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Low-dose Progesterone, Estriol & DHEA Support


Physician Formulated for Maximal, Healthful Results


I formulated my Low-dose Skin Physiology PROGESTERONE, ESTRIOL and DHEA SUPPORT product to assist in HEALTHY hormone support for those needing it due to the challenges they experience and endure, to provide a non-toxic, maximal strength, scientifically correct alternative to prescriptive formulas, that is SAFE and further optimizes the construction of health (and beauty). As a physician, and from experience treating patients with the often disruptive to debilitating symptoms, internally and externally, caused by accumulated toxins, I believe it is essential, as much as scientifically possible, not to use any product or ingredients to further inflame, add more toxicity or cause negative side effects that further challenge one’s well-being, especially in today’s toxic world.

After researching and working to create and test this SCIENTIFICALLY CORRECT, NON-TOXIC, STRONGEST POSSIBLE NON-prescriptive formulation, which utilizes my INGREDIENT OPTIMIZER CREAM BASE that I use to NON-TOXICALLY and BEST treat my patients in my medical practice, I believe everyone should have access to this UNIQUE, healthy alternative to those on the market today, which often contain or require addition of chemicals that are MEDICALLY best avoided, are proven to be harmful or poorly absorb, thwarting therapy.


PROGESTERONE has been shown to help men and women increase bone density, and may help protect against the risk of osteoporosis, prostate, uterine and breast cancer, stabilize mood, and improve sleep. For women – it may help decrease monthly and menopausal hormone challenges, such as heavy bleeding, breast tenderness and enlargement, cramping, being emotional and night sweating. 

ESTRIOL has been shown to assist in helping to protect women from the risk of cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, urinary incontinence and vaginal atrophy/dryness. It energetically helps to promote skin elasticity thus tightening and helps reduce symptoms of menopause—mood swings, hot flashes, depression, fatigue, anxiety, brain fog.

DHEA is an essential hormone produced in the adrenal glands that helps balance all other hormones in both sexes such as testosterone and estrogens and is imperative in helping to combat the negative and aging effects of stress in the entire body including skin, maintaining healthy immune system functioning, burning fat, production of proteins and is essential for building muscle. The level of DHEA in our body decreases as we age, worsened by stress thus enhancing aging, lack of energy and may speed all organs progressive deterioration. By increasing our DHEA levels, it has been shown to help improve one’s sense of well-being, reduce body fat, improve skin tightness, moisture, help prevent brown spots, growths and abnormal pigment, maintain normal sex drive, enhance memory, increase bone density and help prevent the risk of disease including participating in helping to combat high blood sugar.

One full pump dispenses about 0.5 g of cream, providing 20 mg of USP Natural Progesterone.

One full pump dispenses about 0.5 g of cream, providing 2mg of USP Natural Estriol.

One full pump dispenses about 0.5 g of cream providing 5 milligrams of Natural DHEA, this container yields about 80 pumps.

  • Helps quickly after placement on ANY skin type due to its superior PENETRATING abilities and HEALTHFULLY, ANYWHERE on the skin.
  • NON-TOXIC, free of all harmful preservatives, gluten and chemicals, so does NOT increase skin and body inflammation, disease risk, medical challenges and resulting inflammatory skin and body conditions, their symptoms and irritations.
  • Leaves NOTICEABLY (versus others), NO RESIDUAL, NON-greasy, DESIRABLE cosmetic feel on ANY skin type, male and female, OPTIMIZING use and SATISFACTION, to HEALTHFULLY provide BEST results needed to work MOST effectively and desirably, at its lower amount and application rate.

I recommend that you consult your Health Care Practitioner always before using this and all health products, as you may need hormone testing due to your symptom challenges, and to further investigate why you are experiencing these symptoms, and try to always identify, treat and address the cause NOT just treat symptoms forever.

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