Thyroid Support


Promotes energy, endurance and assists in weight challenges by normalizing thyroid function.

60 capsules

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Product Description

THYROID is the master gland, which governs healthy and youthful functioning of every cell, organ and gland of your body. As much as scientifically possible, supporting brainpower, anti-aging, skin component production with the resultant – lifting, tightening and rejuvenation, helping create a robust immune system, helping to minimalize disease risk and the degenerative effects of aging. It promotes energy, endurance and assists in weight challenges, normalizing thyroid function.

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Thyroid Support is pure thyroid tissue concentrates for the allergic or hypersensitive patient and has no additives. It contains only pure, lyophilized New Zealand tissue concentrates- free from colors, flavors, preservatives, fillers or excipients of any kind.

We prescribe supplements individualized to what your body needs and is missing in today’s stressful, toxic world, where you cannot eat enough to get what you need for promoting health, never mind beauty and the soil is known to be depleted due to factory farming for MANY years. The supplements we use are ones that the raw materials that comprise them are tested for purity, lack of contaminants and that they are what they say they are and are manufactured to be highest quality, pure and most bio-available for maximal therapeutic value. Supplements are imperative factors in helping to prevent, support, optimize, synergize and restore all your body’s organs, functions, systems, brain function, energy, slow down the clock and turn back the clock as much as correctly scientifically possible with today’s knowledge and we continually upgrade with new substantiated science. As the body ages, it requires additional and specifically targeted supplementation for your needs and symptoms and to support all organs and youthful cell production and in today’s high stress, hard work and long hour environment. Replenishing, supporting and supplying the body with the correct vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, detoxificants, synergistic internals it requires, in bio-available formulas for maximum absorption, will help to reduce skin and body aging, hormone, brain function and energy depletion, and help decrease the risk of disease, genetic challenges and skin pathologies.

Despite our attempts at trying to eat healthfully and organically and avoid toxins, we simply cannot get all the nutrients needed or acquire enough internal protection through the foods we eat. It is vital to add targeted, scientifically correct supplementation and antioxidants to maximize, complement and sustain our defenses, so our bodies, immune system, health – internal and external – are supported and defended at all times.
Research-based science, correct formulation of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, synergistic internals, glandulars and detoxificants, combined with a healthy diet and exercise individualized for you, is imperative for the body to respond and produce health, beauty and promote happiness. We guide and help provide the scientifically correct, healthful balance in life – physically and psychologically, for helping to promote health, beauty, anti-aging, rejuvenation, repair, restoration, prevention, turning back and slowing down the ticking of the biological clock.

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