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Why You May Need An EAV Test


EAV = electroacupuncture (in addition to diagnostic tests)

Electroacupuncture by Voll (a very famous German physician) and is also known as electrodermal screening. This technology was originally developed by Dr. Rheinhold Voll after World War II and his, to this day, incomparable work attempting to most accurately diagnose WHY patients were suffering from symptoms and diseases, so he and his colleagues could ascertain how patients could be BEST treated, individually for THEIR symptom and disease cause, and cured. He worked closely with the equally famous Dr. Hans Reckeweg and his ground breaking homotoxicology research on how the body, all its organs individually and collectively, tissues and cells progress and demonstrate the symptoms from health to disease, in what order and effect on each other and what is ESSENTIAL to reverse the compromise, to expedite and assure the return to healthy functioning. (As an important education point, they, and over the years their students – and one who is a world authority on this technology – has been my mentor in teaching me the why and how to of EAV and additional better treatments of findings – along with many dentists who use the technology to help assure healthy dentistry- found that teeth pathology is one of the major causes of symptoms and medi- cal challenges – which is why we take your dental history).

Despite all the seemingly sophisticated technologies, diagnostics, treatments, blood tests and research in today’s world, this, of course updated, complex and extraordinary, unique technology, to this day, accurately secures other- wise unequalled information and insight for assessing and addressing extra and intra-cellular function and health-or its lack-toxin and toxic accumulation, bespoke comprehensive and progressive repair and solutions for symptom and disturbance resolution, as expeditiously as the body’s return to health mechanisms allow (homotoxicology), creating thus better health, beauty, quality longevity and hopefully greater happiness. This is an adjunctive meth- odology that allows me, I find continually since incorporating, to provide you better, faster, targeted, more total body symptom and cause resolution and a better insurance policy for prevention, reversal and health as well as beauty, more total body symptom and cause resolution and a better insurance policy for prevention, reversal and health as well as beauty-inside and OUT!


FIRST—safely, painlessly, completed in about one hour and requiring no special preparation. We will need access to your toes and fingers. Try to be well hydrated for ease of testing and no oils/lotions on the skin of the fingers and toes.

Electrodermal screening—just as in medi- cine we measure and record electrical energy/impulses via EKG, EEG, EMG – we are, with this technology, measuring the energy emitted by the cells and tissues in the organs of the body.  As different organs and their cells emit unique, known healthy and unhealthy level energy signals and this energy is essential for the organs and cells to signal and communicate with each other for healthy functioning, the technology detects and records the signals from the body as a whole and from each organ, thereby accurately and precisely defining performance individually and collectively.

EAV delineates further where you are vs. where you should be, why-meaning what family genetics, the environment, food, lifestyle, and life have altered, resulting in negatively impacting derangements, which may or may not yet be causing symp- toms or the symptoms have not been able to be correlated with the internal derangements, and guides synergistic solutions for reversal, symptom resolution, better prevention and slowing/turning back the clock externally AND internally.

Utilizing the Body’s Responses…

EAV#4EAV assesses differently that blood work or what other medical testing we utilize provides, the body’s response to and levels of what you are ingesting and absorbing, hormones, detects food, chemical, environmental sensitivities, heavy metal, toxic burdens and deficiencies including emotional and brain health challenges that impede your health, progress and quality longevity. If the cells of the body are not receiving, absorbing, cannot utilize the correct, therapeutic, missing amounts of raw materials they need from food, supplements and medication or are abnormally functioning, then therapies being administered are useless, harmful or inadequately working.

With the unique and essential information this technology provides, Dr. Hunter can better uncover, design and prescribe a comprehensive, physiologically correct repair and prevention assessment program/Action Plan for you INDIVIDUALLY for what YOUR body needs including for better achieving cosmetic goals-in EVERYONE. Also, uniquely this technology demonstrates progressively the ACTION PLAN for YOUR body that IS the journey from compromise to the best health I have found can be created along with all else that I utilize to uncover and prescribe.

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