Melatonin Liposome Spray


Promotes sleep, helps jet lag and support for balancing Circadian Rhythms.

60 mL Tincture


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Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland during sleep and wanes in the morning, as bright light decreases its production. Its main role in the brain is to regulate sleep/wake cycles and circadian rhythms.

MELATONIN- Melatonin is the strongest antioxidant in the body thus helping against anti-aging, anti-brown spots on the skin, anti-symptoms of rosacea and all that antioxidants/anti-inflammatories participate in helping to treat and prevent in men and women.   Healthy Melatonin levels over the years have been the subject of helping to prevent breast cancer-see the instruction/information sheet on this page on how to take Melatonin.  It also helps promote better sleep in men and in women. Theoretically people less than age 35 should have healthy levels that their bodies produce in the Pineal gland, but if you have had head injuries, if you do not dream or have chronic illnesses/stresses then your body’s production may be less than optimal. Too much melatonin and generally you have vivid dreams and can be a bit groggy temporarily in the AM. Melatonin helps to prevent jet lag when traveling when you would take your usual dose the first 3 nights on arriving to your new destination then back on your usual schedule of use until you return then again take the first 3 nights then you return to your usual dose if not usually taking nightly.

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