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Gynostemma BioForce Becomes Cell Rehabilitation

The Science Behind WHY (after finishing your Cell Rehabilitation), you NEED to replace with Gynostemma Bioforce

90 capsules

Imperative – Read Directions: I recommend starting age 30 you take 1 pill per day, and after age 35-40, 1 pill twice a day. You can take on an empty stomach or with food, and at bedtime you could take 2, but ideally you take 1 twice a day if taking twice.
**It is known to thin the blood a bit as with fish oil, thus decreasing the risks of clots anywhere in the body, SO also before surgery you need to stop taking it one week before ideally, and pregnant women should not take as a precaution.

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Product Description

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Scientists for as MANY years as they could have access, have been researching and comparing the plant derived nutraceutical activities and advantages of Gynostemma vs. the Astragalus root of Cell Rehabilitation.
Gynostemma has historically had very limited availability, as its entire production was hoarded due to it being only allowed for use by the Japanese and Chinese royal and associated families, because it was considered their immortality herb. There was no substantiating research, except a thousand years of word of mouth from the one remote Chinese region where it could be grown high in the mountains (as is Astragalus Root of Cell Rehabilitation), and where the population was documented to live to be the oldest and HEALTHIEST in Asia.   
Astragalus Root was considered its equivalent by Asian oriental medicine practitioners, thus was first studied, but Gynostemma was unavailable to be studied. Now the world’s supply of real Astragalus root has been depleted and it cannot be cultivated.


Gynostemma scientific research has slowly become available and results vetted in multiplicity from substantial laboratories reveal why Gynostemma was entitled the immortality herb and seems superiorly physiologically to Astragalus root.
I only have access to original source Gynostemma via the formulator at the Physica company, who grew up in Asia and studied there all these ingredients, and due to his travels searching ingredients, has sourcing relationships all over the world for decades with THE growers and knew Gynostemma. It also cannot be cultivated, so we will use while we can obtain the only real sourcing.


There are over 100 naturally occurring primary actives in Gynostemma known as gypenosides and this much greater number of gypenosides vs. Astragalus root account for a more powerful, healthier regulatory support effect on blood pressure, heart, blood sugar, immune strength, memory, energy, stamina/endurance, cholesterol, triglycerides, liver, metabolism and TELOMERES!


  • It is called in oriental medicine a double direction nutraceutical meaning it is calming AND stimulating.
  • It is known to help regenerate dopaminergic brain production for increased tolerance and happiness.
  • It helps increase immunoglobulins production and function for immune strength, which decreases as we go down the path of life increasing the risk of disease and aging.
  • It helps decrease cholesterol and triglycerides, because it first helps regulate healthy liver function, increases metabolism and energy from increasing adrenal health as a stronger adaptogen, and increases testosterone for motivation and DHEA for anti-aging, immune strength, stress management and sexual, more youthful function and health in men and women.
  • It is a different than previously known and available chemical form of and more balanced effect on the entire body of ginseng for emotional balance, stamina, endurance. This also is what helps regulate, as well blood sugar levels.
  • It helps decrease inflammation and we wear out and die from inflammation over time, so another master therapy for combating.
  • It is full of Saponins, which bind in the gut to bile acids from the liver and gall bladder containing toxins, and is said to, by this effect to help decrease the risk of gastrointestinal cancers.
Gynostemma VERY importantly helps to activate AMPK protein kinase-a peptide messenger, found in every living cell of the body and is entitled the metabolic master switch. AMPK protein is the controller of a wide range of metabolic pathways which senses EVERY cell’s energy status at every moment and triggers responses that optimize each cell’s energy and work with the mitochondria and thyroid and COQ10.
AMPK Inefficiency contributes to the internal derangements of all cells/organs and systems of the body (think brain, skin/liver, gut/immune in particular) leading to the dysfunctions/diseases and symptoms of aging.
Gynostemma helps prevent telomere shortening and increase their restoration and stem cell preservation due to so strongly and superiorly, as it appears in laboratory testing vs. Astragalus root decreasing their aging effects. This translates to help slowing the aging rate and processes and preservation of function, youthful appearance and quality longevity.

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