Enlarged Pores

Pores play a vital role in skin physiology. After all, without them we’d have nowhere for hair to grow out of, no method for skin oils to reach the surface, protecting skin from environmental dehydration and no way for skin products to enter the skin. 






Pores are where damaging chemicals from water, the air and products enter the skin and body. Blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged pores and acne go hand-in-hand, as they are symptoms of internal and skin inflammation – pore pathology. Please read the section on Acne for explanations on inflammation and the causes and treatments internally. With acne, as blemishes improve, the improving pore pathology is blackheads which mean the pore is open and not closed over, which it has to be to have blemishes, yet the oil is not moving normally out of the pore because the pore, skin and inside of the body remain inflamed. The oil that the pore produces is thickened as a result (staying well hydrated with water and green tea help resolve this problem) and is stuck in the pore is then oxidized by air, thus becoming black. Whiteheads are the same inside the pore but the skin has closed over the top so not exposed to air, therefore not becoming black but white, the color of the thickened oil. Normally the whitehead is NOT infected and does not cause a blemish.

So, you see again WHY it is ESSENTIAL to treat the skin and body “wholistically” with correct diet and exercise for YOUR body, scientifically and chemically correct, maximal strength skin and internal supplement products and often hormone correction if needed, to address the cause of the pathology and not just chase the symptoms in perpetuity. Then you truly control and decrease pore visibility because you have addressed the causes of the inflammation causing the symptoms and help prevent and control at worst, breakouts.

Pores enlarge due to many factors. Genetics may certainly contribute; as pores on drier skin are less apparent, while individuals with oily, thicker skin, including men, due to testosterone causing more oil production, tend to have larger looking, more noticeable pores.Inflammation, both internally-from gut inflammation due to eating wrong for you blood type and genetics, low hydrochloric acid in your stomach, low thyroid function so total body increased inflammation, toxins and externally-from the same causes along with sunlight, pollution, skin, makeup, hair and nail chemicals that are irritating.

Aging with its internal body and skin function stagnation (the body and skin are trying to retire, cease functioning), causes the epidermis to thicken with dead cells, the dermis and epidermis to yellow and poorly function due to GREATLY decreasing blood and lymphatic flow to the areas and blood flow is what brings in nutrients-the groceries-and lymphatic flow takes out the garbage, therefore poor nutrient supply and the garbage and toxins build up, which further devastate skin function.The inside of the pore is so inflamed it enlarges (and can contribute to ingrown hairs never mind blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads).

The oil production usually increases due to inflammation and can cause the pore to further enlarge, although skin can dry as well in some, as more oil is usually present on the surface, skin and pores usually redden due to inflammation, and a rim of dead cells can collect around individual pores. These rings exaggerate pore diameter and they become more visible, combined with redness, increased oil and internal pore enlargement. Too much surface oil and naturally shed, dead skin cell debris, collect around the edges of pores and over the entire skin surface, making the entire skin appear dull, coarse and exaggerates the depth of wrinkles and inhibits penetration and depth of penetration of therapeutic ingredients the skin needs and lacks for health, never mind youthful functioning. Irritated skin is aging more quickly as well.

Correct exfoliation, Maximal Strength Skin Therapy products can help reduce the size of pores by addressing the multiple causes along with internal health and revitalize all the skin’s appearance, health and beauty. You also see why the side effect of creating beauty if HEALTH! AND why from health comes beauty!