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VIRUS Concerns and How to Help Protect for Greater Peace of Mind!

The press is whipping up the fear of Coronavirus, and of course there is a paucity of REAL facts on how challenging it will be for healthy people who are taking daily all that I prescribe that is VERY antiviral, and how Corona compares to the significant flu that continues to go around the world this year, which is a bad one as well, but we got sick, and then got WELL, and our immune systems were strengthened… so take heart none of us who are doing what we should are in the hospital or dying and it is allegedly rather equivalent so far they say, these viruses.   

I have been following and wanted to try to allay (as who needs MORE anxieties in today’s world!) by informing you what you SHOULD be taking, that is known to be VERY antiviral and  you probably are already taking that will further help protect and mitigate and be an insurance policy against whatever we are all exposed to daily.

Remember – If you are taking care of yourself as we all should be, as I have advised in this email, then your Lloyd’s of London insurance policy is a STRONG protective one.  So as the Brits say SMARTLY SAY – be Calm and CARRY ON! 

 I will keep you updated, as I get input from both the European and U.S. Medical Authorities as they know.  The Corona virus can be a weak one historically that just causes a cold so you may already have immunity to an extent but this one has evolved as viruses are known to do continually.   



I have been following the scientists and researchers of the world – microbiologists, virologists, public health and infectious disease Physicians, Nobel nominees from the major universities and teaching institutions of the world, who discourse with and peer review each other about this virus, and are increasingly writing about the world’s response to this virus, comparing it with the illness and death rate to all the other flu epidemics in the last many years, particularly including the 2009 and Swine flu and first SARS (SARS Cov 1), and even including the Spanish flu.

I start by giving you some insight and objectivity, to give perspective on the illness and death statistics surrounding THIS Corona virus vs. all the other Corona viruses that continually circulate and cause influenza regularly/yearly vs. the press recitation of its ticker tape of morbidity and mortality non-stop, terrorizing everyone.

Here are the FACTS:

  • Normally in the US most every year, 40-60,000 people die YEARLY from any flu and of all ages, but always those sick with other serious morbidities (illnesses) are most at risk (end stage heart and lung disease, Alzheimer’s, etc.)


  • 26 million/YEAR die of all sorts of respiratory illnesses in the world. (I often do bloodwork on my patients for viruses that are well known to chronically live in many patients, and occupy and suppress the immune system chronically, such as Mycoplasma, Epstein-Barr, Herpes, Cytomegalovirus, and we treat regularly to help reduce risks of many diseases that can result as we age if untreated).


  • SCIENCE Magazine-one of the most respected and prestigious, reports that 85% of all infections from THIS Covid 19 virus are asymptomatic.


  • The mortality rate so far in the world from this Covid virus is recorded as 1-3% (the scientists who collect data fastidiously say it could be 0.1-1%) of documented INFECTIONS, and virtually ALL DEATHS are not FROM the virus SOLELY, rather are in patients who have MANY other co-existing SERIOUS medical conditions, and VERY depressed immune systems concomitantly that made them VERY vulnerable, and there are MANY, all the time, circulating Covid viruses that cause flu, but yes this is a strong one. Many are estimating the real death rate to be less than 1% at the most, as the data is ongoing reliably collected. 


  • Italy is known historically chronically yearly, for its respiratory deaths to be 3 times greater than any other European country. 


  • In Hubei, China where there was the greatest infection rate, the death rate in the sick and elderly was 1%, whereas normally yearly there is an 8% death rate there from OTHER causes of influenza and Covid viruses in the elderly. 


  • This Corona 19 (SARS Cov 2 is the official name) virus like so many diseases including aging, IF it makes you at all sick, will do so to varying degrees- from you being asymptomatic to experiencing a slight cold and cough to a significant flu, which you stay at home in bed like any flu and treat as usual when having the flu, and MANY around the world began experiencing this flu in late fall that made them sick like with any flu, causing them to stay at home for a week or so, and unknowingly exposed friends, family, co-workers, family helpers, most of whom did not subsequently get the flu or the symptoms of a cold.





Those who do get a significant flu from this virus may not get a fever or a mild fever, and may get a sore throat that is not so bad, then it quickly goes into the lungs (some flus go to the throat and nose and some to the lungs normally) giving you varying degrees of cough and bronchitis, which can be minor or make you sick enough to have to stay in bed for a week or two as with any strong flu, and maybe experience none or a bit of short lived shortness of breath when coughing, that is not bad enough to make you need to have any special treatment, other than with the regular flu – meaning what you normally do when you have the flu. 

You should always follow the guidelines well circulated on isolating and helping prevent others being infected with this and any flu.

WHY are so many impervious, immune and asymptomatic? No one knows 100% the answer but if you are exhausted, stressed, chronically angry, emotionally upset, which negatively impacts your immune function, if your blood sugar is chronically high, if for varying reasons your immune system is not as robust as others, IF YOUR HEALTH CARE HOUSE IS NOT IN ORDER INTERNALLY, because you are not NORMALLY health promoting, then you are more likely to get ANY cause of flu or colds, and get sicker, and take a bit longer to get well.  

MY TAKE HOME MESSAGE FROM THIS, as there will be other viruses and influenzas to follow yearly, never mind to try to decrease the risk of all diseases and cancers IS – GET YOUR HEALTH CARE HOUSE IN ORDER – as there are well known ways that I have previously downloaded and emailed to get on the journey to take control of your health NOW and FOREVER, never mind anti-aging of your immune system and beauty and brain! The experts state there will always be some viral challenge as in the past, and ongoing, so the TAKE HOME MESSAGE is – TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH, so you MINIMIZE YOUR RISKS FOREVER.   

Your immune system ages as do our bodies and appearance and needs rebooting intermittently and revitalizing ongoing, which is why risk from any infection is higher as we age, but chronology is not what matters, rather it is physiologically internally how healthy are you and your cells AND your psychological attitude. THAT is what decreases risk and positive psychology, happiness, laughing, forgiving and being loving, is a strong piece of that puzzle as well.

You want your GUT to be healthy, which greatly decreases inflammation and enhances the well-being of your immune system, which is why I advise to eat right for your blood type and take pro-biotics daily and if you have gas, bloating, constipation, acid indigestion, then this needs to be addressed and treated more so if eating right for your type, and pro-biotics do not eliminate the symptoms (ROBYNZYME/HYPOZYMASE, GLUTAMINE, GALT). 

DIET – the less carbs and sweets and dairy and gluten the lower is your blood sugar and the better is your immune system!  So focus on protein and green and eat garlic and onions and herbs which are very antiviral.  If you are vegetarian then not too much starches as increases blood sugar and your carbs should be quite complex so they do not increase your blood sugar such are wild rice, red quinoa, black beans, farro, amaranth, and with garlic and onions and Miso and FERMENTED soy if you need for protein because you are vegetarian. 

WINE and ALCOHOL – the lower the alcohol percentage on the side of the wine bottle (in very small letters but has to be there by law) the lower it increases your blood sugar, so you aim for 12-12.5% ideally.  Alcohol metabolizes to sugar so not sweet mixers and vodka and tequila are healthiest liquors but all of it less is more and wine and liquor is dessert so not both ideally.  You will be healthier and lose weight if needed…..don’t shoot the messenger here as I am not anti-drinking just healthier choices always. 

EXERCISE – increases your thyroid and growth hormone and lymphatic drainage and immune function health significantly so do your best and ideally 3-4 times a week if possible. 

The less you respond to STRESS the better your immune system functions so try your best on this and getting  at LEAST 6 hours but 7 is better for SLEEP MUCH increases your immune function.  NO one is worth stressing you to the point of being SICK so again do your best to be IMPERVIOUS…..GOOD luck on this for all of us! 

SUPPLEMENTS that are particularly antiviral and help optimize your immune function – in the doses I prescribed for you:


Vitamin D3, Iodizyme, L Lysine, Organic Sulfur, Probiotics, Robynzyme, Thyroid, Adrenal, Alkalize C (4000 mg per teaspoon), Zinc, Bio Curcumin, Thymus Life Force (has the antiviral mushrooms in it).

If you start to feel like you are getting a virus/cold when you are on these supplements at your daily doses then you increase VITAMIN D3 to 15,000 IU per day for 5 days as so antiviral.

IODIZYME – you increase to 1 pill daily for 5 days as very antiviral and your immune system uses it to kill.

L-LYSINE – you increase to 2000 mg per day for 7-14 days until you are getting well as VERY antiviral and why I put you on it for Herpes and Epstein Barr and Mycoplasma and Cytomegalovirus to kill so helps kill the flu viruses as well. 

You increase ORGANIC SULFUR (everyone’s favorite) to twice a day and you drink it and all water (lots of it) with fresh lemon in it, as very antiviral both of them. 

ALKALIZE C –  as VERY high dose and you increase to twice a day as very antiviral, and the worst it can do is give you a loose stool temporarily at that high dose but better than being sick. 

PROBIOTICS – double the dose to 2 pills twice a day if ORTHOBIOTIC which helps also PREVENT getting viruses.

ROBYNZYME – optimizing the acid in your stomach helps kill the viruses you eat and hands to mouth virus load you are exposed to so take 1 per meal IF you have been prescribed that you need Robynzyme.

ZINC – you increase to 1 pill of 50 mg per day for 7 days then return to 1 pill 3-4 days per week as you have been prescribed because Zinc is WELL proven to kill viruses and fortify your immune system to do so. 

BIO CURCUMIN is strongly anti-inflammatory so helps stop the virus from implanting in your system and you take 1 pill twice a day

THYROID – if you have been prescribed that you need it then TAKE as it is the gas for your immune system to work.  Low thyroid, low immune system and if you are cold and tired then try taking 1 twice a day every OTHER day for 7 days as long as you are NOT speedy nor jumpy and you are sleeping equally.   

ADRENAL LF – helps keep stress from depleting your Immune system so if you have been prescribed then helps empower your immune along with all the above to work more optimally. If you are getting sick then increase by 1 pill per day for 1 month to help get well faster/better.

THYMUS LIFE FORCE – I do not often add this but if you get sick easily or a lot then let me know as you can take until all this is resolved as just has all the mushrooms and immune pumping ingredients that further empower immune systems that seem not to be as robust.   

Lastly –TAMIFLU (prescription only) -.it DOES work clinically and later than 48 hours after exposure (it is published that it does not work later than that but clinically incorrect) and it CAN shorten the disease AND the symptoms  although it can have side effects and should be used only if you are REALLY sick as it is good for your immune system to be challenged when you are well but if you are chronically ill and not taking care of yourself that is a different situation with Tamiflu. 

More ESSENTIAL Information from Dr. Julia Hunter:

Hello everyone in our website world!

We are thinking about you and wanting to try to help allay/relieve YOUR anxieties and trying to inform you of real scientific facts about this virus as there is so much confusing and conflicting information on the news and in the press and from country to country and amongst Doctors.

There is much that remains unknown at this time, which is why the commonsensical and PRIORITY GOAL is to ALWAYS FIRST FOCUS on PREVENTION. No one knows who will get a mild or no flu, a more significant flu as is often experienced during flu season or  who will have more illness challenges but we do know the power of prevention which is always Step ONE and we know that Vitamin D3/K2 and the steps that help optimize your immune system to minimize the effects of this, any and EVERY virus also minimize your risks.

We input that this is the time also to cultivate for LIFE the consciousness that there is no better time than NOW if you have not considered previously PREVENTION, for helping to insure quality longevity and diseases prevention EVERYDAY, never mind slowing down the clock externally as you get your INTERNAL HEALTH HOUSE in order to optimize your immunity, stay safe against this virus and those to come and the diseases we work to prevent for life! 

You MUST take your supplements to prevent never mind eat healthily, lots of green vegetables the less cooked the better for all their nutrition, stay well hydrated with lots of water and eat right for your blood type, and garlic and onions, and exercise to help keep your hormones and growth hormone and thyroid and immune system more healthy and powered. 

You should use nontoxic skin products diligently, so your internal and external health are not impacted by inflammatory chemicals that are absorbed through the skin. This virus is an inflammatory bomb if not controlled by your immune system, so the more anti-inflammatories the better, and why Vitamin C Plus and Vitamin A Plus, and all the skin products externally. INTERNALLY – high dose Alkalize C or Camu Vitamin C, L-Glutathione, Melatonin, R-Lipoic Acid, and Organic Sulfur help prevent the lung and inflammatory damage, and Iodizyme for helping the immune system kill and for the thyroid to work better, which is what helps power the immune system and entire body to work!  

We know that the lower your blood sugar the better for your immune system so the less carbs, sugar, and alcohol you drink the better (sorry it raises your blood sugar), and so we also recommend to decrease/balance your blood sugar with Tri-Chromium and Jambola, especially if drinking wine. 

I will continue to try to allay your fear by informing you what you SHOULD be taking, that is known to be VERY antiviral that will further help protect and mitigate, and be an insurance policy against whatever we are all exposed to daily.

Not to worry… I am a Physician, we are open, here to serve and inform and ready to serve you worldwide with the products on the website, to keep you as protected as the patients in my offices. We are also here for scheduling phone/Skype consultations. My job is to protect and to be here to meet patient and public needs.

If you are following my experienced and tested advice on your immune system optimization and safeguarding of your health and well-being, I feel confident given the science and the ongoing facts, and not the hysteria, that you are going to be fine. 

This and many Corona viruses and a lot of viruses, and so much more are everywhere every day, so helping you is foremost in my Physician responsibilities. Remember – many are immune and minimally get the flu, as is poorly reported daily.

The reason there is conflicting information in the media is that the scientists and microbiologists researching about the virus have not had time to communicate and substantiate each other’s experience, opinions and research, since they started focusing on its presence. There is also dispute whether the test for the virus has how many false positives for many who may already have previously had the virus, and just had a flu in the fall, since many believe it has been circulating for months or more, or others who may be immune to it, as your immune system may have already successfully combated it effectively previously, or whether it shows you have the virus just in your nose and it may not cause problems for your immune system.  

We are being vigilant, commonsensical, not descending into the hysteria, and continue to be here for you. 

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First, your risk of getting any degree of this and any flu is exponentially decreased if you are following the How to Help Protect emails that I have previously written. Click here to read…

STEP ONE—if you get sick to any degree do follow all that is published everywhere about insulating and isolating to not be infectious to others for the 2-week period or longer until you feel well.   

STAY AT HOME – unless you are so short of breath that you feel you cannot get enough air despite sitting up and taking deep slow breaths for at least an hour, especially if your nailbeds are pink, then if you are increasingly ill and short of breath call your Doctor and go to the Emergency Room. If you have asthma use your asthma meds.   

When you have any flu or are sick – you rest – as this further empowers your immune system, especially sleep, when repair occurs. 

Stay at home as you would with ANY flu and do the usual things such as lots of water – 2 liters or more per day, and ideally filtered with no chemicals in it. You eat less, as your immune system and YOU are healthier if you eat less, which is why homemade and broth soups are good, and make them full of garlic and lemon, as helps kill viruses and pathogens, and improves you internally to make your body INhospitable to the virus. Eat dark green and purple greens and radishes to help do the same, but the hydration and easy to digest soups are best, and the reason Carrot with ginger for instance, as it is full of Vitamin A which is antiviral, the ginger as is green tea is anti-inflammatory as well, and the more anti-inflammation the better. 

Avoid sweets and carbs and sweet drinks or sodas, as increasing your blood sugar depresses your immune system.

I am sure you all have home remedies and herbs and teas that hot, help soothe and hydrate and help your immune system, such as chicken soup and bone broths and hot toddies with cinnamon and cloves.

If you have a sore throat or begin with one, INDEED what kills and helps heal this and any virus is gargling with hot salt water (gray sea salt is most therapeutic), and crush into the mixture a clove of fresh garlic as garlic kills everything, so gargle with this and ideally twice a day until no sore throat, and this usually cures it in a day or so. You can add a touch of hot sauce to this mixture to kill it even more quickly, but you will dance around for a few minutes when you do, so forewarned, but well known to heal sore throats quickly. 

Eating raw garlic, a clove a day or ideally twice a day, and chewing it in your mouth helps kill all viruses and bacteria (and good for your gums and teeth), but you have to take it with some food that puts out the heat, and if you cannot tolerate garlic raw or you smell for a while of raw garlic, then that means you are full of heavy metals internally, so that is then chelation and another subject, but high heavy metals chronically depress your immune system, brain and bones.

You want to increase the antivirals and anti-inflammatories you take chronically, which are anti-aging and anti-diseases, so you SHOULD be taking continually and chronically, as this Covid virus in particular is an inflammatory bomb and how it causes ALL its pathologies. Anti-inflammatories are as below, and MELATONIN, L-GLUTATHIONE, RESVERACEL are STRONG ones as well if you can take, never mind anti-aging

You should be taking already – and how to use if you get sick:  

IODIZYME – you increase to daily for 2 weeks then you return to 4 days a week for 2 weeks then three days a week. Your immune system uses to kill so you get well faster.  

VITAMIN D3/K2 – you increase by 5000 IU per day for 2 weeks (so if you are taking 5000 increase to 10,000 and if taking 10,000 increase to 15,000), then you decrease back to your usual dose. Vitamin D3 is very antiviral and helps you get well faster.  

L-LYSINE – you increase to 2000 mg twice daily for 2 weeks, then 2000 mg per day for 2 weeks then back to 500- 1000 mg per day. VERY antiviral for ALL viruses and helps you get well faster and your immune to kill (our lab is out of raw materials and cannot get so try to get online). 

ALKALIZE C – you increase to 1 teaspoon TWICE A day ideally for 2 weeks, then one teaspoon per day. There is also CAMU VITAMIN C and you take 2 teaspoons of this twice a day for the same time period. 

ORGANIC SULFUR – you increase to twice a day for 2 weeks if taking already once a day and put a slice of fresh lemon in it. Very antiviral and empowers your immune system, makes your feel better, helps heal what the virus is inflaming, helps rid heavy metals and makes your skin, hair, nails, joints MUCH improved.  You SHOULD take FOREVER!   

ORTHO BIOTIC or your probiotic (I alternate them regularly, but make sure a strong medical one such as Ortho Biotic – double your dose, so you are taking 2 pills twice a day, which helps support and helps your gut be healthier, as inflamed guts it has been found have bacteria that help the Covid Virus deploy more effectively in your body and cause more illness.

ZINC —take 50 mg per day for 2 weeks then decrease to 50 mg every OTHER day. Helps kill and prevent viruses causing disease faster/better.

BIO A CIRCUMIN/R-LIPOIC ACID/RESVERACEL – STRONG anti-inflammatories and anti-aging and should be taken always – 1 pill of each per day to help prevent, but if you are ill you increase to 1 twice a day for 3 weeks then you can return when fully well to 1 per day any time of day. (GLUTATHIONE as well – you can 1 pill per day or the liquid ½-1 teaspoon per day and PARTICULARLY if you drink alcohol for your liver). R LIPOIC ACID also lowers and stabilizes your blood sugar.

All of these can be taken together. 

THYROID SUPPORT – as per my previous email it is IMPERATIVE for your thyroid to be healthy as it is the GAS for your immune system and entire body to fight the virus and repair, prevent and protect. Look at the website (under Critical Information tab) for the Low Thyroid symptoms, and you should take THYROID SUPPORT if you have low thyroid symptoms. IF you are sick – take 1 per day in the AM as long as you are NOT speedy, and if you are regularly prior to being sick, taking 1 per day, then increase while you are sick to take 1 twice a day as long as you are not speedy and sleeping well. Low thyroid=low immune system. Normal thyroid blood work does not mean that your thyroid is a healthy level at the cellular level, so go by the symptom sheet for low thyroid. 

ADRENAL LIFE FORCE – If you have been stressed and emotionally depleted, and not sleeping well with your brain whirring at night keeping you awake, prior to getting sick, to empower your immune system and thyroid further, add Adrenal Life Force 2 pills twice a day.  

If you are doing all these things prior to the flu, you can still get the flu if you are exhausted and depleted, physically and/or emotionally, (so TRY to stay positive despite all), and you can have a bout of significant flu, but not one that is any worse than any year’s flu.

The older we are, the longer it takes to bounce back, just like the longer it takes for things to heal on your skin. BUT if you are taking all of these things regularly to protect, prevent, anti-age and reverse, and you increase what you are taking ANY time you get ANY cold or flu, then you have the BEST insurance policy for PREVENTING and getting well as quickly as possible, and CERTAINLY you do not need to worry that you will have to go to any hospital. 

Hopefully this will decrease fear and stress, so you know what to do, and REAL SCIENTIFIC facts vs. all the skewed news that you are all hearing that is stressing and depressing you.

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