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Evolve Technology


Evolve Tite – Evole Trim – Evolve Tone

Hands-Free for the Body Only – Skin Lifting/Tightening, Muscle Toning and Fat Burning/Contouring

Reverse Skin Laxity, Reshape, Tighten your Body Skin, Fat and Muscles on the Upper Chest, Abdomen, Back, Underarms, Arms, Hands, Hips, Buttocks, Thighs and Knees while you Relax!

No Pain, Downtime and FAST!  

EVOLVE TONE – Hands-Free Technology for the Body Only

REMARKABLE Muscle Toning AND Skin Lifting/Tightening without going to the Gym, but as if you were there for hours a day!

Please click on the image below for more information on Evolve Tone and Before and After images:

EVOLVE is THE strongest, MOST effective and results-producing, efficient, BEST use of time, money and trust, PAIN-LESS, non-invasive State of the Science solution, designed specifically to tighten loose, sagging body skin, muscles, and re-contour by destroying fat.  

Multiple body areas can be treated (without discomfort) simultaneously to shape, lift or tighten various parts of your body – with NO downtime!

This is the hands-free, faster state of the science BODY equivalent of FORMA, FORMA PLUS (skin tightening and contouring) and BODY FX (fat burning, tightening and contouring) with now an added passive muscle building and tightening component.  

Treatments can be customized to your specific areas that need to be addressed.

Each Body treatment requires 45 minutes to one hour and can be done at the same time that we are treating your face, eyelids, neck, head. Each treatment is very visibly effective and like all technology we do – 1 treatment, then we see if more treatments are needed to achieve your goals.

Remember – Diet, Exercise, INTERNAL and SKIN health are ESSENTIAL. You ALSO want to keep the Skin of the ENTIRE body, not just the face and neck tight, toned and looking the SAME age, never mind burn unwanted fat, where genetically it migrates and accumulates.  

 NOW with Evolve this is all much more affordable, faster and doable!  


  • Tightening after weight loss –  tighten and lift the entire body skin, rid more fat permanently, strengthen and tighten the muscles PASSIVELY!
  • Age-related Laxity on the Body, ARMS especially – we CAN help fight gravity and crinkling from hormone loss and weight loss and tighten and lift skin and muscles as much as possible in today’s world!
  • Reduce texture irregularities in lax, crepey skin. Smoother, tighter skin and more even toned.
  • Post pregnancies for tightening stretched skin of the entire body, including the abdomen, buttocks, hips, arms, thighs, chest with sagging breasts. If stretched skin will not tighten on its own, post pregnancies, you need BEST technology HELP! ALSO RIDS STRETCH MARKS!

SAFE, Painless and Excellent for ALL Skin Types, Colors/Pigments, Genders.

REMEMBER – EVOLVE is for the BODY ONLY and is synergistic and additive with CO2, BODY Peels, Accutite/Morpheus/Embrace for WHOLE BODY BEST RESULTS, when technology is the best tool needed for YOUR job, YOUR goals, and concerns.

The EVOLVE images below demonstrate how the technology works on multiple areas of the body. We as always customize your treatment to BEST and MOST quickly address your goals!

While you are having your treatment you can be napping, phoning, doing emails, tasks, watching videos. You have to be lying down on your back or stomach (if tightening back of the body).





Show me… Don’t tell me!

 The BEFORE AND AFTER images below (and in patients who are NOT using skin products, nor much else and NOT addressing themselves INTERNALLY) – demonstrate SIGNIFICANT Tightening, Lifting, Smoothing, Contouring of specific areas of the Body.

Below – Arms, and Abdomen Tightening –  1-3 treatments of each area

EVOLVE Technology turns back and slows down the clock – MORE SO and LONGER-LASTING if you are following your prescribed Action Plan Treatments and use your Skin Therapy Products, Body PEELS and skin care as instructed. 


Evolve Technology’s clinically proven radio- frequency technology stimulates collagen production from heating collagen (superficial and deep) to turn on stem cells and stimulate regeneration, new skin cells production and neo-collagenesis. The fat burning technology heats and breaks open the fat cells destroying them forever and the muscle tightening technology is LOW IMPACT, PASSIVE WEIGHT- LIFTING, without you doing the work!  

Evolve Tite – Evole Trim – Evolve Tone Brochures

Click on links below to read and download:

EvolveTite_Patient Brochure

EvolveTONE_Patient Brochure-1

EvolveTRIM_Patient Brochure


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