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Morpheus Technology

Introducing Morpheus!

I am excited and delighted to announce our NEWEST, INNOVATIVE Technology –

the MOST Effective technology on the market today, to LIFT, TIGHTEN, and CONTOUR Skin Laxity on the Face and Body and helps RID FAT -ONLY  if and where NEEDED! 

This is the FUTURE of the NON-Surgical Face and Body Lift!

 This is the most powerful SYNERGISTIC therapy with CO2, Threads, Forma, Peels, Filler, Botox, Microcurrent and Facials for BEST RESULTS when technology is the best tool needed for YOUR job. 

 In one powerful treatment, Morpheus radio-frequency (RF) energy penetrates as DEEPLY as technologically possible into the skin to help OPTIMALLY REMODEL subdermal/subcutaneous fat for even significant cellulite and laxity, while maximally stimulating stem cells for collagen production, dermal and subdermal layers of the face, neck, and body to now be able to also BEST CONTOUR all areas.


Excellent for ALL Skin Types, Colors/Pigments, Genders. With Morpheus we can dial the depth of Treatment needed for BEST visible results for YOUR skin over the Entire body

WHY choose Morpheus?

Because Morpheus WHEN NEEDED for YOUR body challenges, uniquely provides the MOST RESULTS-PROVEN, NON-surgical entire FACE AND BODY LIFT Technology for neck, face, eyelids, brow, legs, arms, buttocks, hips, abdomen and back while RESHAPING and CONTOURING when and if needed.

 It is uniquely fast and downtime and discomfort are as minimized as scientifically possible. We normally only need to use topical numbing. 


You will also see a SIGNIFICANT improvement in the following skin and body challenges: 

  •    Active acne and acne scarring
  •    Brown/Age Spots on face, chest and hands
  •    Fine lines and wrinkles
  •    Crepiness
  •    Stretch marks
  •    Surgical scars
  •    Uneven skin tone and laxity
  •    Fat reduction if needed on knees, legs, arms, hips and abdomen

REMEMBER we always recommend and choose the therapy or therapies that provides BEST, most and FASTEST visible results with the least number of treatments and least financial outlay so we may recommend other tools first or instead, but now there is blessedly an improved technology that gives us unique and MAXIMAL strength options to BESPOKE treat OPTIMALLY for YOUR needs.

How does it work?

Fractional RF takes advantage of the healing power of healthy tissue around the treated zones by Thermal penetration which can be dialed in depth and strength to your skin’s needs which induces via stem cells, Neocollagenesis (creating more collagen). The result addresses Laxity, Wrinkles and cellulite/fat if needed, to counteract intrinsic aging and its resulting vexing symptoms.

This non-ablative dermal remodeling system tightens the soft tissue through nonsurgical coagulation of the superficial fat and simultaneously tightens, and smooths the overlying wrinkled loose skin. It is excellent for reducing overlying wrinkles, scars, aged, irregular texture, pores and especially stretch marks and acne scars.



Morpheus tightens the entire, deeper if needed, soft tissue connections and the entire skin itself, resulting in a significant soft tissue contraction and reduction in wrinkles and textural concerns, by creating new collagen and elastin. The strong RF energy emitted heats and tightens (and melts ONLY if needed the fat)  overlying skin resulting in more skin tightening and dermal remodeling.

Show me …Don’t tell me!

The BEFORE AND AFTER images (and in patients who are NOT using skin products nor much else and NOT addressing themselves INTERNALLY otherwise they should have BETTER results) below demonstrate SIGNIFICANT Tightening, Lifting, Smoothing, Diminished Pigmentation, and Fat Reduction/Contouring of the entire Face and Body.

 Below – Smile and Marionette Lines Diminished, Elevation of the Brow, Tightening of the Cheek, REMARKABLE Firming and Smoothing of Crepey Skin-they had various Morpheus energies chosen and in some, only portions of the areas pictured treated.

Morpheus Technology RESULTS can last several years if you diligently follow your internal Action Plan Treatments and using your Skin Therapy Products, PEELS and skin care as instructed.



 ALL Lasers and Treatments new to market I properly evaluate and compare the results. Many of these lasers are NOT the best science, NOT the best tool for the job and definitely NOT the best use of your time and money.  

Everything that I use, recommend and do NOT use is for a reason – what works best, fastest, most economically, is the BEST use of time AND monies, minimizes down time, is doable, and importantly  – achieves your goals and does not betray your hopes and dreams.  

I practice Medicine and Science – not Commerce!  



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