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FAQ: Ask Dr. Hunter

1. What is Wholistic Dermatology?

2. Why are Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D. products different from everything else on the market?

3. What does chirally-correct mean?

4. What are the results you can expect?

5. Look for the alternative solution – what works and why…this vs. that!

1. What is Wholistic Dermatology?

Wholistic Dermatology addresses the skin and body as a whole, inside and out, utilizing best tools for the jobs to optimize anti-aging, health, beauty and disease prevention. It is all about treating the skin and body with maximal strength preventative, non-toxic, non-inflammatory skin and health products and supplements, healthy pharmaceuticals and bio-identical hormones, and the optimal treatments and technology for whole body health. This is the science behind healthy skin and body! My mission is preventing disease rather than just detecting it, slowing down the aging process rather than just submitting to it and treating the whole body rather than just the symptoms… as these are the MOST effective solutions for maximizing optimal skin and health care.

From HEALTH comes BEAUTY and my side effect of creating beauty is health. The skin is the window of what is going on internally, therefore without health, in my medical experience, EVERYTHING you do to promote and preserve beauty and skin problem solutions works 30-50% at best with lessened longevity of results. Our PROGRESSIVE METHODOLOGY provides a detailed road map for you to witness, step by step, the most visible results of restoring and replenishing the body’s resources to optimize health, happiness and longevity.

2. Why is Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D. different from everything else on the market?

Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D. are Physician-strength, chirally correct, non-toxic, non-inflammatory skin products formulated to provide MAXIMAL strength therapy and most visible results scientifically possible, to protect, prevent, correct, and repair pathologies, and restore and rejuvenate cosmetically in ALL skin types, colors and conditions.

The difference between Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D and other products on the market is the INGREDIENTS – the QUANTITY – not just a trace – rather the most effective amounts, the QUALITY – active, strong, pure and pharmaceutical grade and the FORMULATION – the ratio of chirally correct ingredients combined to target what the skin is lacking, needs and can recognize, to achieve change and the desired goals most expeditiously.

Based on science, not marketing, these products redefine and set the new gold standard for excellence in skin care and therapy.

3. What does chirally-correct mean?

Chirality or chemically correct has been mandated by the FDA for pharmaceuticals for many years. Drug companies continue to suffer the complications of incorrect chirality or chemically incorrect medications that subsequently have be withdrawn for their side effects. Skin care products, like all medications, need to be chemically correct for the proper fit onto the skin’s receptors -otherwise the products do nothing or increase aging and disease. Chirally-correct results in products that penetrate into the skin and skin cells, where ingredients must arrive in order to cause positive change, not harmful side effects.

Dr. Hunter uses chirally-correct products and peels on the skin and only prescribe correct internal supplements and safe, non-toxic bio-identical hormones. The skin cells and every cell of the body have hormone receptors. Hormone restoration and balance in safe, mimic nature dosing enhances cosmetic results and health maintenance.

4. What are the results you can expect?

The visible and perceived results achieved are to strengthen the skin’s natural, but weakened ability to function, repair itself and turn back and slow down as much as possible, and the physiological clock, to a more youthful, less diseased and compromised state of functioning.

From HEALTH comes beauty AND my side effect of creating beauty is HEALTH. Therefore you will see a difference in the functioning of all your organs – from your skin (the largest organ of the body) – to all the rest of your internals. Your overall health will improve including heart health, blood sugar, and all the adrenals and hormones will start to perform at a more youthful level. You may experience more energy, vitality and overall positive mental health and brain function. Addressing all these pieces of the body’s puzzle is the only way to achieve anti-aging, health, beauty and disease prevention.

5. Look for the alternative solution: what works and why…this vs. that!

Know your options! We are awash in a sea of skin care products, anti-aging technology, practitioners and supplements, and the over-abundance, compounded by marketing and advertising hype, is overwhelming. It is impossible not to get confused and misinformed by all the choices information. What works? How do I get the best value for my money? And most importantly – What are the best tools for the job?

To make the right choices, understand that Wholistic Dermatology is a science that combines human physiology, anatomy and chemistry of therapeutic concentration of skin products along with quality supplementation. Men, women, teens and children benefit equally… because it is a science. To address skin damage, the aging process, health and prevention, it is essential to target BOTH areas in a healthful approach by treatments internally as well as externally. As fitness, nutrients and eating well have always been the acclaimed program for a healthy and long life, this same gold standard holds true for skin care.

Our skin products, supplements, treatments and technology have no harmful, inflammatory chemicals. They do have the optimal therapeutic concentrations; treat the layers of the dermis effectively to provide maximal results. This is the only route to reverse damaged and aged skin, turn back the clock and slow down the ticking and restore good health.You have the opportunity to be beautiful, energetic, bright, fit, healthy and happy.

Discover all your options, make your decisions based on education, understanding and common sense– then you can achieve peace of mind and confidence that your are providing your skin and body with optimal health care.

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