, Vitamin A Plus helps relieve itching, irritation, oiliness, appearance of blemishes, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, helps prevent the risk of skin cancers, while providing optimal, visible results – lifting, tightening, youthfully volumizing, anti-aging via personifying production of collagen, elastin, fibroblasts and deep dermis components.

Instructions: Use ONLY in evening after cleansing, 2-3 squirts are enough for thin layer needed on face, neck, eyelids and chest. If using PEEL, wait I minute AFTER applying PEEL then apply VITAMIN A PLUS. Can use on entire body and use under Retin A (if using). May mix in PM (evening) with all products except CLEANSER & PEEL. Start by using VITAMIN A PLUS every 3rd night for 2-3 weeks, then every other night for 2-3 weeks, then every night.

PEEL– will help diminish brown spots, age spots and signs of melasma. This SCIENTIFICALLY CORRECT, STRONG, therapeutic exfoliation and skin clearing is healthily and correctly exfoliating, has synergistic L-Lactic, Mandelic, Malic acids with Pumpkin Ferment will also help brighten and even pigmentation from sun damage, scarring, wrinkles, melasma, hyperpigmentation, the risk of abnormal growths, it is restorative and rejuvenating.

In addition, Niacinamide, Phytic Acid, D-Beta Carotene, antioxidants, polyphenol rich fruit extracts to help maximally treat, repair, correct, anti-age. Anti-glycating, free radical quenching, super antioxidant Carnosine to help prevent loss of and REPAIR elasticity, wrinkling.

You can add PEEL following the directions to work up slowly because this is VERY strong and may irritate a bit with some redness for an hour after placement at first use and may visibly micropeel a bit your skin initially then this all goes away. EXCELLENT and STRONG and CLEARS skin!

YOU CAN USE PEEL without using Vitamin A Plus then add Vitamin A Plus after 1 month if skin is not progressively clearing with PEEL after working up to using PEEL nightly for 4 weeks.

Instructions: Apply in EVENING only, first product after washing. One dropperFULL in your palm.to all parts of the body where you have breakouts. (May ONLY mix PEEL with VITAMIN C PLUS IF you need to be using VIT C PLUS in the evening as well as in the AM. Apply thin layer of PEEL to entire face, neck, chest if using there and to affected psoriasis/eczema areas once a week for 2 weeks. If no irritation, increase every 1-3 weeks to twice a week, then to use every other night, then nightly as long as skin tolerates with no irritation. Another 2-3 weeks, if no irritation, may apply 2 layers so 2 dropperFULLS per night. Wait one minute after applying PEEL, then can apply evening products OVER, including Retin A if you are using as well as Vitamin A Plus but remember Retin A is a prescription and the only NON-toxic Retin A on the market is one the pharmacist makes using my INGREDIENT OPTIMIZING CREAM.

Use PEEL as well on body brown spots, stretch marks, scars, growths and for slowing aging nightly if no irritation.

Step 2 – Supplements



Please add the following products as directed.

ALKALIZE C – Age/brown spots and hyperpigmentation are often caused by sun damage and internal inflammation, and vitamin C as a powerful antioxidant, is shown to reduce the number of sunburned cells as well as help reverse age and inflammation-related damage to skin. While it’s not a replacement for sunscreen (CALM AND REPAIR), ALKALIZE C  protects against and may repair UV damage such as skin discoloration and fine lines. It is a powerful antioxidant, required for at least 300 metabolic functions to work more efficiently and effectively in the body.  All this helps decrease internal inflammation to help decrease abnormal pigment production and helps optimize new skin cell and component production which helps resolve abnormal pigment in the skin faster.

Instructions: 1 heaping tsp, 1 time daily in water=4000 mg per teaspoon.  Begin with ½ teaspoon per day for 1 week then increase to 1 heaping teaspoon per day.  YOU CAN increase to that amount twice a day if desired and for faster resolution.

INFLAMMA LIFE FORCE –Toxins that are unable to be processed by the body, appear on the skin as brown spots/pigmentation. Inflamma Life Force is a botanical and nutritional support for local and systemic inflammatory conditions from chemical toxins, microbial infection, free radicals, and physical trauma, along with stress-related conditions.

Instructions: 2-3 twice a day until resolved, then 2 per day or 1-2 twice a day.

IF YOU CAN—subsequently after 2 months add internally NIACELL-1 pill per day to help resolve faster and GLUTATHIONE 1 teaspoon every OTHER day as helps rid and lighten faster. Max One also makes YOUR body make more Glutathione so I recommend as well to help lighten and rid the brown pigment.









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