From HEALTH comes beauty, energy, endurance, brainpower, greater happiness, better hair, prevention, rejuvenation, restoration, reversal, BEST slowing down and turning back the clock and QUALITY longevity. By knowing how to scientifically correctly, not marketing fact correctly, most likely assure or recapture health in today’s world, it is possible to live long, minimizing disease risk, infirmities and disabilities that can be responsible for shortening your life, your useful brain, mobility, self-determination, happiness and well-being, never mind the physical, psychological and financial depletion that inevitably accompany them. HOWEVER– WARNING—most everyone NEEDS their consciousness/fund of knowledge upgraded IMMENSELY on how do you/what does it take to TRULY HAVE/CREATE/RECAPTURE HEALTH in TODAY’S VERY toxic and MUCH more health challenging world vs. what worked in the past!
PLEASE be aware and BEWARE for starters-there is CORRECT SCIENCE and there is MARKETING facts science, and there are the MANY in the marketplace who allegedly “inform” us, who only know to chase and treat symptoms as their best solution NOT how to TRULY create/recreate health because they NEVER address/define the CORE CAUSE of the health, and/or skin/beauty/hair challenge, and rid it as much as scientifically possible. As a result, symptoms come and go, appear elsewhere in and on the body, side effects are experienced with the solutions, which can be worse or precipitate another set of symptoms, and there is less likely to be achieved the health, happiness, quality of life and longevity you seek.
There is a step before SCREENING of organs which is, all that we must do to try to achieve TRUE prevention as much as possible in today’s health and happiness challenging world. TRUE PREVENTION FIRST is what I want to enlighten you on HOW TO and WHY, because TRUE PREVENTION of all that threatens our health, happiness and quality longevity is the Golden Fleece – the goal. TRUE PREVENTION is MORE likely to be achieved— ALONG WITH symptom resolution (IF you already have symptoms and we ALL DO but think they are just a normal part of aging but we are wrong about that), by addressing/focusing on identifying the CAUSE of symptoms and PREVENTING/ STOPPING/REVERSING the CAUSE as MUCH as possible, as EARLY and QUICKLY as possible, long BEFORE SCREENING generally becomes POSITIVE. So START EARLY but it is NEVER TOO LATE.
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