Eczema and Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis are inflammatory skin diseases, which are caused or made worse (if you have the family gene for these skin challenges), by foods and toxins you ingest as well as stress, which increases internal thus external inflammation.  Maximal strength Skin Therapy products which are essential to best address the skin symptoms combined with healthy diet, exercise and internal supplementation and remedies to address the CAUSES of the internal inflammation help limit and decrease and treat both diseases so they often are controllable if not rarely experienced.


Skin Products:

STEP 1– EMU OIL, SFP 30 SUN PROTECTION & REPAIR, CLEANSER, SERUM, WRINKLE FILLER, EMU OIL—IF your rash is weeping/moist/oozing then it needs to be dried so only use EMU OIL on it once a day after bathing while skin remains wet as below.

STEP 2—PEEL and then see the nearest health professional to you with my products for REPAIRING EXFOLIANT and RETINOL RESTORATION


STEP 1- ORGANIC SULFUR, HYPOZYMASE, VITAMIN D3/SOLRAY D, OMEGA GOLD (2-3 twice a day until resolved then 1-2 twice a day or 3 once per day depending on which amount helps prevent reoccurances-and many OTHER IMPORTANT excellent results) , INFLAMMALIFE FORCE(2-3 twice a day until resolved then 2 per day or 1-2 twice a day-whichever amount helps prevent rash reoccurances and MANY other EXCELLENT results), BIO CIRCUMIN (1 twice a day until resolved then 1 per day and MANY other EXCELLENT results), GLUTATHIONE (as below and MANY other excellent results), BIOENERGYC/CAMUCAMU (instructions on the container and MANY other EXCELLENT results), FLORA SYNTROPY alternating bottles with ORTHOBIOTIC, IODIZYME, HEPATOGEST, SPECTRALYTE (for 1-2 bottles), LYMPH 1 for 2-3 bottles then LYMPH 2 for 2-3 bottles then LYMPH 3 for 2-3 bottles.

You may also need next after 2-3 months, GALT FORTIFIER, GLUTAMINE, (if you continue with any symptoms of gut inflammation such as gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea or more than 2 stools per day or food intolerances or skin not adequately consistently improving),  R LIPOIC ACID (the NEXT powerful antioxidant),  LICRO INTRINSIC and ADRENO CODE (if symptoms of low adrenal function-see symptom sheets in Critical Info section), THYROID SUPPORT (see symptom sheets in Critical Info section) or THYRO CODE should be tried first for symptoms of lower thyroid function and if symptoms do not abate after 2 bottles then add THYROID SUPPORT or THYROID LIFE FORCE (when available on the site) instead,  METHYL B12 as you may POORLY methylate thus is harder for you to detoxify and you may chronically be more inflamed, BIOCELL SALTS for 2 bottles, LIFE FORCE to help alkalinize internally if you cannot eat enough greens nor take enough antioxidants .

These are your first and following steps in therapeutic treatment and in particularly difficult cases (poor resolution after 6 months of the above) may have to be added to and increased. (IN THESE CASES PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ADDRESSED PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMAS which we ALL have (a VERY Excellent remedy for this is HEART SONG MILEU) and that you are EATING CORRECTLY and in my opinion for your BLOOD TYPE and with NO gluten, carbs should be VERY few (wild rice, red quinoa) NO cow milk dairy and as little dairy as possible overall-goat is always BEST if you must and sheep second and eating LOTS of green and the more raw green the better and lean protein and raw nuts CORRECT for your blood type and you are exercising and having at LEAST one Bowel Movement per day without thinking about it, no real gastrointestinal symptoms, no food intolerances you have noted, no acid indigestion nor reflux, NO INTOLERANCES to fatty foods—your GALL BLADDER can be problematic, full of stones with potentially parasites in which case you need to add GB 40 and METPHOS (when available on the site) and research the liver/gall bladder cleanse with epsom salts, olive oil, adding Chanca pedra tea as well and raw apple cider vinegar if right for your blood type.  

Internal inflammation is caused in most cases by foods you eat which are not right for you and your blood type or you lack hydrochloric acid in the stomach or digestive enzymes and which inflame the intestines which then emit inflammatory chemicals into the blood which inflame secondarily the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, spleen and entire body including the skin or by toxins you have absorbed through the skin or eaten or been inoculated into you, such as heavy metals and chemicals. NOT eating HEALTHY oils such as omega 3 FISH, olive, walnut oils, whole ground flax meal, Borage Oil, Evening Primerose, along with aging and decrease in hormone levels in women AND men especially DHEA, Testosterone, estradiol, thyroid and adrenal hormones, also contributes to skin being abnormally drier thus more likely to demonstrate these skin challenges.  

The goal ideally in medicine always is to discover, treat and help to address the cause, because otherwise you just chase and suffer from symptoms forever and yes of course, to help relieve the symptoms as quickly as possible and if you have the genetic propensity, to mitigate thus control the disease. Steroids, coal tars, ultraviolet treatments, biologic medications, severe medical treatments and pharmaceuticals for these diseases can have quite undesired side effects, especially if used chronically over a period of time AND only address the symptoms. Acupuncture/ massage/chiropractic as synergistic therapies definitely help balance the body’s organs and energies and organs and decrease inflammation.

Maximizing skin and body health in my experience is the optimal solution and starts with you ARE what you eat (MUCH on the website on how to do this) and digest, food is your medicine, healthy exercise, stress management so stress is less toxic and reduced which includes trauma psychology (we are ALL traumatized and it is IMPERATIVE to identify and treat for happiness and wellness), laughter, learning to recognize stressors and CHANGE the way you think and respond to them, including people who are stressing you-YOU are in control of being the captain of your happiness ship so be a GREAT captain please, letting go and moving on and forward.  Then comes repairing what is inflamed internally and externally and that will require MAXIMAL strength skin products and internal supplementation and remedies.

Epsom salt/dead sea salt baths with a piece of sea weed in the bath water do help for a VARIETY of sound medical reasons then using ideally organic whole leaf aloe juice as a toner after with organic lavender oil mixed in with it in your palm as well as my SERUM (2 squirts per area),  EMU OIL, a few drops per area of the body and a few drops of good quality olive oil and a pea size amount of Physica Glutathione (EXTERNALLLY AND INTERNALLY) as well to calm, sooth, address inflammation.  Let soak in for 5 minutes or more THEN lightly towel off if any oil remains on the skin.  If the eczema and psoriasis skin areas are thickened from chronic inflammation then you may need to exfoliate them FIRST but CORRECTLY every week or two AFTER a month of calming with all the internal and external strategies and therapies described above—use fresh lemon juice with an included spoonful of my MAXIMAL STRENGTH Vitamin C PLUS powder per area of the body and a dropperfull of my PEEL which will sting but put a thin film all over the thickened areas and let dry for several minutes after bathing THEN place the Aloe, etc mixture OVER this.

I recommend using this bath, aloe, oils, peeling (when tolerated and IF and when appropriate) in the evening and in the AM placing SERUM, HYDRATION mixed together in the palm and EMU OIL if skin is DRY not oozing and wet then placing SUN PROTECTION and REPAIR over these for sealing and with the serum IN the SUN PROTECTION that is helping to repair and soothe and the Zinc in the SUN PROTECTION that is also calming and helps protect against infection as well.  If your skin is so dry that the SUN PROTECTION cannot easily spread over the inflamed skin then add a few drops of water or aloe juice onto the skin just prior to placing for ease of spread.  For solutions at every budget and on the body—find a baby SPF 30 that has NO inflammatory ingredients on my list to use for helping to heal the skin or Burt’s Bees for examples.

CLEANSER matters because you want one that FIRST has NO inflammatory ingredients AND penetrates into the inflamed skin crevices and pores to clean out the dead skin, makeup, other SPF products and possible infective agents and mine has the ingredients to do these imperative jobs.  Solutions at every budget—use Dr. Bronner soap products on the body skin.

Inflamed skin loses moisture by evaporation due to disruption of the skin barrier and is more susceptible to infection also as a result.  My MAXIMAL STRENGTH SUN PROTECTION AND REPAIR helps seal the skin and other solutions it provides as above.  

RESOLUTION of symptoms no matter WHAT is used occurs slowly as the body takes 1-2 months to START healing then each month improves slowly so do not expect with ANY therapy QUICK disappearance of symptoms nor that you will never experience again if you have the genetic propensity.  Steroids just suppress/repress the immune response to what is occurring internally that is causing the rash and often the body is using the skin as the organ of detoxification that it is so yes we do want to make the symptoms resolve for you but we do not want to repress healthy detoxification nor your immune system too much, we rather want to resolve the cause of the problem.  Steroids damage the skin over time and potentially your bones and impact your adrenal, hypothalamus and pituitary glands.  Steroids given long term are difficult to wean off and you want to use ones IF you MUST have that do not have the inflammatory ingredients in them (read the COMPLETE not just ACTIVE ingredient list of EVERYTHING you put IN and ON your body to help protect yourself and read the document Ingredients to Avoid on the Critical Information section of the website).

A common thread among those affected by these skin disorders is ethnic background. It appears to primarily strike people of Caucasian descent. People of color are less likely to be bothered by the symptoms and appearance of these skin conditions due to the amount of pigment, thicker skin and amount of oil in their skin.

Researchers also believe that climate and environment may have something to do with the appearance of eczema and psoriasis. People who live in tropical climates have a lower incidence of psoriasis cases as well due to humidity so IMPORTANT to try to stay WELL hydrated with water and Green tea which is very anti-inflammatory as well. Both skin diseases are worse in the winter and with dry heat as a result of dehydration. Men can definitely be affected by eczema and psoriasis, but women have a higher rate of occurrence.

INTERNAL STRATEGIES as well—IF you have A type blood then I recommend adding Whole Leaf Aloe Juice internally as well-ideally 2 ounces per day and you can drink 1 ounce twice a day or two at one time and you can drink straight or you can mix in healthy juice such as Unsweetened Pomegranate with pureed Acai added (1 teaspoon).  Helps calm, soothe the gut, moisturize skin even taken internally and resolve constipation issues).  Then as detailed above. With inflammatory conditions, FIRST you avoid what INCREASES inflammation as much as humanly possible so what you eat, digest, exercise, anti-stress, hormone balancing-adrenals, thyroid, sex  hormones if needed) and the more antioxidants the better to help put out/thwart the internal inflammation.  Melatonin is a VERY strong antioxidant as well as is R Lipoic Acid

Eczema – Sometimes referred to as dermatitis this is an inflammation of the skin that produces scaling, flaking, thickening, color changes, and, often itching. Sometimes the skin may also develop fluid filled blisters that ooze and crust over. Itching can be due to the skin inflammation, fungal overgrowth, precipitating allergies, and impaired liver function or over exposure to chemicals or sunlight. Internal and external inflammation and inflammatory ingredients in skin and hair products, hypothyroid, perfumes, cosmetics, medicated creams, heavy metals such as mercury (especially after it is removed from the teeth improperly or from fish and sushi) tin and cheap metals may be linked to eczema outbreaks. Chemicals in soaps and lotions may also be linked to outbreaks of eczema. Some with eczema are very sensitive to sunlight which increases skin and internal inflammation so can be like throwing gas on fire. Chronic stress and tension can cause, exacerbate and lead to the spread of eczema. The principal cause of eczema is genetic with other family members also suffering with it.

Psoriasis – Psoriasis appears as patches of silvery scales or red areas on the legs, knees, arms, elbows, scalp, ears, and back. The overly rapid growth of skin cells is the primary cause of lesions associated with psoriasis. In some cases skin cells grow four times faster than normal. Toenails and fingernails may develop ridges and pits. Psoriasis often follows patterns of flare ups then remission. This disease usually starts in the teenage years but has been reported with infants. Tension, stress, illness, hypothyroid, alcohol and drug abuse (inflammation and resulting internal issues), cuts, injuries, bacteria, viruses, internal fungal overgrowth and poison ivy, anything which increases inflammation, internally and/or externally, are also known culprits that can contribute to enhancement of this disease.

With the optimal diet, exercise, stress management, type and amount of antioxidant supplementation and the maximal strength external skin products, outbreaks will help prevent and keep these conditions not a challenge or under overall control.