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Skin Cancer Risk Prevention

FIRST PREVENT!!! This starts as soon as possible!

Virtually all skin cancers can be VERY MUCH prevented by limiting exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, by being healthy internally from what you eat, exercising as instructed on the site, taking VITAMIN D (SOLRAY D is the liquid form with all the good VITAMIN K chemical forms for other reasons) particularly, along with antioxidants-all as instructed on the website, hormone attention- if/when needed determined by symptoms (the symptoms sheets are under Critical Information on the site), stress and emotional trauma management-think adrenal gland health-(see low adrenal gland symptoms).

Minimize your skin (includes hair) and body exposure to toxic, inflammatory chemicals and electromagnetic energies (from all the devices, lights etc we are exposed to continually–and rid all as much as possible intermittently as they all accumulate.

These are the ESSENTIAL, INTERNAL foundational, preventive strategies and your entire health and quality longevity will be more insured by doing so.


EXTERNAL STRATEGIES—FIRST you do not have to avoid enjoying the sun, but you have to understand that in today’s world with less ozone and all of us being more inflamed internally, you have to be MUCH more preventive starting with trying HARD to never get sunburned and PLEASE do NOT sunbathe (as it DOES come back to haunt you with UNDESIRED symptoms and aging in the near future in EVERYONE), wearing NONTOXIC SUN PROTECTION religiously all over your body as sun penetrates clothing AND ultraviolet is reflected from water, sun, buildings along now with infrared to compound the damage it causes, never mind it is stronger due to less ozone, and pollution and toxicity further compound the resulting damage. Sun protective clothing, hats, antioxidants internally AND externally, CALM AND REPAIR SUN PROTECTION all over your body with Zinc and in my opinion NOT titanium and none of the chemical blocks because of the risks.

Skin Products



Follow all product directions carefully.

Morning Products:

CLEANSER – Provides the MAXIMAL strength therapy and visible results, scientifically possible, to help correctly and deeply clean the skin and pores of EVERY skin type, color and sex, of dirt and makeup.

Instructions: 1-2 pumps in palm. Apply thin film on face, neck, chest (entire body if desired). Use in the AM and/or  PM.  Add several  drops  of  water  to  lather.  Ideally  leave  on   1-5  minutes to deeply clean pores.  Removes  makeup.  VERY  sensitive  skin, mix in 2-4 drops of EMU O IL in palm for   I month.

SERUM  –  Formulated to help provide the most intensified therapy to achieve optimal skin health, repair and renewal. The chirality, quality, chemistry and quantity of ingredients provide maximal obtainable results to help firm, lift, clarify, smooth, clear, protect, prevent, correct and anti-age. This serum helps supply and support the mitochondria – the power plant of cells, collagen and all skin component production.

Instructions: 2-3 pumps for entire face, eyelids, neck, chest. AM and/or PM. Can mix in palm with all products except CLEANSER & PEEL Can use on body.

CALM AND REPAIR – Maximal strength, multi-layered defense and repair environmental shield, and for broad spectrum SPF 30, all medical skin conditions therapy,  for  skin of EVERY color and type

Instructions : Apply to skin daily over AM products and before makeup for ultimate environmental protection. Can mix with Wrinkle Filler or Emu Oil. For best environment/UV protection, reapply every 2 hours, and can be used as a water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating. Sun increases skin cancer risk, skin aging. To help decrease risks and symptoms use this broad spectrum SPF 30, wear sun protective clothing/ sunglasses.

WRINKLE FILLER – is an unequalled topical strength Hyaluronic Acid, which is found in injectable fillers. This is a stronger formulation of the previous HYDRATION.

Instructions: A tip of fingertip size amount is enough for the face, eyelids, neck and chest. (Add in 2 drops of water for more spread volume). Can mix with all products ex­ cept CLEANSER & PEEL. Use on every part of the body.

EMU OIL/EMU DERMYL: The Aborigines taught and my medical practice again confirms Emu Oil’s superlative chemistry to penetrate the skin, therefore, its BEST of all known choices, immediate moisturizing, skin soothing, calming and restoring characteristics. Combined with Neodermyl® its therapies and visible results are incomparable!

Instructions: Shake WELL especially when cold. Use 1-6 drops or more, as needed and absorbed, for face, eyelids, neck and chest. Use on entire body. Can mix with all Skin Therapy skin products except Peels and Exfoliants and mix with body lotion for optimizing visible results.

Evening Products:

NIGHT REGENERATION – The array of raw materials in MAXIMAL amounts, help to provide the entire skin and mitochondria what is NEEDED to function, perform and restore MOST energetically and youthfully. Enriched with uniquely, intensely moisturizing ingredients, YET desirable for ALL-even oily, acneic- skin types and conditions to maximize moisture levels uniquely and skin respiration. The synergistic, powerful ingredients increase oxygen in the skin, which help to produce remarkable visible clarity, clearing, revitalization, resolution of skin conditions and help prevent skin challenges.

Instructions: PM only after cleansing, a thin film over face, eyes, neck, chest, hands and  arms.  After  one  minute  can place NIGHT REGENERATION OVER PEEL May mix with all products except CLEANSER & PEEL. Use nightly. Can use on entire body. Place Retin A, non-toxic cream bio- identical hormones  OVER  evening products.



lfur vaporizes at 270 F. However, heating the water in a microwave is a good way to remove chlorine.

Please follow all directions on product pages carefully.

Please begin with with following products:


Vitamin D3 –  WELL documented to help support the decreased risk of many types of cancer, enhance immunity, thyroid and entire body’s cell health and beauty. For optimum results, it is recommended to take 1 bottle of Vitamin D3 and then alternate with 1 bottle of Solray-D Liposome Spray.

Instructions: 5,000 IU/pill Directions –Take 1 pill per day if over 120 pounds (54kg). If 80-120 lbs. 1 pill every other day. If smaller, see your doctor. Children usually take 500-2000mg. per day. Ask your Pediatrician. If you have blood work drawn (at every age), always get a Vitamin D3 blood level test.

Omega Gold – Helps reduce inflammation, high lipids, moisturizes and anti-aging.

Instructions: 2-6 per day depending on the degree of problems you are experiencing and age. Up to age 40 recommended for general well-being 2 pills per day or 3-4 (ideally 2 twice a day AM and anytime PM) if more significant challenges. 4-6 pills per day age 40 and older and if more substantial challenges.

Organic Sulfur –  Helps to promote optimizing youthful organ function, thyroid and immune function, energy, clearer thinking, detox, liver cleansing, internal fungal overgrowth, increased sense of well-being, improve skin tone, clarity, anti-aging, texture, pigment and color, the reduction of skin wrinkles and acne facial scars.

Instructions: Sulfur should always be taken 30 minutes before any prescription medications or nutraceutical products including vitamins. You will start with ½ teaspoon once a day for 5 days, then 1 teaspoon once a day for 5 days, then 1 tablespoon once a day. Some people have reported detox symptoms initially. If this occurs  decrease to the lower dose for a week before increasing again. Dissolve the crystals in a small amount (4 oz) of warm or hot NON-chlorinated water (best to use bottled/spring water) followed by a full glass (8 -10 oz) of water. If a microwave is used to heat the water, do NOT add the sulfur until AFTER the water is heated. Microwaves use temperatures above 400 F and sulfur vaporizes at 270 F. However, heating the water in a microwave is a good way to remove chlorine.


This is your step TWO in therapeutic treatment and will be increased as below if not progressively clearing completely over 3 months and remember it takes the body one month just to begin responding to giving it what it needs, is missing and wants then another month to begin to see more resolution then another 3 months to progressively clear.


Skin Products



Please use all products carefully as directed on product pages.


Morning Products:

VITAMIN C PLUS – Chiral 95% L-ascorbic acid with strengthening synergistic vitamins C, E, B, A, amino acids, minerals and omegas to help quickly and maximally relieve symptoms of inflammation and generate maximal healthy cell renewal production. Achieve the maximal visible results possible from the use of this maximally potent formula, which optimizes collagen production and skin cell renewal (youthful tightening and thickening of the skin) increases maximally- clarity, helps decrease appearance of brown pigment, symptoms of rosacea, sensitive skin, blemishes and their scarring, undesired veins, ingrown beard hair occurrence, and abnormal skin cells’ exfoliation.

Instructions: Mix top of fingertip-size amount in palm with 2 drops of water, SERUM, CELL OPTIMIZER, WRINKLE   FILLER,   and/or   EMU   OIL   in   AM. CALM AND REPAIR placed OVER. Use once per day, twice a day if needed for skin conditions, on face, neck, eyelids, chest, body. Can mix in PM with PEEL,  NIGHT    REGENERATION,  VITAMIN  A  PLUS, EMU OIL  or  WRINKLE FILLER, CELL OPTIMIZER if used in PM.

Evening Products:

CELL OPTIMIZER – Clinically proven, state of TODAY’S Gold Standard skin science, ultimate quality,  quantity,  and  formulation  of  cutting edge ingredients, providing maximal, UNPRECEDENTED show me… don’t tell me visible results. Optimizes quickly and very visibly the synergistic, essential ingredients in each of the other Skin Therapy products with no redundancy.

Instructions: A small fingertip size amount daily AM or twice daily for entire face, neck, chest, hands, body skin. AM/PM – mix in palm with all products except CLEANSER & PEEL.



Please follow all product directions carefully.

Please add the following products as directed:


BIO CIRCUMIN – Also known as turmeric. Helps balance natural inflammation and helps alleviate normal, aging-related aches and pains. It is a molecular complex of turmeric root extract and phosphatidylcholine [soy].
Instructions: 1 twice a day until resolved then 1 per day.

Instructions: 1-2 tsp, 1-3 times daily in water.

Gamma E Complex – Helps to provide support for cardiovascular health, as well as protection for the health of the prostate and the colon.

Instructions: Take 1 pill per day ideally anytime at least 6 days per week.

R-LIPOIC ACID – Strong anti-inflammatory, helps stabilize blood sugar, anti-aging ability, supports liver cleansing and weight loss.

Instructions: 2 pills in AM with food.

Alkalize-C – Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that can only be obtained through diet. It is a powerful antioxidant, required for at least 300 metabolic functions in the body.

Instructions: 1-2 tsp, 1-3 times daily in water.

CoQ10 Liposome – CoQ10 enhances immunity and protects against conditions related to aging,   is found in every cell and tissue in the body. It is a powerful antioxidant, protecting cells from oxidative damage and enhancing the antioxidant effects of vitamin E.

CoQ10 plays an important role in mitochondrial energy production via the electron transport chain and increases oxygen to the cells. Heart and muscle cells, which require large amounts of energy, are the most greatly affected by the levels of CoQ10 in the body which can manifest as muscle aches, pains and weakness.

Instructions: 2 dropperful or 45 drops, once or twice a day anytime, but ideally in the AM. Swish around in mouth for 1 minute, then swallow.

The result of ignoring the realities and increased challenges of today’s more toxic world is melanomas are more likely and earlier seen/diagnosed and skin cancers of all sorts which threaten your life, you become increasingly scarred from biopsies and excisions, you age much more quickly internally and externally so you look older, you FEEL older and your disease risk is increased internally as well and you experience earlier brown spots, melasma, enlarged pores, rosacea, photodamage and more. An ounce of prevention is worth a LIFETIME of cure. Preventing is MUCH easier and doable than REVERSING!

ALSO IMPERATIVE and NEXT MOST IMPORTANT for preventing and reversing is keeping your skin healthily and CORRECTLY EXFOLIATED but NOT inflamed as many methods cause. Skin, that does not become stagnant in its functioning and is healthily stimulated to work at a more youthful level- INTERNALLY- by providing it with the building blocks it needs to make healthy new skin as above- and EXTERNALLY– by MAXIMAL STRENGTH, NONTOXIC skin products that OPTIMIZE new skin production and CORRECT exfoliation, is more likely to rid abnormal cells than allow them to accumulate by stagnation into a collection of abnormal cells/skin cancer AND is more likely to bring a skin cancer, if already present, to the surface faster, to be recognized and treated earlier which is ALWAYS BEST and SAFEST.

Mole checks are another ESSENTIAL preventive method, first by you at every age- paying attention to suspicious and any changes in your skin, including moles and skin growths of every color and type, then to the attention of and by your skin health professional- yearly or more often if prescribed- due to questionable skin growths . If recognized early (learn the ABC’s of recognizing skin cancers), most skin cancers can be successfully treated but…

PREVENTION IS BETTER/HEALTHIER and DOABLE. PREVENTION is another habit that you WANT to cultivate as it will serve you well in EVERYTHING in life-health, beauty, greater happiness, success, quality longevity.

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