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Why Wholistic Dermatology



At Wholistic Dermatology we believe that the body must be looked at and addressed as a whole, inside and out, utilizing best tools for the jobs to optimize anti-aging, health, beauty and disease prevention. This is the state of the art, gold standard science behind optimal healthy skin and body!

Our mission is preventing disease – rather than just detecting and diagnosing it (after the fact), slowing down the aging process as much as scientifically possible – rather than just submitting to it and treating symptoms retrospectively, and addressing the whole body rather than just the organ that is producing current challenges…as these are the MOST effective solutions for maximizing optimal health care.

From HEALTH comes beauty and my side effect of creating beauty is health. The skin is the window of what is going on internally, therefore without health, in my medical experience, EVERYTHING you do to promote and preserve beauty and skin problem solutions works 30-50% at best with lessened longevity of results.

Our PROGRESSIVE METHODOLOGY provides a detailed road map so you can witness, step by step, THE MOST visible results of restoring and replenishing the body’s resources to optimize health, happiness, well being and quality longevity.

The science behind healthy skin!

Why Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D.?

My goal is for us all to achieve THE MOST VISIBLE RESULTS that skin products and peels can provide, by MAXIMALLY empowering and enabling prevention and the skin’s natural yet weakened ability to repair itself to a less diseased and compromised state of functioning, so we can turn back and slow down the physiological clock and provide solutions for every type of skin problem, as much as scientifically possible and in a NON-toxic way. Addressing ALL the pieces of the body’s puzzle is the ONLY way to BEST achieve anti-aging, health, beauty and disease prevention.

Why Synergistic Internal Supplements and Remedies?

From health comes beauty…essential, bio-available for best absorption, science and purity supplements, antioxidant and detoxificant nutrition to help optimize health. Along with chirally/chemically and scientifically-correct skin products, peels and technology, that are synchronized with individualized diet and exercise prescription, will help result in longevity, slow down and turn back the clock as much as scientifically possible. Without health, everything you do to promote and preserve beauty works 30-50% at best. Provide your body with what it needs and wants and it will reward you.

Why Skin Physiology?

Skin Physiology is HEALTHY pharmaceuticals, which I formulated as I needed them in my own medical practice to either treat challenges that nothing else could provide, or to further optimize the construction of health and beauty in my patients. As a physician, I believe it is essential not to use any product or ingredients, as much as scientifically possible, to further inflame, add more toxicity or cause negative side effects that further challenge my patient’s well being.

I want everyone to have access to the SKIN PHYSIOLOGY unique, non-toxic hair growth and skin pathology topical pharmaceuticals, Retin A, Bio-identical hormones in ‘MIMIC NATURE’ DOSING and DELIVERY- ESSENTIAL TO SKIN and WHOLE BODY HEALTH in both MEN and WOMEN. Our QUALITY ingredients penetrate quickly, effectively, with no residual felt on the skin for maximal acceptance and compliance by men, women, teens, children, and every skin. They can be placed anywhere on the body, for HEALTH, BEAUTY, optimal functioning, helping to treat challenges, symptoms and pathologies, anti-aging, slowing down and turning back the biological clock and helping to add quality and longevity to life.

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