Skin Products: CLEANSER, SERUM, SPF 30 SUN PROTECTION & REPAIR, NIGHT REGENERATION, EMU (if your skin is dry and you need moisture)

Next step-after using this ACTION PLAN for 3 full weeks I recommend then adding VITAMIN C PLUS once a day in the AM- mixed with SERUM and EMU (if using for dry skin) or just with water or mixing in WRINKLE FILLER with the Serum (and EMU if using) in the AM for more moisture with SERUM  but no oil needed so add HYDRATION instead of EMU if your skin is dry on just the surface but oily underneath the dry surface.  Use the Vitamin C Plus ONCE a day for 3 full weeks then begin to add it twice a day- at night with NIGHT REGENERATION and EMU (if using) as this will advance decreasing the red and irritated skin of rosacea and pore size and the skin continues to improve over time as well.  Use Vitamin C Plus twice a day for 2 months then return to just once a day in the AM ONLY.  After using VITAMIN C PLUS daily for 1 month then begin adding VITAMIN A PLUS at night (increase per instruction sheet on how to begin and increase use progressively) to again further help advance decreasing the symptoms of Rosacea.  After using VITAMIN A PLUS for 1 month with no irritation then add PEEL to further increase symptom resolution and follow instructions for PEEL use on how to start and advance.  2-3 months after starting PEEL ideally you have a RETINOL RESTORATION professional peel from a professional near you who uses my Maximal Therapy products.  IF there is no one near you then call my office or one of a professional near you and ask for REPAIRING EXFOLIANT and add this additional therapy if approved by the professional.

Supplements: Vitamin D3, Omega Gold, Organic Sulfur, Flora Syntropy, GALT FORTIFIER

You start with these for 2 months and if you have any symptoms of gas, bloating, acid indigestion, constipation that persists you add GLUTAMINE and HYPOZYMASE.  If you are/remain cold and tired after 6 weeks on the first remedies then you add LICRO INTRINSIC for your adrenal glands and THYROID LIFE FORCE to help your thyroid work better.


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If you get redness, have a tangle of tiny veins or bigger red ones that you see on the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, neck and chest, especially when drinking alcohol, being nervous, embarrassed, sweating, exercising, having hot flushes, eating spicy foods, it is most probably Rosacea. These flare-ups typically become bothersome any time after or around age thirty and increase once begun but Rosacea can start in childhood if you have significant food allergies/sensitivities especially to gluten. Rosacea must be treated both internally and externally for optimal treatment to prevent progression and for resolution of symptoms because Rosacea is caused by INTERNAL problems including low thyroid but if you are using very inflammatory ingredient products and procedures (I do NOT recommend microdermabrasion as it often contributes to rosacea production over time in my experience) then that can begin or exacerbate it as well.  IF you do NOT treat  the cause INTERNALLY then you will just treat the symptoms in perpetuity and never really decrease the symptoms which you want to rid. Some people are VERY sensitive genetically to foods and ingredients and internal physiological deficiencies so they tend to struggle with Rosacea more forever but still you HAVE to treat internally AND externally otherwise it just gets worse and worse over time.  With Rosacea as it exacerbates, you can also experience tiny pimples on top of the redness and veins which flares and gets better, known as acne rosacea due to the inflammation that rosacea causes in the skin over time. You can also have either drier skin or oilier skin and over time increasingly enlarged pores in the skin over the rosacea again due to the inflammation of the rosacea skin. 

Large red noses called Rhinophyma are caused by rosacea and the internal inflammation causing it.  Drinking alcohol just dilates the tiny veins and exacerbates it temporarily.  The cause of rosacea is internal so you HAVE to treat internally but you also HAVE to treat the inflamed skin from the surface to resolve better and faster. 

Rosacea is abnormal blood vessels in all layers of the skin, which are enhanced in growth by inflammation in the body and skin, as a result frequently and generally of low thyroid, fungal overgrowth internally, chronic sun overexposure and in some just exposure day in and day out and one of the most important causes-gut inflammation- due mostly to eating WRONG for your blood type and/or lacking hydrochloric acid in your stomach but infection and infrequent causes can contribute and be culprits as well. Failure to address the causes and correctly treat Rosacea can result, in some people, in bumps and pimples from a collection of blood vessels, and the nose may grow swollen and bumpy from excess tissue-this is called rhinophyma. Through Wholistic Dermatology, we address and treat Rosacea with a combination of internal supplementation for ameliorating all the precipitating causes, and externally with non-toxic, non-inflammatory, irritation diminishing as much as scientifically possible, Maximal Strength Skin Therapy products to help reduce and soothe the irritated skin. Remember that the skin is a window to what is going on inside and to win the battle AND the war you must treat the body both internally and externally. The SKIN THERAPY products alone will help win the battle but not the war.