Food is your medicine and the correct diet will help you have beautiful, clear skin and help promote anti-aging.

Why do some teens/adults have severe acne while others seem to be pimple free?
The primary cause of all acne, teen and adult is androgens – DHEA, testosterone and metabolites. You all have the acne gene, but what activates it and creates pimples is internal inflammation. Remember that the skin is a window to what is going on inside, and inflammation is the primary cause of all acne. This causes an increased number and sensitivity of androgen receptors, therefore the genetic tendency to experience acne is directly in response to increased inflammation internally.
You are what you eat… your gut is causing your acne!
Yes, hormones play a significant role, which is normal during these years, which is why it is imperative that your diet plays an essential role in preventing outbreaks. Your gut is the incubator of most inflammation that causes acne. When the gut is inflamed, you see that blemishes more  prevalent, especially on all or some of these areas – the neck, forehead, cheeks, around the tip of the nose and upper lip.
Internal and external inflammation, which is present chronically from diet, certain medications, pollution, sun, stress, chemical and electromagnetic exposure every day, further personifies the blemish symptoms. You must correctly address the internal causes as well as these external causes to win the battle.
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