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Julia T. Hunter M.D.

Dermatologist and Founder of

Wholistic Dermatology

Beverly Hills, CA, US



Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter, M.D. Maximal, Physician-strength, Non-toxic Skin Products and Peels

Skin Fitness Plus Synergistic Specialty Supplements

Skin Physiology – Safe, Low-dose, Non-toxic Bio-identical Hormones, Ingredient Optimizer Base Skin Cream for Healthy Pharmaceuticals



Dr. Hunter’s education includes Preparatory Education at the Le Rosey School in Rolle, Switzerland, and Scott Preparatory School, Opelika, AL, college at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Lynchburg, VA where she earned a B.A. in Biology and French. She continued her education abroad at the Hollins College in Paris, France, with courses taken within the University System of Paris.

Dr. Hunter’s Medical Education began at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, Mobile, AL, where she received her M.D, continuing education and specialized training at Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA; Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Babies Hospital, New York, NY; Cornell University Medical School, New York Hospital, New York, NY.

Professionally her experience began at the University of AL School of Medicine, Children’s Hospital, in Birmingham, AL where she worked with W. Crist, M.D., Acting Chairman, Department of Hematology Oncology.  Dr. Hunter participated in all clinical and teaching activities, including research, grant and article writings, maintaining Pediatric Hematology/Oncology patients in national research investigations and compiling data for presentation at national meetings.

Her Internship in Pediatrics was at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center, New York, NY. Residency in Anesthesiology where she remained at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center, in New York with specialization in Pediatric Anesthesiology, Medical and Cardiac Intensive Care and Acute and Chronic Pain Management.

In her first postgraduate year, she founded the Anesthesiology Department at the new AMI East Cooper Community Hospital in Charleston, SC. This led her into private practice for six years in Anesthesiology and acute and chronic pain management where her responsibilities included: research and choose all equipment and medications, recruit and hire CRNAs, Anesthesiologists and Technicians, work with the physician, nursing and hospital administration staff to write policies and procedures, contracts, governance, scheduling. Dr. Hunter was instrumental in negotiating employment contracts and participated in recruiting and in-servicing providers and personnel, hospital-wide. She originated the medical corporation and founded the anesthesia-billing corporation, hiring skilled medical billing staff. Dr. Hunter acquired experience in assessing and choosing billing software, equipment, and office space for a multi-million-dollar billing operation and medical practice as well as spearheading its ongoing success.

Professional Experience

Professional experience continued in private practice, Anesthesiology in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Hunter primarily provided services to Plastic Surgeons in private outpatient surgery centers, Midway and St. Joseph’s Hospitals.  She was subsequently enticed to provide pre-and post-op skin care, synergistic nutritional, bio-identical hormone and laser care to patients requested by the plastic surgeons and other specialty surgeons due to longstanding interest, pursuit of, acquired knowledge and expertise in those areas which was well-known.

She was drafted by a persistent friend into two years of service at Applied DNA Sciences, a publicly traded biotech firm in Los Angeles, CA as spokesperson to the press-worldwide, investors, Wall Street, customers and top government agencies to enunciate the science and application of its anti-counterfeiting technology. She presented worldwide to and with Fortune 500 clients, executive teams and trade show audiences for and with the sales staff and served as the coordinator and liaison between all scientific personnel.

Dr. Hunter’s Dermatology quest and scope of knowledge began by mentoring with skin care practitioners and by working closely with plastic surgeons throughout the country during her Anesthesiology practice. She was presented the opportunity to return to dermatology after a successful career as an Anesthesiologist, to pursue her wholistic dermatology passion at the Doctor’s Cosmetic Laser Center in Annapolis, MD, working with 5 plastic surgeons, 2 Dermatologists and the largest laser and skin care practice in the Mid-Atlantic States where she completed a two-year Fellowship. Dr. Hunter studied and performed every category of laser; device, technology, product and skin care procedure, injectables, diagnosis and treatment.

Retraining and experience in the dermatology workplace substantiated her approach to treatment and protocol encompassing the imperative to treat “all the pieces of the body’s puzzle” in order to achieve best results and that from health comes beauty and the side effect of creating beauty is health. She continued to expand her knowledge of the what’s the alternative to toxic and inflammatory, what works and why, why this vs. that, best use of patient time and monies and integrative therapies, studying with physician leaders, mentors and all categories of medical practitioners leading these specialties resulting in her physiologically correct roadmap to best skin beauty and wellness. The foundation of Dr. Hunter’s unique methodology of treating patients and disease is focused on the sciences of Anatomy and Physiology to achieve cure rather than just chasing symptoms. Technological breakthroughs, friends, patients and colleagues compelled Dr. Hunter to establish Skin Fitness Plus, in August 2005, in Los Angeles, CA.

By creating this therapeutic, medical laser, skin and health care practice, she aligned with multi-specialty physicians in targeted demographic locations and medical specialties, providing services to their and her patient populations. Dr. Hunter was tapped and served to enhance outreach of the Cosmedix Company, teaching Anatomy and Physiology, procedures and giving presentations throughout the country, explaining their ingredients, results and market advantages to physicians, estheticians, press and the lay public.

Dr. Hunter is a well-known speaker and authority on ingredients, technology of her specialty, why this vs. that, what works and why, what is the healthy and best alternative, maximizing and maintaining health and beauty. She has given lectures and “Walks for Health and Beauty” in Whole Foods Markets and around the world. Her extensive global outreach includes European and Middle East practices.

Dr. Hunter formulated her product lines– Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D., Skin Fitness Plus Synergistic Specialty Supplements, Skin Physiology Healthy Pharmaceuticals and Ingredient Optimizer Base cream and Bio-Identical Hormones, which are maximal, pharmaceutical strength, having non-toxic, non-inflammatory, chirally-correct ingredients providing optimal therapeutic results for patients and consumers throughout the world.

Certifications and Awards

Dr. Julia Tatum Hunter’s multiple certifications include laser, technology and skin therapies. She is certified as a Diplomat with Endorsement, National Board of Medical Examiners, and Board Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Hunter received the Physician Recognition Award from the American Medical Association. She was recently honored in Los Angeles, CA as a nominee for the LA Business Journal’s “Women Making a Difference” award.


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