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I have started using your products. They are 100% the best on the market! I am 52 and the clarity and youth ness I have started to see over the past 3 months is absolutely amazing on my skin. They are expensive and the packaging is very simple BUT worth every bloody penny. All these designer makes have fancy packaging but the cream is nowhere near the quality of yours.


Your supplements got me over COVID so fast- strong immunity from the inside out! Thank you! Skincare keeps the younger men calling too.


You're really such a wealth of great information and a breath of fresh air in all the insanity. Thank you!


I have tried many different vitamin A. Her vitamin A has given me great results!


Appointments with Dr. Hunter are a complete game changer. I'm six weeks into her recommendations and can't recommend her enough.


I have used this Vitamin C powder-amazing- ordering some now. I have pigmentation, it really works. Also, my skin is clearer when I use this. Can't recommend it enough.


I really needed to hear all this today. Was diagnosed with reflux a couple of weeks ago. I'm changing my diet to mostly plant based to help reduce acid but it sounds like I should be taking the optimized HCA & probiotics. I am also A blood type so I'll try & find some Aloe juice. My Dr has put me on Nexium & Motilium which I don't really want to be on so I'm trying to find more natural ways to help the situation. I think the Motilium is making my heart race too so I'm going to stop it Thank you for all this information.


I have just watched your Digestive Issues talk on your Instagram. I just wanted to tell you. I think you are the best at explaining. I use your face products even though I live in the United Kingdom. I will now be buying your health products as you explain them so well and I know they will be the best because although your skincare is quite expensive it is worth every penny and lasts. I used to waste a lot of money on skincare that made no difference. But your products make such a difference. One day I'd love to have an appointment with you when you're in London. Thank you again.


Dr. Hunter. Just came across your Instagram pages. Blown away with your amazing knowledge. I need your help. How do I connect with you? Living in Dublin. Ireland. Please let me know. When you can. Most grateful for your videos. Thank you.


I started using Dr. Hunter's products Vitamin C plus- peel on my pigmentation- glutathione for my vitiligo and exfoliating repair on my daughter's acne. Amazing results and products- love them and the advice that Dr. Hunter and her team. I highly recommend them. Thank you to all the team.


Happy New Year to Dr. Julia Hunter and all your team. Your advice has been enlightening and given me hope. Thank you all. Here's to a healthier and happier 2021.


Thank you Dr. Hunter, you have helped me enormously this year. Happy Christmas from Ireland.


Great info. I have gone to you for years and always forget to take gynostemma for brown spots. Thank you. I live these info videos.


Dr Julia- 

I was just sitting here thinking how great my pregnancy and postpartum journey has been and that I have you to thank for it. Not sure if a testimonial would be helpful for your website but I wrote one in case of interest. While it doesn’t pertain to skincare, it does speak to balancing hormones and overall health! We know that you do so much more and have a wide spectrum of clients with a variety of diseases, cancers, issues to solve. But does the world know that enough?!! See below- 

Dr Julia- 

I want to thank you immensely for guiding me through my pregnancy process and overseeing my health while pregnant. I firmly believe that due to my diet, supplement and hormone support regimen you detailed for me, that I had a healthy pregnancy, a first trimester with minimal nausea (I was not sick one time!), and I carried a baby to full term at age 40 with an extremely ease-filled labor + delivery. Now, 4 weeks into postpartum, I continue to take my daily supplements and I feel energized, I’m sufficiently pumping enough breast milk for my baby and I have not suffered any postpartum sadness or depression. Your adrenal life force has been particularly helpful for both my husband and me in getting quality sleep while we can with a newborn who is up every few hours! Thank you for keeping us and our baby healthy and advising us along the way. We are proof that your integrative health approach is highly effective and it’s changed our lives for the better! 



Hallie Harris

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