Progesterone Support


SKIN PHYSIOLOGY Progesterone Support

Physician Formulated for Maximal, Healthful Results


20 mg of Natural Progesterone per Pump



40 g  ℮  1.4 oz net wt


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Product Description

We have formulated this cream to help support Progesterone levels.  Progesterone has been shown to help men and women increase bone density, and may help protect against the risk of osteoporosis, prostate, uterine and breast cancer, stabilize mood, and improve sleep. For women – it may help decrease monthly and menopausal hormone challenges, such as heavy bleeding, breast tenderness and enlargement, cramping, being emotional and night sweating. 

Suggested Use: Once a day anytime if needed to help support natural levels, ideally after bathing. Twice a day AM and PM if needed to help support natural levels generally over age 40.
Alternate where you place cream anywhere below the collarbones. For external use only.


In addition to the suggested use on the label:

I recommend that men find it helpful after age 45 or older to use ½ pump every other day and often after 1 month, daily, or even 1 pump for their progesterone challenges, which often include irritability and prostate  issues such as frequent or nighttime urination and slow to start urination.

I find that young girls with their menstrual challenges such as heavy bleeding, cramping, being emotional, breast tenderness and swelling find it helpful to use ½ pump beginning day 18 of their monthly period with day 1 being the day their period begins and continuing until their period begins and if they need more assistance after 1-2 months they use 1 pump the same days or even beginning Day 15 of their monthly period.

Progesterone can if overused make menstrual flow very light, make everyone feel like taking a nap, in menopausal ladies if overused can temporarily result in mid-abdominal weight gain, which resolves with less usage but this challenge generally requires much more than the suggested use on the label rather would require the use of 4-5 pumps per day, and in young girls with problem blemishes, if overused, can also be associated with more blemishes temporarily but rarely. Therefore it is always better for young girls if experiencing their challenges to begin with ½ pump.

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One full pump dispenses about 0.5 g of cream, providing 20 mg of USP Natural Progesterone.

  • Helps quickly after placement on ANY skin type due to its superior PENETRATING abilities and HEALTHFULLY, ANYWHERE on the skin below the collarbones.


  • NON-TOXIC, free of all harmful preservatives, gluten and chemicals, so does NOT increase skin and body inflammation, disease risk, medical challenges and resulting inflammatory skin and body conditions, their symptoms and irritations.


  • Leaves NOTICEABLY (versus others), NO RESIDUAL, NON-greasy, DESIRABLE cosmetic feel on ANY skin type, male and female, OPTIMIZING use and SATISFACTION, to HEALTHFULLY provide BEST results needed to work MOST effectively and desirably, at its lower amount and application rate.

After researching and working to create and test this SCIENTIFICALLY CORRECT, NON-TOXIC, STRONGEST POSSIBLE NON-prescriptive formulation, which utilizes my INGREDIENT OPTIMIZER CREAM BASE that I use to NON-TOXICALLY and BEST treat my patients in my medical practice, I believe everyone should have access to this UNIQUE, healthy alternative to those on the market today, which often contain or require addition of chemicals that are MEDICALLY best avoided, are proven to be harmful or poorly absorb, thwarting therapy.

I recommend that you consult your Health Care Practitioner always before using this and all health products, as you may need hormone testing due to your symptom challenges, and to further investigate why you are experiencing these symptoms, and try to always identify, treat and address the cause NOT just treat symptoms forever.

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