Glutathione Liposome


Powerful Antioxidant Protection. Reduced L-Glutathione helps to remove soy proteins and other soy components.

4 fluid oz (120 mL)


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Product Description

IMPERATIVE! Please follow directions below:

Directions: After brushing teeth ONCE a day for 2 bottles place ½ teaspoon ON tongue. SWISH all around gums, mouth for 1 minute the swallow. Use every to every other day for prevention-including gum health, liver, antiaging, skin beauty help ongoing ideally.  Use if drinking alcohol. Can mix a small pea size amount into SKIN THERAPY EVENING skin products for more glutathione advantages.

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Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and detoxificant that can help with support of the entire immune system against toxins, and free radicals.

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