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Why Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D. Products

SKIN THERAPY BY JULIA T. HUNTER M.D. Show Me… Don’t Tell Me Skin Care Products


• Physician-strength

• Non-toxic, Non-inflammatory

• Scientifically and Chirally-correct ingredients

• Therapeutic and SCIENTIFICALLY-CORRECT for ALL skin types, genders, and skin of all colors

I saw from treating patients of all ages, skin colors, sexes and skin problems in my office, from my own and my staff’s skin, studying the results of patients treated by SO many others and observing skin everywhere I go throughout the world – that despite being awash in a sea of products, even in the medical professional marketplace, what remained missing and needed, was MAXIMAL therapy, NON- toxic, SCIENTIFICALLY CORRECT, BEST and QUICKEST VISIBLE AND PROBLEM SOLVING RESULTS skin products and peels- for men, women, teens and children that also could treat medical and cosmetic challenges at the same time and without needing so many different products . So I formulated these products, initially just for my patients then I was convinced and felt compelled to share with everyone, to provide THE most visible results scientifically possible, on the market today, to protect, rejuvenate, restore, treat skin pathologies NON-toxically, slow down and turn back the ticking of the clock in ALL skin types, sexes and colors.

CORRECT skin products and peels are the firm foundation of skin health and beauty. You want to spend your precious time and monies on what works, best AND is NON-toxic so does not create present or future visible and/or internal problems in the skin and body. The ingredients in all my products and peels are chiral, which means chemically correct, thus provides the BEST RESULTS, as all pharmaceuticals have been mandated by the FDA to be, meaning the body can recognize and utilize in a positive, not negative side effect producing way, and MOST importantly MAXIMALLY penetrate, to reach the most cells that need to be revitalized and repaired. They are non-inflammatory because inflammation is a major cause of disease and aging and you do NOT want to buy what adds to the inflammation that our toxic world, life, sun, stress, food and time result in and thwarts the goals you seek solutions for. Although they are formulated with POTENT ingredients in MAXIMAL concentrations and structure to achieve the results we all need and seek – they will not negatively irritate nor damage skin or body cells nor absorb toxicities into the body.

My goal is for us all to achieve THE MOST VISIBLE RESULTS that skin products and peels can provide, by MAXIMALLY empowering and enabling prevention and the skin’s natural yet weakened ability to repair itself to a less diseased and compromised state of functioning, so we can turn back and slow down the physiological clock and provide solutions for every type of skin problem, as much as scientifically possible and in a NON-toxic way. Addressing ALL the pieces of the body’s puzzle is the ONLY way to BEST achieve anti-aging, health, beauty and disease prevention.


Clinically proven, state of TODAY’S gold standard skin science, ultimate quality, quantity, formulation of cutting edge ingredients minimize skin problems, challenges and aging despite today’s world. Remarkable, unique ingredient penetration deeply into skin to maximize, prolong and expand skin youthful function, telomere, DNA and mitochondria health and revitalization in every skin type and age, further optimizing the synergistic, essential ingredients in each of the other Skin Therapy products. Previously unavailable skin stem cell, genes, fibroblasts, cell to cell communication, DNA/mitochondria cytostimulation and preservation, providing maximal, unprecedented show me don’t tell me visible results.


Achieve the maximal visible results possible from the use of this maximally potent formula, which provides collagen production and skin cell renewal (youthful tightening and thickening of the skin) increased clarity, help decrease appearance of brown pigment, symptoms of rosacea, sensitive skin, blemishes and their scarring, undesired veins, ingrown beard hair occurrence, and abnormal skin cells’ exfoliation.


Formulated to help provide the most intensified therapy to achieve optimal skin health, repair and renewal. The chirality, quality, chemistry and quantity of ingredients provide maximal obtainable results to help firm, lift, clarify, smooth, clear, protect, prevent, and correct and anti-age. This serum helps supply and support the mitochondria – the power plant of cells, collagen and all skin com- ponent production. Its ingredients help benefit rosacea skin, repair blemishes, problem skin, glycation caused wrinkles, pigment, en- larged pores and scarring. It is the first step to help restore and renew, calm, plump, firm and the foundation of your skin health and beauty home.


Provides the MAXIMAL strength therapy and visible results, scientifically possible, to help correctly clean the skin and pores of dirt and makeup. Fragrance-free, paraben and toxin/inflammation-free, sulfate-free deep cleanser gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, yet due to its unique ingredients and formulation, perfectly able to deep clean oily, acneic pores without drying, irritation, inflam- mation nor stripping of the protective acid mantle.


Maximal strength L-hyaluronic acid, the production of which diminishes with age, weakened health and hormones so WRINKLE FILLER helps replenish the body’s production in the skin and entire body. Application on the skin can help replenish this imperative ingredient keeping the skin plump and hydrated thereby decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, crinkles and lines, as hyaluronic acid has the ability to hold and prevent loss of water for a much longer period of time than any other humectant. It also serves to help keep the skin soft, supple, enhance nutrient distribution to and toxin removal from skin cells, increase skin collagen, elastin production and supports immune function.


CORRECT, non-inflammatory, proper strength, chemical peel exfoliation of the ENTIRE body skin is an ESSENTIAL piece of the prevention, treatment, rejuvenation, restoration puzzle and battle. Correct exfoliation results in skin that is tighter with less wrinkles, crinkles, cellulite, undesired pigment, growths, lines, helps promote smaller pores, reduced scarring and abnormal cells, more clarity and beauty, as skin is stimulated to work at a more youthful level of functioning. This CORRECT, therapeutic exfoliation is an alternative to ablative lasers and is often necessary to help prevent the formation and to treat, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads.


The Aborigines taught and my medical practice confirms Emu Oil’s superlative chemistry to penetrate the skin for maximal moisturizing, skin soothing, calming and restoring. I choose THIS Emu Oil specifically for its incomparable capabilities to help symptoms of dry, damaged entire body skin, lips, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, irritated skin, fine lines, aging damage, irritation, redness, blistering from shingles and rashes, scarring, stretch mark minimizing, burns, sunburn, cuts and abrasions.


The array of raw materials in MAXIMAL amounts, help to provide the entire skin and mitochondria what is NEEDED to function, perform and restore MOST energetically and youthfully, optimizing the skin’s appearance and condition as you sleep, when the skin BEST builds and repairs. Enriched with uniquely, intensely moisturizing ingredients, YET desirable for ALL-even oily, acneic- skin types and conditions to maximize moisture levels and skin respiration. The synergistic, powerful ingredients increase oxygen in the skin, which help to produce remarkable visible clarity, clearing, revitalization, resolution of skin conditions and help prevent skin challenges.


Non-greasy, therapeutic moisturizer for EVERY SKIN TYPE, CONDITION (treats acne) and COLOR – the ONLY sun protection that does not turn dark skin gray! Healthy SPF 30 broad spectrum, shielding against the sun’s inflammation. CELLULAR RESTORATION – Mitochondria and its DNA are the power plants for directing all cellular energy and cell cycles, therefore need maximal and layered protection and repair of the telomeres and DNA, which UV, stress, foods, toxins, aging hormone levels cause. Containing Zinc Oxide for UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection, it helps calm irritated skin and conditions, red algae and ergothioneine to UNIQUELY help defend and support cellular mitochondrial DNA.


Derived from an encapsulated, pure stable form of retinol, this skin-perfecting ingredient helps strengthen the skin cells by participating in the stimulation of collagen and all skin components, for lifting, tightening, pigment, pore, acne, pathology resolution, rejuvenation, restoration. Vitamin A also has an important role in the immune system and increasing the production of human growth hormone, which has anti-aging properties.Containing Zinc Oxide for UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection, it helps calm irritated skin and conditions, red algae and ergothioneine to UNIQUELY help defend and support cellular mitochondrial DNA.


ANTI-AGING, EXFOLIATING MASK, BLEMISH, PORE, ROSACEA, PIGMENTATION, WRINKLE REPAIR & CONTROL. Provides the most CORRECT, non-inflammatory, necessary and physician strength to help clear blemishes, blackheads, comedones, pustules, reduce discoloration and pigmentation, repair/improve fine lines, wrinkles, skin dullness, enlarged pores, laxity, hypersensitivity, rosacea, m e l a s m a, scarring redness, while helping to instill the maximally needed gamut of nutrient and antioxidant restoration and protection to help accomplish these goals. along with the other synergistic SKIN THERAPY products and recommended supplement therapies- best prevention, anti-aging, rejuvenation, repairing, correcting and restoration of healthy, youthful functioning and appearing skin of the entire body.


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