II am dedicated to scientifically correct and best solutions based on those medically ethical principles and creating optimal health and beauty- and VERY importantly–NON-TOXICALLY. Do NOT USE Premarin estrogen hormone medications for vaginal dryness nor menopause symptom treatment nor for anything-especially the off label use which some doctors are now VERY wrongly ignoring or oblivious of the history and the facts and the complete ingredient list, prescribing to patients for skin rejuvenation (also obviously oblivious to the fact that you CANNOT give estrogen without progesterone unless you MORE SO increase cancer risk whether you have a uterus or not).
Premarin and all its other contained ingredients to AVOID in and ON the body are the OPPOSITE of bioidentical, are made from horse urine, implicated since the 1970’s in increasing breast and hormone mediated cancers as a result of the horse urine estrogens in Premarin being COMPLETELY foreign/chemically INCORRECT chemicals to the body. They cause huge synthetic, foreign chemical overdoses in the body as a result of this and create thus the very negative side effects of increased cancer risks proven medically repetitively and litigated successfully as well for years by and for those patients who suffered the sad consequences of their being prescribed to them. Shockingly, they are being advertised and pushed to the public and physicians again as the pharmaceuticals perhaps believe we have no memory or do they SO NOT CARE AT ALL about the HEALTH!?
Any physician who kept up with the medical literature on Premarin’s side effects and remembered their pledge of the Hippocratic Oath stopped prescribing them and instead compounding bioidentical hormone therapy for relieving the symptoms of low hormones, menopause, vaginal dryness, skin rejuvenation synergistically using hormone therapy, became the best tool for the job. If you have vaginal dryness or are HORRIFYINGLY being prescribed it OFF LABEL meaning not intended nor approved for use for skin rejuvenation which Premarin is now being advertised again to treat, use instead if you care about your health and wellbeing, bioidentical Estriol or estradiol cream. You can ONLY use Estradiol-with or without having a uterus, if you are at the same time using Progesterone and the bioidentical, mimic nature best tool for that job as well is progesterone cream not pills in my medical experience and opinion for a great number of reasons.
I am engaged in this educational process for you the public, FIRST as a female physician who CARES about patients receiving the MOST non-toxic therapies that work and preferably, if at ALL possible, treat the patient successfully, and do no harm.



I formulated a bio-identical Estriol cream – Estriol is a weaker estrogen which is safer; better (see my website) for my patients to use for all the above reasons and as an alternative to toxic choices. But there are others you can choose from and your physician as I do in my office may compound Estriol cream but you want EVERYTHING you put in and on your body to be NONTOXIC if at all possible and remember to read the COMPLETE ingredient list of the CREAM as well as the DRUG contained in the cream (see ingredients to avoid).
Don’t spend your money on what is causing your body more toxicity/probable harm than everyday life in today s world. CHOOSE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES and Estriol is one but WHATEVER you do- do NOT use Premarin.
Shame on the drug company as they know Premarin is absorbed through the skin and vaginal cells just as in any other cells of the body-AND with NO progesterone! This why you have to think/remember, that the body ALWAYS must be treated as a WHOLE. Knowledge is power and you are the ultimate captain of your health, beauty and happiness ship so I am trying to help educate and protect you. What you do from there is YOUR choice with YOUR body.

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