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Skin and Internal Health Consultations

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Dr. Julia T. Hunter is a Wholistic Dermatologist who specializes in addressing and treating your skin and health issues, concerns and conditions, treating the body as a whole, attempting to discover the cause or WHY you have an issue and concern and attempting to cure rather than just treating symptoms in perpetuity.   She and we address and treat medical and health conditions, as well as skin and aesthetics/anti-aging/beauty challenges and concerns to resolve, attempt to cure, prevent, reverse, slow down and turn back the clock in men and women .

Our Comprehensive Initial Consultation is 2 + hours.  Dr. Hunter reviews your complete medical history and addresses in that consultation as required and needed for your concern, skin, external/internal health/supplementation/hormones/diet/exercise/nutrition, determining if and when you may need bloodwork and reviewing previous results that we ask you to provide when you make your initial appointment- if possible and if done in the last 6 months.  She will provide you with a written comprehensive, proactive treatment action plan during your appointment and next steps.  We subsequently follow up and are available to provide ongoing guidance between prescribed visits.  We are accustomed to treating patients with serious medical conditions and aging/beauty/hormone concerns from all over the world so we know how to continue your care without interruption no matter where you are in the world including obtaining labs and providing ongoing products you require.

Please note – We cannot accept insurance but we do have someone we pay who will submit a claim to your insurance company for you to be reimbursed as much as your plan allows for out of network physicians so bring your insurance card with you so we have a copy to send to our insurance claim expert and the check will/should come directly to you if your insurance company reimburses/allows.  Plans such as Kaiser and HMO’s where you are contracted to ONLY see physicians they supply will not reimburse for my services. We try to assist you in every way we can in this.

There is MUCH information on SKIN AND HEALTH SOLUTIONS and you can order most of our products subsequently online at www.juliathuntermd.com.  The website also further discusses how to start/advance the skin products you have been prescribed.

Please email us at frontdesk@juliathuntermd.com or call the office at 310-247-8744 to schedule a visit with Dr. Hunter.

We are located at 99 N. La Cienega Blvd Suite 301 Beverly Hills CA 90211. We are north of Wilshire Blvd on the west side of the street. There is parking in the garage, but the parking company will not allow us to validate.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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