Licro-IntrinsicI have added all these this year and spent SEVERAL years learning all for a reason – they do something NOTHING else will nor can and you NEED them for OPTIMAL organ function, HEALTH creation, reversal, prevention, protection and detoxification ESPECIALLY in today’s toxic world, never mind rejuvenation and helping to cure challenges in a way nothing else so far I have found can.
JUST LIKE SKIN PRODUCTS and SUPPLEMENTS, these are ALL about HOW they are formulated and the raw materials and these are formulated by an extraordinary naturopath who studied for YEARS with ALL The GREAT doctors of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Oriental Medicine, Energetic Medicine, Aboriginal and SO many primitive cultures’ medicine as well as traditional medicine all over the world, and I have NEVER seen products work as well as these do. I SERENDIPITOUSLY have had the BLESSED opportunity to have him intensively teach me and I find the combination to give me the results NEEDED, to treat the cause, promote reversal and prevention that I have NEVER had. We are also using some of them in skin treatments as well to optimize your skin health, beauty, youthfulness and preservation.
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