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The skin is a window to what is going on inside the body.

My side effect of creating beauty is HEALTH.

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Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D.

• Physician-strength

• Non-toxic, Non-inflammatory

• Scientifically and Chirally-correct ingredients

• Therapeutic and CORRECT for ALL skin types,

genders and skin of all colors

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Synergistic Internal Supplementation & Remedies

Support Skin, Body and Immune Optimal Health, Physical and Mental Well-being

• Vitamins and Minerals help prevent, nourish and support the skin and body's health

• Antioxidants fight against internal inflammation

• Anti-fungals help reduce the yeast and fungal overgrowth that complicate skin and internal problems

• Specialized therapies/remedies for sleep, memory, energy, toxin-removal, digestion and hormone health

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Critical Info You Need to Know

• Bio-identical Hormones

• Eating Healthy

• Ingredients to Avoid

• Internal Yeast Overgrowth

• Bloodwork You Need

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Ingredient Optimizer Base Skin Cream

Why Skin Physiology Ingredient Optimizer Base for Bio-identical Hormones,

• NON-TOXIC, free of all harmful preservatives and chemicals and none needed to add the pharmaceutical into the base.

• Provides therapeutic drug levels and symptom relief expeditiously after placement on ANY skin type, due to it superior HEALTHFUL PENETRATING abilities ANYWHERE on the skin, including vaginally.

• Leaves NOTICEABLE, NO RESIDUAL, NON-greasy, DESIRABLE cosmetic feel on ANY skin type, male and female, OPTIMIZING patient compliance.

• PHYSICIAN formulated with compounding experts, tested and substantiated in years of medical practice worldwide in patients and laboratory testing.

Topical Pharmaceuticals and Therapies?

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Why Wholistic Dermatology?

The MOST effective, best use of time and money solutions for maximizing inner and outer health, beauty, anti-aging, disease prevention, repair and quality longevity, address the body as a whole, inside and out, utilizing best, NON-toxic tools for the jobs. Our mission is to best prevent internally and externally, rather than just detecting, diagnosing after the fact and treating symptoms forever with treatments that have side effects and toxicities we do NOT want to experience. Slow down the aging process as much as possible, instead of thinking illness, weight, energy, brain and skin problems are inevitable, and help you have whole body health, beauty, self-satisfaction and greater happiness.

A Walk through Whole Foods Market – for Health & Beauty

You are what you eat and food IS your PRIMARY medicine to help prevent, restore, rejuvenate, minimize and repair disease, aging, weight struggles and for greater brainpower, energy, happiness and quality longevity. How to detailed in this video. NOT deprivation, rather informed moderation. The firm foundation of health and beauty- so start here!