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Energy Loss and Fatigue


Chronic fatigue, exhaustion, lack of endurance, brain power and focus, energy loss and pain is epidemic in today’s world for many reasons. It all affects your lifestyle and mood, happiness, the ability to participate normally in activity, work, exercise, success in the workplace, and healthy relationships. Read more below…



I caution you there is never an immediate cure, rather depending on the cause you may tomorrow on these recommendations begin to feel better and continue to feel increasingly improved to what is normal, as few feel fabulous every day but if you have genetic mutations HLADBQ or CBS along with others and have significant fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue then there are solutions that normally make you feel progressively better but  it is a slow build and there is only a certain amount we know about genetic mutations that may be a significant part of the cause and how to successfully treat them nevermind the body cannot immediately repair itself overnight. Instead of living with all these symptoms of constant fatigue, pain and unhappiness, there are progressive solutions to help overcome, boost methodically and help transcend as much as scientifically we know for all of these symptoms. There is virtually ALWAYS a WHY answer – WHY you have these symptoms and a coordinating treatment (s) that will improve the symptoms and most importantly – the CAUSE.  This may require a step wise ACTION PLAN and may involve specialists in for instance Lyme disease although increasingly there is thought to be genetic mutation components to all these diagnoses. So let’s see what we can do to progressively help and try to optimize you.

Our stress filled/fast paced, ever changing, challenging world, all the electromagnetic energies our bodies are bombarded by nonstop via devices, lighting and technology, the abundance of toxins, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, water/skin product/medication/food chemicals, fertilizers, HEAVY METALS. All factors that  participate to overwhelm our bodies’ abilities to detox, protect, sustain, maintain its own healthy level of functioning, even maintain  normal levels of electrical and chemical processes and reactions and if you have genetic mutations you cannot manufacture Glutathione the principal enzyme of detox and perhaps you poorly methylate, which is for detoxification, which makes it SO MUCH the harder for some

Remember also that you ARE what you EAT, FOOD IS YOUR MEDICINE and Gluten and Sugar are well KNOWN as is corn and cow’s milk in many to be a source of allergies, gut inflammation, cause tiredness, brain fog after eating, increased inflammation, depress the immune system so Eat Right for your Blood Type FIRST and FOREMOST as a good guide of how to eat healthily and try hard to avoid first gluten, wheat, grains, carbs overall, then sugars as per all the instructions on the website about how to and what to eat. Eat fresh fruit as the best choice for sweet and the darker and more purple and the less sweet and fresh and organic and seasonal the better when you need sweet and if you must eat chocolate and not allergic then make it raw chocolate and the darker the chocolate the better. We all need sweet sometimes but remember if you drink alcohol that is sugar so less is more and vodka and tequila is a better choice as less sweet and if wine the lower the alcohol percentage the better so the closer to 12% alcohol the healthier but alcohol becomes sugar becomes cholesterol and /or triglycerides in the liver and blood.

Also if you need something for carbs then eat RAW nuts right for your blood type and eat lots of good quality Olive Oil as helps fill you up and good for your skin and joints and helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

I suggest and ou lots of GREEN and again the darker the better so vegetables that are right for your blood type and the more raw that is appropriate to be eaten raw the better especially for health, beauty, ENERGY and brainpower.  Eat vegetables with lots of good quality olive oil as a MUCH healthier choice and fills you up and alkalinizes your body which is good and the more garlic and onions you eat raw the better and healthier.  IF You cannot eat garlic, onions or anything with sulfur in it then you probably have a genetic mutation that makes you more susceptible to Lymes and chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and you cannot make Glutathione so you MUST take MAX ONE (see the website).

Cow’s milk has galactose as its sugar, which is THE sweetest so not good for you with all the problems caused by sweet, and you can be allergic to the protein in Cows’ milk.  The alternative is UNSWEETENED oat or almond or depending on your blood type-macadamia/cashew milks but less is more if you struggle with your weight/have metabolic syndrome.  . Also, corn is very sweet and increases your blood sugar as does carbs which exacerbate all the symptoms.

It has also been found that many people genetically ARE more “sensitive” to all these challenges meaning their bodies will not tolerate nor handle these challenges even in small doses and they begin to manifest significant symptoms and earlier in response such as the exhaustion, brain fog, lack of focus, fibromyalgia/ chronic pains, illnesses, sleep and emotional disorders. You have to take more supplements to compensate…..

Additionally, inadequate rest and chronic stress can further deplete your energy due to adrenal exhaustion/depeletion and low thyroid function and all weakens  your immune system, therefore making you more susceptible to illnesses and infections.

We suggest that you contact us directly for a personal HEALTHLINE Consultation – customized to your needs.                  Please click here.


This is your step ONE in therapeutic treatment and will be increased as below if not SIGNIFICANTLY progressively resolving over 3 months. Remember, it takes the body overall one month just to begin responding to giving it what it needs, is missing and wants then another month to begin to see symptoms start to dissipate and in general 3-6 more months to progressively resolve.

Step 1 – Supplements

VITAMIN D3/K2 (pills) OR SOLRAY D (liquid/spray), OMEGA GOLD, IODIZYME, GREEN LIGHT, ADRENAL LIFE FORCE, NIACEL-250®, MAX ONE  (IF YOUR energy is BAD and you have fibromyalgia and just depleted and ill then go ahead and add MAX ONE). IF NOT so ill and not so completely depleted and not with fibromyalgia then wait and just add the supplements listed before MAX ONE in STEP ONE and you add MAX ONE later in Step 2 IF you need.

IF YOU HAVE symptoms of LOW Thyroid (see on the website under CRITICAL INFORMATION section) then you will definitely need STEP 2 THYROID SUPPORT but wait for 1 month before you progress to STEP 2 and adding Thyroid Support.


Please follow all directions on product pages carefully.

if you are known to be sensitive, on occasion the recommendation for how much to take has to be tailored up more slowly for sensitive patients but overall these are the usual amounts that most of my patients utilize for progressive success.

Please begin with following products

VITAMIN D3/K2 or SOLRAY D – If you’re weak and tired all the time, you need to have your vitamin D levels checked and OPTIMIZED to high normal levels documented with a simple blood test.  Results from studies indicate that if you have low energy or muscle weakness and a vitamin D deficiency, you take vitamin D3 supplements for fatigue and strength benefits. It helps your muscles, thyroid, immune system and entire body function better and produce more energy, as vitamin D helps improve your cellular function to generate ATP=what the cells use for energy and it helps your thyroid which is the gas that your body needs to produce energy in every cell

In addition, VITAMIN D3 is WELL documented to help support the decreased risk of many types of cancer, enhance immunity, thyroid function which is ESSENTIAL for energy and brain power and focus and HEALTH and the entire body’s cell health and beauty. For optimum results, it is recommended to take Vitamin D3 with K2 (Solray D is this as well) and the K2 is essential for your immune, bones and helping keep your blood vessels clear. You can take either the pills of liquid SOLRAY  D with K2 liposome spray

Instructions: Take 1 pill=5000 IU or mg per day if 80- 120 pounds (54 kg). If over 120 lbs and active then take 1 pill every day 5 days per week and 2 pills 2 days per week. If 60-80 pounds take 1 pill every OTHER day and always consult with your doctor. Children usually take 500-2000 mg. per day. Ask your Pediatrician. If you have blood work drawn (at every age), ALWAYS get a Vitamin D3 blood level test and you want the blood level to be in the higher normal range for BEST results and protection.


Instructions: 1-10 or more sprays daily or as directed by your physician from bloodwork levels. Swish in mouth for 1 minute then swallow. 1 squirt=1000 mg or IU of Vitamin D3 with K2. Dose as in Vitamin D3 with K2 pill section.

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that even when including vitamin intake from supplements and fortified foods, 65 percent don’t get enough vitamin K, and therefore this nutrient deficiency is among the causes of low energy and fatigue because they slow energy production inside cells. This can result in excessive tiredness and lack of energy as well as many other symptoms.

Along with Vitamin D3, the intake of Vitamin K has also been shown to reduce the risk of skin cancer, and it is being explored as a treatment for some types of cancer. When the intake of vitamin K is deficient, the vitamin K dependent proteins go without and lose function, which can increase the risk of cancer.  In addition, Vitamin D3/K2 in a pill or liposome spray helps assist in the absorption/direction of calcium and in support of the immune system. It also helps immune, bone and cardiac support

OMEGA GOLD – The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil, can influence your overall health, energy and thyroid and adrenals and hypothalamus and pituitary and joints and skin all of which can, in turn, improve the health of your follicles thus hair. They help reduce scaling and dryness on the scalp and all over the skin as well.

In addition, Omega Gold helps reduce inflammation, a contributing factor of hair loss as well as helps decrease high lipids, moisturizes and is an essential supplement for anti-aging.

Instructions: 2-4 pills per day depending on the degree of your problems that you are experiencing and your age. Up to age 40 recommended for general well-being 1-2 pills per day (ideally 1 pill twice a day and if thin you take 1 pill per day and bigger 1 pill twice a day)   or 3-4 (ideally 2 twice a day AM and PM anytime if older than 45 years and if larger person with higher lipids in the blood ) if more significant challenges.

IODIZYME – Iodine helps sustain energy levels as it is an essential trace mineral. It’s needed to make thyroid hormones, which regulate metabolism and the body’s ability to burn carbohydrates and fats for energy. In turn, the thyroid gland makes thyroxine (T4), which contains four iodine atoms.

Iodizyme also supports the thyroid and immune system, helps detox the body and reduce fungus. It also helps to support and decrease the risk of breast, prostate cancer.

Important – NOT for Hyper-high thyroid function patients or for thyroid cancer patients unless being treated for low thyroid and approved by your Physician.

Instructions: Take 1 pill on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday any time of day. Anytime you have blood work drawn, ask for a Serum Iodine blood test, which should be high normal or a bit high if taken the day before the blood test.

ADRENAL LF (LIFE FORCE) – Adrenal fatigue occurs when the amount of stress, work, emotion, lack of sleep overextends the capacity of the body to support, keep up, compensate and recover from that stress.

Adrenal Fatigue is a stress-related condition that results in symptoms like exhaustion, sleep disturbances- poor sleep and awakening with your brain whirring so you cannot go easily back to sleep, weakened immunity, inability to focus or think clearly and food cravings-either salt or sugar. The adrenal glands and HPA axis become depleted and dysregulated after a long period of emotional stress or chronic illness then the thyroid gland becomes secondarily depleted and thyroid depletion symptoms begin. Adrenal Life Force is a glandular and nutritional support for the adrenals and thyroid.

Instructions: Full instructions can be downloaded on the Adrenal LF (Life Force) product page.

BEFORE addressing what seems to be low thyroid function, it is ESSENTIAL to FIRST for 2-3 weeks; restore the Adrenal glands (ESSENTIAL hormone producing glands that sit atop the kidneys) with Adrenal Life Force taking it 6-7 days a week. Adrenal Life Force is for exhausted adrenal gland function replacement and is STEP 1 before treating the thyroid because low thyroid function is OFTEN SECONDARY to exhausted adrenal gland function.

Start by taking Adrenal Life Force ALWAYS WITH FOOD, 1 pill first AM and 1 pill after lunch (BY 3 PM) for 3 days. If you notice nothing or feel a bit better, then increase to 2 pills first AM and 2 pills after lunch for 5 days. If you need more energy, endurance, inner peace, better sleep then increase to the max of 3 pills AM and 2-3 pills after lunch.

GREEN LIGHT (liquid and generally makes you much more energetic and focused with brain power within minutes of taking) – Excellent for energy, fatigue, hormonal balance and maintenance of immune system, cholesterol levels and alkalinizing the blood and tissues. Also, contains Chlorella and cholorphyll, excellent ingredients for detoxifying the body of heavy metal toxins which also helps rid bad breathe and mouth ulcers (also often due to low progesterone and stress) . Your body regenerates quickly and giving you the nourishment and energy, you need to perform at its best. The saponins in it help optimize immune response and help maintain healthier cholesterol levels.

Instructions: —2-6 dropperfuls under tongue, swish in mouth for 1 minute then swallow once or twice a day for  twice a day as needed.  I recommend this is a product to use as many days a week as you need energy support.  You could use 3 times a day if you are REALLY depleted but few need it more than once or twice a day.

NIACEL 250®—you need the 250 mg per pill dose for best energy.  This supplement optimizes the mitochondria which is the power plant of EVERY cell in your body and helps increase their number in the cells AND helps make each mitochondria function optimally thus producing more units of energy for each cell which translates to more energy and endurance and for your brain and metabolism and every cell in every organ system.

INSTRUCTIONS for use:  Take 1 pill in the AM and if after 1 month you feel you need more energy increase to 1 pill twice a day.  IN most people you only need to take 5 days per week but if you have energy problems for the first month take 7 days per week then you can decrease to 5 days per week.  This product very synergistically works with all the other supplements recommended in STEP ONE and in STEP 2.

STEP 2 of your ACTION PLAN IF your symptoms are not gone after STEP ONE for 1 month

This is your step TWO in therapeutic treatment and need be increased as below if not progressively feeling ADEQUATELY more energetic and less fatigued after 1 month following STEP 1. It is now time to increase Thyroid Support to help provide additional therapy and to add RESVERATROL and MAX ONE IF you remain EXHAUSTED and there is a STEP 3 for this health SOLUTION.

Step 2 – Supplements



Please follow all product directions carefully.

THYROID SUPPORT – The thyroid produces hormones that control the way your body uses energy. Thyroid hormone is the gas for your body’s EVERY cell.  Your thyroid controls your metabolism, which is how your body turns food into energy, and also affects your heart, muscles, bones, brain and cholesterol. Thyroid Support promotes energy, endurance and assists in weight challenges by normalizing thyroid function.

In addition, THYROID SUPPORT also promotes energy, endurance and assists in weight challenges by normalizing low thyroid function. (see symptoms in Critical Info tab).

Instructions: Full instructions can be downloaded on the Thyroid Support product page. START with THYROID SUPPORT taking it  every OTHER day 1 pill in the AM on an empty stomach ideally for most complete absorption:

If you are most tired in the AM(morning) then take 1 in the AM with the ADRENAL LIFE FORCE. If your energy is good in the morning and you are most tired mid-afternoon, then take BY 2-3PM – 1 THYROID SUPPORT.

If after 1 week you feel better on the days you are taking the THYROID SUPPORT then you begin taking EVERY day.

If you REMAIN tired in the AM despite 1 THYROID SUPPORT and 3 ADRENAL LIFE FORCE for 1 month of taking, then add 2 THYROID SUPPORT in the AM as long as  you are sleeping well when taking this amount  and not irritable nor speedy. If you REMAIN tired in the mid-afternoon, DESPITE 1 THYROID SUPPORT and 2-3 ADRENAL LIFE FORCE after 1 month of taking, add 2 THYROID SUPPORT BY 3 PM as long as sleeping well and not irritable nor speedy. The MAXIMUM amount of THYROID SUPPORT that you can take is 2 AM and 2 mid­ afternoon as long as you are sleeping well and not irritable nor speedy. TOO much THYROID SUPPORT and you may be irritable, sweaty, speedy and not sleep well.

MAX ONE—this is a GREAT advancement for people who have genetic mutations such that their body is UNABLE to manufacture Glutathione the molecule that is the most important enzyme of detox in every cell of the body AND provides energy and well for every cell.  Also as we age we cannot produce Glutathione as previously so everyone should take and certainly anyone with energy deficiency but there is a priority to what produces energy so STEP one is what should FIRST be done as they are the foundational issues for producing ENERGY and detoxing the cells is CRITICAL

INSTRUCTIONS for use:  Start with 1 pill per day in the Morning and after 1 week if you need more energy in addition to all of the other supplements then take 1 pill twice a day.

RESVERATROL—you need to take the 250 mg per pill ALL TRANS chemical form of this for it to work adequately.  This supplement is critical for mitochondrial function in every cell and is known to be very anti inflammatory in every cell and helps metabolism be optimized and helps preserve longevity and health via youthful gene function.  It is well known to be beneficial for the brain and immune system and cardiovascular system and is very synergistically positive with all the other recommended supplement

Instructions for use:  take 1 pill every afternoon ideally after lunch or by 3-4 PM in the afternoon.



IF you do not have enough brain power and energy with all the above then you need to add:

PREGNENOLONE – plays a key role in hormonal balance as a key precursor to cortisol, DHEA and progesterone, and helps to maintain balance and preservation as a result of energy in the body’s stress response system. In addition, pregnenolone has been shown to support a balanced mood and promote cognitive health and body energy at the same time by modulating the transmission of messages between neurons, influencing learning and memory processes. Since there is strong evidence that pregnenolone levels diminish with advancing age, restoring these levels may also help support overall brain function and snappy response and memory and sense of well­ being. Pregnenolone has been entitled self discipline in a bottle as helps promote focus and brain energy with secondary feeling of body energy.

Instructions –Start with 10 mg per pill Pregnolone and take 1 pill first AM and after lunch by 3-5PM. This is a low dose so If you need more  power, focus and energy, then every 2 days increase 1 pill AM and PM to max dose of 5=50 mg once or twice a day.  Then you change to the 25mg/ pill pills and you take 2 pills once or twice a day.  You can take Pregnenolone only when you want to be energetic and have brain power and memory  as it only takes it 30 minutes to start working after you take.

It is pro-brain focus, brainpower, body energy and anti-ADD.  I use this in my practice as well for healthily treating ADD.

If you need more energy after all of the above and optimizing your dose then you need to have blood work for Homocysteine and cortisol and more and you need perhaps as well a Saliva test for DHEA and cortisol and neurotransmitters and hormones and you need an EAV test perhaps as well.

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