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Why Skin Physiology Bio-identical Hormones

Why Skin Physiology Bio-identical Hormones and Healthy Pharmaceuticals?


Skin Physiology is HEALTHY pharmaceuticals, which I formulated as I needed them in my own medical practice to either treat challenges that nothing else could provide, or to further optimize the construction of health and beauty in my patients. As a physician, I believe it is essential not to use any product or ingredients, as much as scientifically possible, to further inflame, add more toxicity or cause negative side effects that further challenge my patient’s well being.

I want everyone to have access to the SKIN PHYSIOLOGY unique, non-toxic hair growth and skin pathology topical pharmaceuti- cals, Retin A, Bio-identical hormones in ‘MIMIC NATURE’ DOSING and DELIVERY- ESSENTIAL TO SKIN and WHOLE BODY HEALTH in both MEN and WOMEN. Our QUALITY ingredients penetrate quickly, effectively, with no residual felt on the skin for maximal acceptance and compliance by men, women, teens, children, and every skin. They can be placed anywhere on the body, for HEALTH, BEAUTY, optimal functioning, helping to treat challenges, symptoms and pathologies, anti-aging, slowing down and turn- ing back the biological clock and helping to add quality and longevity to life.

We promote safe, bio-identical, non-toxic hormones in ‘mimic nature’ dosing that are imperative and must be administered correctly and acceptably. Understanding that whole body health is essential to successfully and maximally treat the skin, the body’s largest organ, from the inside and out. Retin A along with our healthy, maximal strength skin products, hormones, in men and women, play a pivotal role in health, anti-aging, preventing disease in every organ of the body. They help in treating PMS and contribute significantly to mental and physical well being,  best appearance, healthy weight, support the immune system and overall ability to happily participate in life and help prevent degenerative disease. No matter how excellent the skin treatments and procedures are, they will work 30-50% at best if your hormone glands are not functioning properly and harmoniously.

Bio-identical means the body recognizes these hormones as the same chemical form as if they were inherently produced. All hormones we have uniquely formulated, manufacture and prescribe are bio-identical, safe, in cream form, containing no inflammatory chemicals to age and harm your skin and body, unlike many of the synthetic (altered from being bio-identical) compounds on the market. There are voluminous, long term, worldwide medical studies unquestionably demonstrating that the use of bio-identical hormones results in a valuable insurance policy to help minimize risk and maximize vitality, brainpower, health, beauty and quality longevity.

The healthy pharmaceuticals we prescribe are non-toxic, help decrease inflammation, risk of disease, medical challenges and are utilized in the very lowest, therapeutic, “mimic nature” dosages individualized to what your body needs to help rid the symptoms and decrease age-related degeneration. We always first attempt to optimize your body’s health and innate production, immune and youthful functioning with Skin Physiology products.

We are effectively targeting whole body optimal functioning and health, aiming to rid disease, as much as scientifically possible, rather than just treating symptoms in perpetuity. By continually assessing and addressing how all the body’s glands, organs and systems are performing, not just the skin, we strive to achieve beautiful, youthful skin and body for a healthy, energetic and happy, long and quality life.

Why Skin Physiology Ingredient Optimizer Base for Bio-identical Hormones, Topical Pharmaceuticals and Therapies?

It is the FIRST responsibility of every health professional to attempt to DO NO HARM, to protect, prevent, maintain and sustain the health of the skin and every organ of the body, PRIORITIZING utilizing HEALTHY ingredients in everything we absorb given the opportunity, especially if at LEAST equipotent results, vs. those with chemical forms we want and NEED to avoid. For a compounding pharmacist, SUPERIOR bespoke results, compliance, acceptance, ease of use – is the Mission Statement. SKIN PHYSIOLOGY INGREDIENT OPTIMIZER CREAM BASE VEHICLE IS the UNIQUE, healthy, preferred, when compared and utilized by patients and pharmacists, alternative to those on the market today, which often contain or require addition of chemicals that are MEDICALLY best avoided and are proven to be harmful or poorly absorb the medication thus thwart therapy efficacy requiring higher dosages, volumes and patient cost with the resulting customer dissatisfaction.


HEALTHY,  NON‐TOXIC  PHARMACEUTICALS  – in conjunction with optimizing the body’s youthful functioning and return to maximal health, on occasion, generally at the beginning of my paradigm of constructing health and beauty in patients, the need for healthful pharmaceuticals (i.e. anti-fungals and if absolutely necessary non-toxic steroids) to help provide powerful, additional ammunition against acute, disruptive disease and inflammation symptoms and when the body is overwhelmed by less than optimal conditions often from low thyroid, hormones and secondary immune dysfunction.

RETINOIC  ACID  –  deeply, non-toxically and effectively penetrates into the dermal layers with MINIMAL IRRITATION to further effec- tively and energetically help reduce the signs of skin aging and pathology, while it lifts, tightens, and thickens the thinning of the skin caused by aging. It is a push peel due to its enhanced resultant production of dermal skin components.

HAIR  GROWTH  – NON-TOXIC documented results to safely stimulate aging and retiring hair follicles in men and women for more ro- bust and youthful re-growth.

THYROID  is the master gland, which governs healthy and youthful functioning of every cell, organ and gland of your body. As much as scientifically possible, supporting brainpower, anti- aging, skin component production with the resultant – lifting, tightening and rejuvenation, helping create a robust immune system, helping to minimalize disease risk and the degenerative effects of aging. It promotes energy, endurance and assists in weight challenges, normalizing thyroid function via bio-identical replacement when indicated is primary and KEY.

DHEA  is an essential hormone produced in the adrenal glands that helps balance other hormones such as testosterone and estro- gens and is important in combating the effects of stress, maintaining healthy immune system functioning, burning of fat, production of protein and essential for building muscle. The level of DHEA in our bodies decreases as we age and contributes to progressive deterioration. By increasing our DHEA levels, it has been shown to help improve one’s sense of well being, reduce body fat, improve skin tightness and moisture, increase sex drive, improve immunity, enhance memory, increase bone density and help prevent risk of disease.

PROGESTERONE  helps increase bone density, protect against osteoporosis, prostate, uterine and breast cancer risk, stabilize mood and improve sleep.

ESTRADIOL/ESTRIOL (especially Estriol) has been shown to assist in helping to protect women from the risk of cardiovascular

disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, urinary incontinence and vaginal atrophy/dryness. It energetically pro- motes skin elasticity and helps reduce symptoms of menopause—mood swings, hot flashes, depression, fatigue, anxiety, brain fog.

TESTOSTERONE  in men and women overall declines steadily with age. It is a necessary factor for muscle growth and fat loss, pro- motes cardiovascular and prostate health, helps fight osteoporosis, improve mood and sense of well-being and restore healthy libi- do and sexual performance.

PREGNENOLONE  is the “mother” hormone – the genesis hormone for most all hormones in men and women. It helps to keep your brain sharp, increase energy and aids in the reduction of the dosages of all hormones and supports stress reduction. It must be administered in pill form.

SERMORELIN helps rejuvenate your anterior pituitary gland and increase your own natural production of growth hor- mone, testosterone and others. SERMORELIN and MEDITROPIN’s growth hormone elements help provide increased benefits that include improvement of physical performance, endurance, appearance, sleep quality, collagen production, immune and brain func- tion and reduce weight struggles. Sermorelin is in injectable form and Meditropin is oral at bedtime.

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