Optimized EDTA Chelator


OPTIMIZED EDTA Chelator helps to remove heavy metals from your body such as aluminum, lead, mercury from your body and brain.

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IMPERATIVE! Please review directions below.

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Product Description

Directions: Beginning age 20 – 1 pill per day, then increase to 1 pill twice a day beginning age 30 and then 3 pills per day starting age 40. IF you have had much dental work or have a family history of cardiovascular disease and cancer, I would recommend starting with OPTIMIZED EDTA CHELATOR, 1 pill twice a day beginning age 20 and increase at age 30.

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WHY Our New OPTIMIZED EDTA CHELATOR Product…MY CONCERN about Heavy Metal Toxicity!

Heavy Metals Toxicity, in particular, the worst and most common, are lead and mercury poisoning, but there are many heavy metals additionally, which also are quite toxic for our bodies and brain, such as aluminum, palladium, Cadmium, Arsenic and MORE.

This is a worldwide epidemic in all ages, that is increasingly another major contributing cause of increased aging, difficulty losing weight including in children, low thyroid, skin rashes and visible issues, such as melasma, acne, melanoma, and risk of Alzheimer’s, decreased IQ, arthritis, autoimmune and compromised immune and organ functioning, osteoporosis, cancers, and cardiovascular diseases, including arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Heavy Metal Toxicity contributes to major medical challenges we want to do our best to AVOID and PREVENT!

We often recommend at WHOLISTIC DERMATOLOGY, when you have medical issues and preventatively, that you have heavy metal testing, which is a urine test.

We are searching always for the cause of issues, to see if you are toxic with heavy metals, and URINE heavy metal testing is the gold standard testing as blood testing is a hint but does not tell us how loaded with heavy metals your body is, because your body tries to continually remove heavy metals from the blood as quickly as possible and pack them away into your fat and organs to try to decrease the toxic effect on the arteries and brain.

You need to ever try to decrease heavy metal accumulation in your body forever nowadays, as they are increasingly accumulating even in unborn babies from the Mother having high levels.

They permeate us from pollution, airplane exhaust and chemicals in dental work and materials, soil, food, the air, cookware, in skin products which absorb into your skin, from pharmaceuticals and vaccinations and sushi and fish, and even in LIPSTICK and makeup (full of aluminum, mercury, tin, cadmium, lead, arsenic, nickel, never mind the hormone, thyroid disrupting, allergenic and carcinogenic other chemicals).

HOW to Treat Heavy Metal Toxicity…

In order to begin to help you treat – you EAT cilantro (coriander), parsley, raw garlic-ideally 2 cloves per day and onions (you have to take both with food and if you cannot tolerate so that garlic makes you feel ill then this is another test result that you are full of heavy metals), the more raw the better), darker green lettuces and you eat broccoli and bok choy, etc.

You also can take Chorella powder or pills. Higher doses (2-4000 mg or more per day) of Vitamin C- (CAMU CAMU) helps significantly, as well as Zinc 50 mg 3-4 times a week, and multi-minerals from green vegetables and green powders.

You CANNOT be constipated to be able to rid heavy metals from the body, as heavy metals dump into the bowel movements from the blood and lymph, so you need to have a bowel movement at LEAST once a day, ideally twice, so try to drink 1-2 liters of water per day (8 glasses) and eat plenty of green vegetables to help this happen.

To help you further remove the heavy metals from the blood and move them into the gut, keep your gut healthy and if you have gas, bloating, constipation, or food which sits in your stomach and does not easily digest, then FIRST get your gut healthy-refer to the website – JULIATHUNTERMD.COM, on Glutamine, GALT, Optimized Probiotics, Optimized HCL for treating gut symptoms and Eat Right for your Blood Type.

What I have found from years of clinical practice and looking at urine heavy metal test results every few years from the same patients is that the foods and taking Chlorella help to an extent but are not nearly effective and successful enough to help PREVENT the diseases and decreased function of the body and aging, loss of brain and immune function from Heavy Metal Toxicities.

OPTIMIZED EDTA CHELATOR- Strongest, Most Effective Heavy Metal Treatment!

To help more successfully and quickly rid the Heavy Metals, particularly LEAD and Mercury, which are the GREATEST offenders in contributing to the risk of worst diseases, suffering and death, and Cadmium and the overload of iron and calcium in the body and arteries (and higher levels of iron in the body indicate you have heavy metal overload as well, which is why you should ALWAYS have your iron levels done when your blood is drawn along ALWAYS with your Vitamin D levels).

You SHOULD FOREVER since Heavy Metals are not going to disappear from the soil and food in our lifetimes, take a CORRECTLY formulated ORAL EDTA product in the CORRECT dosage and ratio of ingredients that are proven to help remove all these heavy metals.

It is ESSENTIAL that the oral EDTA be calcium EDTA, combined with Methionine, Garlic, Malic Acid and Glycine in the CORRECT amounts and ratios in order for the EDTA to proven effectively move the heavy metals out of the body and not have the heavy metals move instead from the cells into the blood and go into another organ system of the body such as the brain!

I have worked hard to formulate this ORAL OPTIMIZED EDTA CHELATOR product over the last few years, because it brings for the first time in one product a UNIQUE, previously nonexistent SOLUTION with all the MEDICALLY PROVEN, ESSENTIAL ingredients to BEST WORK, with the support and guidance of the well-known Physician experts and pioneers in heavy metal chelation medicine who have done all the research over the years with patients.

They all began with IV Chelation when that was all that was available as a tool to help patients treat their diseases and suffering and found continually that oral chelation was the NEEDED solution as chelation is necessary DAILY in our toxic world due to the continual re-accumulation of heavy metals into patients.

IV chelation is no longer the best preventive solution that patients worldwide of so many ages require to rid and control Heavy metal TOXICITY.

I ENERGETICALLY encourage you to incorporate this OPTIMIZED EDTA CHELATOR as daily as possible into YOUR ARMAMENTARIUM OF SOLUTIONS to prevent, beginning age 20 – 1 pill per day, then increase to 1 pill twice a day beginning age 30 and then 3 pills per day starting age 40.

IF you have had much dental work or have a family history of cardiovascular disease and cancer, I would recommend starting with OPTIMIZED EDTA CHELATOR, 1 pill twice a day beginning age 20 and increase at age 30.

I take all to protect my arteries, heart, brain, immune, bones, skin and I implore you to do the same.

It is NOT easy to stay healthy in today’s world and to slow aging, preserve function and prevent disease and yes it does require many treatment modalities.

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