Ingredient Optimizer Base Skin Cream

For Professionals and Pharmacists: 

Why Skin Physiology Ingredient Optimizer Base for Bio-identical Hormones, Topical Pharmaceuticals and Therapies?Optimizer Base Cream

It is the FIRST responsibility of every health professional to attempt to DO NO HARM, to protect, prevent, maintain and sustain the health of the skin and every organ of the body, PRIORITIZING utilizing HEALTHY ingredients in everything we absorb given the opportunity, especially if at LEAST equi-potent results, vs. those with chemical forms we want and NEED to avoid. For a compounding pharmacist, SUPERIOR bespoke results, compliance, acceptance, ease of use – is the Mission Statement. SKIN PHYSIOLOGY INGREDIENT OPTIMIZER CREAM BASE VEHICLE IS the UNIQUE, healthy, preferred, when compared and utilized by patients and pharmacists, alternative to those on the market today, which often contain or require addition of chemicals that are MEDICALLY best avoided and are proven to be harmfulor poorly absorb the medication thus thwart therapy efficacy requiring higher dosages, volumes and patient cost with the resulting customer dissatisfaction. The SKIN PHYSIOLOGY ingredients are:

  • NON-TOXIC, free of all harmful preservatives and chemicals and none needed to add the therapeutic agent into the base, so your base vehicle nor compound does NOT increase skin and body inflammation, disease risk, medical challenges and resulting inflammatory skin and body conditions and their symptoms and irritations.
  • Provides therapeutic drug levels and symptom relief expeditiously after placement on ANY skin type due to it superior PENETRATING abilities and HEALTHFULLY, ANYWHERE on the skin, including vaginally.
  • Leaves NOTICEABLE, NO RESIDUAL, NON-greasy, DESIRABLE cosmetic feel on ANY skin type, male and female, OPTIMIZING patient compliance, choice and SATISFACTION including vaginally, to HEALTHFULLY provide BEST results needed for bio-identical hormones and topical medications to work MOST effectively and desirably, at lower dosages and application rates.
  • PHYSICIAN formulated with compounding experts, tested and substantiated in years of medical practice, worldwide patients and laboratory testing.

Please click on the following pdf files for mixing instructions:

Skin Physiology Hormone Base Instructions

Bi-est 2.5mg formula

DHEA 10mg formula

Estradiol 1mg formula

Estriol 2mg formula

Estriol 6mg formula

Hydrocortisone 20mg formula

Nystatin 20,000 Units formula

Progesterone 40mg formula

Progesterone 100 mg formula

Testosterone 2.5 mg formula

Testosterone 100 mg formula

Testosterone 100mg Progesterone 5 mg DHEA 10 mg. formula

Thyroid 120mg formula

Tretinoin 0.1% formula