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Without health, everything you do to promote and preserve beauty works 50% at best. Provide your body with what it needs and wants and it will reward you. It is NOT deprivation, it IS moderation. Read the ingredients of everything you put on or in your body. Mimic nature. You build your house on a firm foundation. The firm foundation of health and beauty is ingredients that the body needs and can penetrate into where they need to go, are lacking, have the chemical form the body can recognize and receive, are not toxic and inflammatory and are therapeutic, not just money spent on advertising, packaging and marketing.

PREVENTION AND REJUVENATION TO FURTHER ENHANCE HEALTH AND BEAUTY – view the video for important information on prevention.

NUTRITION FOR MEN & WOMEN – I believe life is meant to be lived. How do we not suffer the consequences? What does your body need and want to be healthy, energetic, feel and look the best? What foods cause acne, rashes, weight gain, chronic constipation, inflammation, osteoporosis and disease? Visit the Critical Info page to learn about your options and solutions, not deprivation and the importance of ingredients in everything you put in-and on-your body.

THE CORRECT SUPPLEMENTATION in today’s world, even if you eat perfectly- foods, raw, plucked right out of the organic garden, you cannot get enough vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and correct oils to adequately supply the body, working as long and hard as it must in today’s stressful, packaged food and toxic world. Supplements are as needed and indicated, as judiciously, with the highest quality, least expensive, least number of pills possible to correct, cure, maintain, revitalize, slow down, and turn back the ticking of the clock.

SAFE BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES & SKIN FOR MEN & WOMEN – in men, women and teens, studies have shown, abnormal hormone levels are occurring early and are contributing causes of acne, memory and emotional problems, PMS, energy depletion, weight issues, accelerated aging, cancer and diseases. Bio-identical, not synthetic, hormones, in mimic nature dosages and timing have been definitively demonstrated in innumerable medical studies worldwide to maximize skin, body, immune, brain function, protection and response to treatment.  Please click here to read Why & How to Use  Supplements & Remedies.

It is a much wiser use of time and energy and money to help prevent a skin problem or disease if at all possible, than it is to repair the damage or attempt to cure the problem. Genetic challenges can generally be ameliorated to create health and beauty. It doesn’t require deprivation, rather moderation using the best tools for the job that work on all skin colors to prevent, treat or reverse.

I want you to be beautiful, energetic and live a long, healthy and happy life!

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