Maximal Strength Vitamin C Plus


Repairing wrinkle length and depth reducing, uniquely on the market, POWERFUL to achieve the most visible results possible from this maximally potent, anti-oxidant, restoring, repairing, pure Vitamin C formulation.

Essential Therapy for the following Skin Conditions:


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This product should normally last 2-3 months depending on volume of use.

0.24 oz – 6.8 grams

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Product Description

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Achieve the maximal visible results possible from the use of this maximally potent formula, which optimizes collagen production and skin cell renewal (youthful tightening and thickening of the skin) increases maximally- clarity, helps decrease appearance of brown pigment, symptoms of rosacea, sensitive skin, blemishes and their scarring, undesired veins, ingrown beard hair occurrence, and abnormal skin cells’ exfoliation.

Skin products and peels are the firm foundation of skin health and beauty. You want to spend your precious time and monies on what works, best AND is NON-toxic so does not create present or future visible and/or internal problems in the skin and body. The ingredients in all my products and peels are chiral, which means chemically correct, thus provides the BEST RESULTS, as all pharmaceuticals have been mandated by the FDA since the late 90’s to be, meaning the body can recognize, has a receptor for and utilize in a positive, not negative side effect producing way, and MOST importantly MAXIMALLY penetrate, to reach the most cells that need to be revitalized and repaired. They are non-inflammatory because inflammation is a major cause of disease and aging and you do NOT want to buy what adds to the inflammation that our toxic world, life, sun, stress, food and time result in and thwarts the goals you seek solutions for. Although they are formulated with POTENT ingredients in MAXIMAL concentrations and structure to achieve the results we all need and seek – they will not negatively irritate nor damage skin or body cells nor absorb toxicities into the body.

Directions & Ingredients
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