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Powerful Antioxidant Protection. Essential for Immunity and Virus Protection! Replaces Glutathione Liposome – as it is easier and more pleasant to take – just as effective!

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Benefits of Optimized Glutathione in Lozenge Form

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Product Description

IMPERATIVE! Please follow directions below and Click here for Benefits of Optimized Glutathione in Lozenge Form

Directions: Suck or Chew 1 Lozenge once or twice a day or as directed by a Health Practitioner.

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WHY Glutathione Lozenges..

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and detoxificant that can help with support of the entire immune system against toxins, and free radicals. Available as a chewable/suckable lozenge, this patented product interferes with the penetration of the viral and influenza virus into the mucosal cells, providing a shielding adjunct in the prevention of viral and influenza infection, and helping ameliorate the symptoms and duration of illness.

Working topically, the glutathione based composition prevents the virus from penetrating mucosal cells and thereby keeps the virus from multiplying as virus usually does in living cells. Absorbed systemically through the buccal mucosa cells, the synergistic antioxidant composition boosts the body’s immunologic defenses to viral infections.

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