Why, Which & How to Use Supplements – Part 2

I am always, in my practice, searching for, proving to myself and my patients (we are ALL SHOW ME DON’T TELL ME PEOPLE)– and telling those who solicit my input, what I and others whom I respect and have enlightened, overview of experience and are getting the best results I see- now utilize-with individual variation to an extent of course, as successful protocols for internal supplementation and remedies to provide what seems to be ,the most beneficial for: attempting to minimize  disease/ debilitation risk,   helping aging prevention, reversal, rejuvenation/restoration/ slowing down/ turning back the clock, WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO and IN WHAT PRIORITY to help optimize functioning, energy, endurance, brain power, health, beauty, quality longevity-to have a  very good chance for HEALTH in TODAY’S world.

First and foremost – FOOD REMAINS YOUR FIRST AND BEST MEDICINE-you ARE what you eat AND digest, so eat and enhance digestion and absorption as well instructed on other areas of my website and I am NOT talking about eating chemical- laden, processed, toxically in many cases packaged foods, that we are BOMBARDED by marketing facts and in some cases rather addicting chemicals included in them, to choose and CRAVE. I see daily in my practice and in life that many THINK they are eating healthily, but we have to contend with in foods, the radiation and chemicals, dispersants with unknown but the negative evidence is mounting so far, consequences, the polluted soil and air, so foods that MAY help neutralize, minimize and detoxify AND do NO harm, you SHOULD add to your armament of protective options. OTHER options are also what I am further informing you about in this document  from my successful practice methods and those again who have taught and are passing along their successful methods updated to apply today’s greater level of challenges.

You HAVE TO EXERCISE and drink plenty of UN-CHEMICALLED ideally, water and green tea (helps substantially neutralize inflammation) daily, for starters as well and you HAVE to find psychological peace and happiness, purging anger and negative emotions and traumas that help PROMOTE and exacerbate disease and  depress the immune system, by harboring them.  In my opinion and experience find an excellent trauma, EMDR psychologist, as we are ALL traumatized but move on, let go, find a sense of humor and sweetness and light no matter what and be an EXCELLENT captain of your health, beauty and happiness ship!  THIS REALLY MATTERS…


The entire body is a factory, a construction site that NEEDS the CORRECT raw materials and an INCREASING AMOUNT in today’s frenetic/toxic world, to help fuel  the CHALLENGED organs, cells, mitochondria, help detoxify, UN-inflame (REMEMBER that inflammation is a significant CAUSE of disease risk and aging but it is IMPERATIVE to  ADDRESS WHAT CAUSES the inflammation). To optimally sustain and protect-you ideally need to START from BEFORE BIRTH (ladies if you are or going to have children).YOU SIMPLY CANNOT EAT ENOUGH of the correct foods and most ,of even the correct food, DOES NOT HAVE ADEQUATE NUTRIENTS with today’s chemical laden soil and factory farming-no matter the source and how organic/healthy, TO GET THE AMOUNT YOUR BODY REQUIRES IN TODAY’S WORLD, for health and thus beauty inside and out. As you age the body and its chemical processes are even more retired, challenged and burdened so slower, less able to respond despite even the correct nutrients, more depleted and unresponsive so it takes more, especially to REVERSE, further prevent and attempt to provide quality longevity ONCE initiating doing what today’s body inside and out requires.

Witness, be conscious of in today’s world as you read and interact with people, the MULTITUDE of symptoms, faster visible aging, symptom and disease rate in younger and younger people, HUGE and growing cancer medical industry WORLDWIDE, increase in NEW diseases and that seem to require stronger and stronger treatments, you, your family and those around you  seem to experience and communicate to you and health practitioners whose help they seem to increasingly seek-the exhaustion, aches and pains, skin symptoms and their SEVERITY (the skin is a window to what goes on inside), injuries, illnesses, gastrointestinal symptoms, depletion, hair loss, blood work and hormonal abnormalities, sleep disturbances, sexual and fertility dysfunction in YOUNGER  people, brain and memory function and energy complaints, just for instance.

ALL of these are just what we doctors and health practitioners seem to WORLDWIDE, it is recounted at medical meetings, be experiencing, treating increasingly, less successfully with stronger attempts, with MORE solutions attempted and added, and consulting with each other for what are you doing to provide better success treatmentsTHAT is why I am passing on to everyone possible what I have learned and been taught that works well in my practice and those of many others whom I interact with worldwide, because I see patients from far and wide and they are all desperate for the same help and solutions for the same challenges but often of different degrees and for prevention, repair and quality longevity solutions and they have tried SO MUCH with poor resolution.

This is the way I can educate as many as possible and that is MY mission to communicate WHAT works and WHY, WHY this vs that and BEST use of time, money and trust, based on MY experience combined with that of all sorts of other practitioners and their medical treatment approaches and research as well.  UNDERSTAND however NOTHING HAPPENS OVERNIGHT and without ups and downs in the journey because the body takes months to repair especially when it has often taken years to arrive at the challenged point. THAT IS WHY the EARLIER YOU BEGIN THE MORE LIKELY YOU ARE TO PREVENT and the shorter time it takes and the better results experienced  so START TODAY IDEALLY and get ON THE JOURNEY TO GREATER HEALTH, BEAUTY and hopefully HAPPINESS.


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