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What is next for your SKIN when you emerge from Hibernation and Incarceration…

From HEALTH comes Beauty!

You have been effectively protecting and preventing and as a side effect slowing down the aging clock despite the stress, with all that you have been taking internally.

I am assuming you have been continuing your SKIN health and beauty regimen while you have prioritized OPTIMIZING in perpetuity your INTERNAL HEALTH HOUSE, so you are as impervious as scientifically and humanly possible, for whatever infectious bogeyman is next thrown in our direction.

I am hoping you have completed starting and advancing skin products using your CLEANSER, SERUM, VITAMIN C PLUS, EMU DERMYL, WRINKLE FILLER, NIGHT REGENERATION, PEEL‐ as much nightly as possible, VITAMIN A PLUS nightly and added WHOLE BODY RENEW and TRETINOIN (if you were prescribed), so the skin of your entire body is working at the most youthful and healthy level that Maximal Strength, yet non‐toxic Physician Strength skin products and internal optimization of your HEALTH CARE HOUSE can provide with consistent usage.You may be using all, or I have inputted to you the most imperative for most effectively treating YOUR skin challenges. Remember the skin products being Maximal Strength absorb, and many of the ingredients such as VITAMINS A and C and the Antioxidants are HEALTH protective as well.

There comes a point in our aging where the skin requires, despite strongest skin products, more stimulation, more exfoliation, more pigment/vein/growths treatment for greater clarity, smaller pores ‐ if genetically you have more oil and bigger pores despite all you are doing‐ increasing brown spots, redness and abnormal veins from accumulated sun, stress and inflammation damage from life and all its

consequences. We progress to needing deepest skin collagen stimulation for more profound lifting, tightening, volumization of lost skin thickness, never mind stopping the muscles we are ALL pursing non‐stop from the stress of this life. Genetics, health, life’s stresses and our response, inflammation, hormone levels in women and men determine how quickly you age and visibly demonstrate aging and we have to move to stronger solutions for maintaining, reversing, preventing, protecting, slowing down and turning back the clock and it is better to start sooner rather than later if at all possible.


So, what is the rational, next BEST use of TIME, MONEY and TRUST of what more to add, when you want, need, and when you can?

FIRST ‐ We always want to see photos at least of the area of the body needing addressing in your opinion, or a FACETIME/SKYPE/WHAT’S APP, or you in person ideally, to INDIVIDUALLY evaluate your anatomy and what is troubling you in this journey of life. From this, we input the next BEST steps for YOU, which will vary, depending on your anatomy, which part of the body, speed of aging, genetics, skin damage from sun and internal inflammation, as we at the same time are trying to maximally slow all and aging concomitantly by optimizing your hormones if needed in women and men, including thyroid and growth hormone, and recommending the supplements, antioxidants, diet, exercise, which all slow down the clock, lower blood sugar which stress raises, and ALL THAT PROTECTS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

IF you have strong facial muscle movement that distracts the eye and the skin lines that result and bother you, and the skin products are not stopping them enough, then we recommend Botox and/or filler perhaps first, as a quick way for the face, eyelids and neck to lift, lines disappear and improve, but we evaluate, and if the lines are due to skin laxity then we may recommend the strongest, no down time tightening laser, FORMA before the Botox and/or filler, to start lifting, tightening and volumizing first, then stop the muscle movement secondarily which is the correct way to proceed.

We often start for technology with FORMA on the face, eyelids, neck, and BODY FX or EVOLVE on the body as they do not hurt, have no down time, WORK quickly providing visible results you desire AND increasingly over the following 3 months progressively, and they are upping the lifting, tightening, volumizing, very visibly anti‐aging, fat, cellulite and crinkles reduction ante, along with skin and internal products, so every and anything we do after that works better/faster.

ALTERNATIVELY ‐ I am a HUGE fan of the more economical and VERY visible results of volumizing, renewing‐ quite visibly to the point you can see where the peel started and stopped‐ the appearance of skin, lifting, tightening, decreasing pore size, helping to rid stretch marks, scarring and pigment in a substantial way ‐ HIGH DOSE PEELS ‐ and using them on the entire body incrementally, to produce the same results, ideally once a year, definitely everyone should have one on the face, eyelids, neck and chest, then arms, then legs, back, and just work your way around the body.

HIGH DOSE PEELS have a few days of peeling, and the first night of having the peel on the area for at least 12 hours. So you are inconvenienced mildly for 3‐4 days, peeling for 10 days‐2 weeks if on the legs and arms but the difference in the quality, youthfulness, resolution of pigment, scarring of the skin is remarkable and very noticeable and in my opinion, worth every moment and the results are long lasting. THEN anything we may do subsequently in that area works much better as the skin is reinvigorated, rejuvenated, and we are then working on newer, younger, tighter collagen, so whatever follows produces BETTER, faster results.

FORMA has no down time, and a HIGH DOSE PEEL has let’s say 4‐10 days of peeling/flaking/dryness depending on which part of the body. MAKE TIME ‐ IT IS WORTH IT!

We also often recommend CO2 or O2 gas injection under the skin anywhere on the body, either as stand‐alone or synergistic at the same time for even faster, better visible results with other technologies or threads, as CO2 stimulates stem cell re‐invigoration and replication for tightening, lifting from profound collagen stimulation, restores thinning hair and the two of them burn fat of cellulite and genetic fat deposits anywhere on the body.

WHEN we are evaluating your skin and what makes it look the youngest, prettiest, healthiest, tightest MOST QUICKLY, we are noting what our eyes go to first ‐ your pore size, redness, brown pigment, sun damage, laxity, and if any skin growths that need ridding (because the eye goes to them or they are potentially pathological).

We OFTEN FIRST recommend LUMECCA which is the strongest IPL on the market if you have any of THESE issues, and most everyone SHOULD do this at least once a year, IDEALLY twice or maybe three times per year as it helps prevent and rid potential skin cancers, as well as how it reverses damage and all the symptoms. Depending on how strongly we do it to give the resolution you NEED, you can have no downtime, to, if we have to do VERY strongly as you have so much damage to start addressing, you may have some mild swelling of the cheeks for a few days, but if we have to do it more strongly, the good side effect is more collagen is produced as well. This is another modality that WORKS, and your skin begins to look increasingly what you seek after 1 week.

For fast strategic immediate lifting of jowls, cheeks, lateral brows, nasolabial folds, loose necks and over time INCREASINGLY RESULT PRODUCING, generally AFTER FORMA FIRST, since FORMA universally rejuvenates the entire skin of the area treated ‐ if you need more lifting and volumization in specific areas, we recommend PDO THREADS, and over 6 months the lifting and volumization progressively increases.

Threads are not miraculous, but they do visibly, increasingly lift, tighten, sculpt the face and restore volume to thin skin, necks and faces. When we evaluate you initially if your skin is already well volumized then we may recommend the immediate lifting you seek with threads first, and FORMA or LUMECCA subsequently, so we bespoke the solutions for your unique anatomy and challenges that bother your most, to give you the most efficient, effective, cost effective AND long lasting results.

LASTLY ‐ after using these above modalities and perhaps more than once, as each solution’s results build and compound upon the other‐ depending on the extent of your challenges, anatomy and genetics needing THE strongest solutions‐ we proceed to the downtime requiring, most deeply penetrating technologies on the face, eyelids, neck, chest, that are the alternative to face, eye and neck lifts, the strongest solutions for crinkled, lax arms, legs, knees, abdomens, bra lines, lifting buttocks, breasts, dissolving dense fat deposits that are resistant‐ no incisions‐ but you may have some bruising, swelling for a week, and the swelling only because we inject numbing under the skin.

These are MORPHEUS and ACCUTITE. We generally do these 2 together for significant/resistant laxity, genetics and difficult to rejuvenate skin, although we often start with just MORPHEUS for profound tightening. We cannot, despite Maximal Strength, stop aging, nor your genetics of aging, only slow them, so we often recommend MORPHEUS and ACCUTITE or the above technologies done more than once, then move on to MORPHEUS and/or ACCUTITE. Everyone benefits from these at some point on the journey of maximally slowing down, turning back the clock and stemming the laxity tide.

With MORPHEUS and/or ACCUTITE, we sedate you with pills, so you are snoring, and we numb your skin for maximal comfort. It takes 3 weeks to a month to begin to see a result then the results personify over 6‐9 months so no one can figure out what you did, yet you look progressively more youthful and improved. The skin lifts, tightens, volumizes as much as it is possible to anti‐age.

The DIFFERENCE between these Treatments and Face Lifts…

The difference between these technologies and face lifts is ‐ a face lift does nothing for volumizing nor restoring the skin’s youthful function, appearance ‐ whereas technology, skin products and peels provide rejuvenation and restoration in every way scientifically possible. With any sort of surgical lift‐ more retired function, lax skin is only excised and sewed back together, and nothing is done to restore the skin, thus longevity of result will be compromised, and even with skin products and peels‐ shortly, technology will be required to preserve results because the thinned skin has no elasticity and lacks the collagen it needs to preserve the surgical lifting.

I have always believed, investigated and found that the solutions I recommend here are the best tools for the job, for best visible, and natural and longevity of results, and economically you amortize your investment over time, and the results that are compounding are internally and externally protecting, preventing, reversing, with as little inconvenience, down time and expense, AND time, money and trust well invested.

We are always joyfully here to answer questions, discuss all with you and hopefully uplift you a bit when and if you want to pre‐plan, or put on your wish list. I am always being asked what are the next steps, which we bespoke for each of you always but these are the options and Action Plan for anti‐aging that I continue to find no matter where in the world I interface with all the options on the market, to be the most satisfying, quickest and strongest results producing.

You are all loved, and we look forward always to speaking with and seeing you, whenever you emerge‐‐ and help you FORWARD!

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