Energy Loss & Fatigue

Chronic fatigue, exhaustion, lack of endurance, brain power and energy loss, pain is epidemic in today’s world for many reasons. It all affects your lifestyle and mood the ability to participate normally in activity, work, exercise and healthy relationships.

Although overall I caution you there is never with the body an immediate cure rather it is a slow build because the body cannot immediately repair, instead of living with all these symptoms and constant fatigue and unhappiness, there are solutions to help overcome, boost methodically and transcend all of these symptoms. There is virtually ALWAYS a WHY answer to WHY you have these symptoms and a treatment that improves. Rarely is there not a reason that can be addressed with at least resolution. Also remember that we all have individual dosages and the ones I give are overall in my experience what works for most everyone. Sometimes sensitive patients have to start with lower amounts more slowly so if you are known to be sensitive and require less of everything then start with less dropperfulls of the drops and if more than one pill is recommended then start with 1 pill or use every OTHER day instead of daily. On occasion the recommendation for how much to take has to be tailored up more slowly for sensitive patients but overall these are the usual amounts that most of my patients utilize for progressive success.

Our stress filled/fast paced, ever changing, challenging world, all the electromagnetic energies our bodies are bombarded by nonstop via devices, lighting and technology, the abundance of toxins, herbicides, pesticides, chemtrails, water/skin product/medication/food chemicals, fertilizers—overwhelm our bodies’ abilities to detox, protect, sustain, maintain its own healthy, even maintenance, electrical and chemical processes and reactions. Remember also that you ARE what you EAT and gluten and sugar is well KNOWN as is corn and cow’s milk in many to cause tiredness, brain fog after eating so Eat Right for your Blood Type and avoid first gluten, wheat, grains, carbs overall then sugars as per all the instructions on the website about how to and what to eat-especially lots of GREEN for health, beauty, ENERGY and brainpower. Cow’s milk has galactose as its sugar which is VERY sweet with all the problems and you can be allergic and corn is very sweet and increases your blood sugar which causes all the symptoms.
It has also been found that many people genetically ARE more “sensitive” to all these challenges meaning their bodies will not tolerate nor handle these challenges even in small doses and they begin to manifest significant symptoms and earlier in response such as the exhaustion, brain fog, lack of focus, fibromyalgias/ chronic pains, illnesses, sleep and emotional disorders. Additionally, inadequate rest and chronic stress can further weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to illnesses and infections.



Step 1–Vitamin D3/Solray D, Omega Gold, Iodizyme (to improve your immune system and thyroid function-use 1 pill on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) , Licro Intrinsic, Green Light, Spleen Chi. You can mix Licro Intrinsic and Spleen Chi in your mouth together twice a day 3 dropperFULLS of each, swish in mouth for 1 minute then swallow. Green Light you take alone and in the mid afternoon about 2-3 PM, 3 dropperFULLS in your mouth ONCE per day, swish for 1 minute then swallow. Good for your teeth and gums to swish in your mouth. Use Spleen Chi for 2-3 bottles then stop, Licro and Green Light use for at LEAST 3 bottles but Green Light is one you should always have to use when needed and Licro you can take for 3 bottles then stop and if energy decreases then restart for at least 2 more bottles and can take off and on forever as most people in today’s world need this to support our depleted adrenal glands. By the way if your hair is thinning AND you are exhausted then the adrenal glands are the first suspect and the thyroid gland second but you always need to repair and balance the adrenals as I am always doing first.

Step 2 after 1 month—Your energy, symptoms and sleep should be better but IF you need more and you remain tired in the AM then add Adrenal Life Force in the AM 2 pills WITH food. If you remain as well tired in the late afternoon and crave sweets then add Adrenal Life Force 2 pills about 2-3PM and can take without food if you ate lunch.
Also add Adrenocode which functions to help restart more optimal adrenal function. Use once a day mixed in your mouth with Green Light and use 4 dropperFULLS for 2 bottles.

IF you also are COLD as well as tired then add Thyro Code which also helps restart more optimal thyroid function—4 dropperfulls ONCE a day mixed in your mouth with Green Light and Adreno Code. Use for 2 bottles

Step 3 after another month—YOU should definitely be even better but if you remain more cold and tired AM and PM than you want then add Thyroid Support-1 pill EITHER AM OR PM at the time of the day that you are the MOST tired. Generally that is after lunch and you take between 2-3 PM. If after 1 week you need more energy then you can take 1 pill first AM and between 2-3 PM as long as you are sleeping better and not worse.
If 1 week after starting Thyroid Support you want/need more brain power and focus then add Memory Support. You start with 1 pill AM and after lunch and if you need more brainpower and focus then increase after 1 week to 2 pills twice a day.

These products you continue indefinitely. You can stop and see how you feel and use them as needed.

Step 4 after 1 month-If you are not ALL good then you need BioEnergy C per instructions with the product and Pregnenolone for brain power/focus/body and brain energy. Start with 1 pill with Memory Support at the time of day that you most need energy and brain power. If you notice not much then increase after 3 days to 1 pill AM and after lunch. If not enough then every 3 days you can increase by adding 1 pill one time of day to a max of 5 pills twice a day as long as you are sleeping as well but not worse.
I would also add Glutathione for 3 bottles once a day per instructions with the product. If I had pains I would begin Organic Sulfur for 3-4 containers as well per the instructions with the product and Magnesium 125, 3-4 pills at bedtime for at least 3 bottles.

Step 5 after 1 month—If you remain with pain then add Inflamma Life Force 2 pills AM and PM anytime and remain on this and can take all together with all the other products. If you remain tired then add as well HPA Axis as well 2 pills in the AM to help your hypothalamic pituitary axis for 3 bottles. You can increase your Adrenal Life Force always to 3 pills twice a day and if not enough after 2 weeks then 4 pills twice a day as long as no pimples.

If you emotionally are traumatized and want to try to be happier and move forward from the emotional traumas which we all have but many so much more than others then add Heart Song Milieu and take 6 squirts under your tongue once a day anytime for 3 bottles. Swish in mouth for 1 minute then swallow.

If your sleep needs better then add Sleep Restore or Melatonin spray at bedtime per instructions with the product as long as you do not have wild dreams with 1 pill or 1 squirt.

Step 5 after 1 month-if you still need more energy then add Maca Intrinsic for 3 bottles-3 dropperfulls twice a day, again swish for 1 minute then swallow. Also add Hypothal Code 4 dropperfulls once a day anytime for 2 bottles and you can mix this in your mouth with Heart Song Milieu but NOT Maca Intrinsic.

If you are not doing as well as any of us do after all this then add Hepatogest (1 scoopful per day when 3 bottles of the Glutathione are finished), SpectraLyte (for 2 bottles), Rehydrate (for 2 bottles), Bio Circumin (1 pill once or twice per day with the Inflamma Life Force).

I would then also add Gamma E 1 pill per day and R Lipoic Acid 2 pills per day because the more antioxidants the better to help clear and balance.

On occasion people have genetic neurotransmitter imbalances that impact energy no matter if everything possible has been addressed/optimized and need targeted, individualized help for this. See a mental health professional for this and many are trained to use supplementation and remedies that balance and optimize your dopamine/serotonin/sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous systems.