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Critical Information

Wholistic Dermatology is the scientifically and physiologically correct methodology that addresses the body as a ‘whole’ – from the inside and out, optimizing skin and body health. Dr. Julia Hunter, as an authority on ingredients, technology of her specialty, what works and why, what is the healthiest and best alternative for maximizing and maintaining health and beauty, provides the most pragmatic, doable and results-oriented solutions in helping to treat the cause of aging and skin diseases, while promoting skin restoration and prevention for men, women and teens.

Learn to read the ingredients in everything you put in and on your body. Ingredients to avoid in skin and beauty products that cause inflammation, aging, hormone disruption, and the importance of balancing your hormones with safe bio-identical hormones… are ALL part of the imperative of treating all the pieces of the body’s puzzle.

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Check out the labels in ALL ingredients as so many contain toxins and fillers that  harm and deposit in your skin and body. To enhance, not damage skin’s health and beauty, makeup, skin, oral, hair and nail products must be free of harmful chemicals, artificial Ingredients to Avoid colors, dyes, fragrances and fillers that cause inflammation, aging and promote disease.

Ingredients such as artificial colors and fragrances, artificial preservatives – synthetics – propylene glycol, triethanolamine, the parabens, ureas, lauryl sulfates, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, petrolatum, mineral oil, acrylates, PEGS, bis-phenol, etc. contribute to accelerating aging and deteriorating skin and body health.

Skin care products, like all medications, need to be “chiral” – chemically correct – to penetrate and properly fit onto the skin’s receptors, which create positive changes – otherwise the products do nothing at best or may cause harmful side effects.


Heavy   metal   toxicity   has   been   implicated   in   the development   of   many   conditions, including   nerve function impairment, muscular pains and spasms, ‘brain fog’ and memory problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Candida overgrowth, allergies and many others.

Mercury and other heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium exert   most   of   their   toxicity   by   destroying   important    proteins, many    of    which    are    enzymes, hormones, or cell receptors. The binding of these toxins causes an impairment in the function of many critical enzymes in the body.

Heavy metals (including lead, cadmium, mercury, tin, nickel, the metalloid arsenic, aluminum and MORE) are EVERYWHERE in the environment and have been WELL documented for YEARS as a potential cause for serious health issues. We are exposed to these toxins just from breathing and eating and drinking water and medicine and dentistry in our daily life. How is that possible and WORLDWIDE? Just to name a few sources…

Lead toxicity: Lead-containing plumbing-solders and in city/residential water pipes, lead-based paints, foods grown in lead- rich/polluted (never mind let’s not forget DDT and other chemical toxins) soil (and these can be ORGANIC foods), skin products and cosmetics-LIPSTICK!

Mercury toxicity: Eating fish or shellfish, MORE SO in RAW, contaminated with methyl mercury, breathing air from planes/pollution, batteries, contaminated workplace air or skin contact during use in the workplace, release of mercury vapor from dental amalgam fillings, fluorescent lights, hair products and makeups and in the soil and many other origins in the environment. Let’s NOT forget in vaccinations and medications there is mercury or aluminum preservatives and in dental materials and glues there is barium and aluminum and mercury and in intravenous and medical dyes there are heavy metals.

Heavy metals poison our brains, our cells, our enzymes, our immune system and all our organs that are critical to make our bodies function healthfully. They increase our risk of Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis and all organ related cancer risks. I find in my practice, that they are one of the primordial causes of MS, ALS, multiple skin and hair conditions, urinary tract infections, autoimmune and thyroid dysfunction, pains and even persistent sinus problems in some cases. IT is SHOCKING what symptoms resolve OVER TIME as we treat them, because ridding them takes TIME. As the body tries to remove them, as exposed by burying them in DEEP fat and bones, I find that lead is a BIG cause of osteoporosis… and we ALL are FULL OF IT as I encounter in my practice EVERYDAY in EVERYONE!

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HEAVY METALS TEST – Click here to review


You are what you eat – food is your medicine!

It is WELL documented and researched that EVERY food we eat affects not only our appearance but also our health. Foods can cause us to have allergic reactions – sometimes manifested as just swollen and irritated cells that line the gut, cause constipation, gas, bloating, sometimes full-blown rashes, and contribute to acne.

This may result in overall poor sleeping, a multitude of symptoms, making us feel bad and impact our appearance negatively. The wrong foods can age us!


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We promote safe, bio-identical, non-toxic hormones in ‘mimic nature’ dosing that are imperative for brain Thyroid chart and immune health, quality longevity, prevention, never mind physical anti-aging in men and women, and must be administered correctly for your body. Whole body health is essential to successfully and maximally treat the skin, the body’s largest organ, from the inside and out. Our healthy, maximal strength skin products and hormones, play a pivotal role in health, anti-aging, preventing disease in every organ of the body. They help in treating PMS and contribute significantly to mental and physical well being, best appearance, healthy weight, support the immune system and overall ability to happily participate in life and help prevent degenerative disease. No matter how excellent the skin treatments and procedures are, they will work 30-50% at best if your hormone glands are not functioning properly and harmoniously.

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Yeast overgrowth occurs when there is an imbalance between the “good” bacteria and yeast in the intestinal tract, causing digestive issues and other health problems. Yeast, often the Candida Albicans strain can overwhelm the immune system, infest the liver, kidneys and skin, due to exposure to diets high in processed food and refined sugar, chronic stress, food allergies trigger low hydrochloric acid, play a role in digestive enzymes resulting in entire gut inflammation, or frequent antibiotic use, which can shift the essential ratio of beneficial to infective organisms in our bowels. Symptoms include bloating, gas, urinary tract infections, vaginal yeast infections, rectal itching, dandruff, skin rashes, abdominal and other pain and fatigue. Yeast overgrowth plays role in such conditions as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, brain fog, chronic immune suppression, chronic sinus issues, skin rashes or infections, acne, joint aches, ADD and depression.

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