estrogen_support_smallYou NEED them, they are raw materials and in today’s frantic paced, TOXIC, STRESS filled world we cannot eat enough of what our bodies NEED to function at the level it is required to, never mind with the lack of rest. The soil is so over farmed AND full of toxins in today’s world that the nutrients are NOT there in enough concentration, even if you eat fresh picked right out of the garden so you HAVE to supplement.
BUT you cannot just take ANY supplement, because the VAST majority of ingredients in today’s world come from China and less regulated countries. They must be FORMULATED scientifically and physiologically correctly and in a CLEAN factory and equipment so no contaminants. That is why I have supplements for you that I KNOW ARE the best and I am taking them too and supplements JUST like pharmaceuticals HAVE to be administered in the CORRECT dosage to be therapeutic so I am trying to make it AS affordable as possible AND I am TRYING to give you as FEW as possible but it is HARD as we grow older and in today’s world.  I take the same fistful so I understand.
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