Acne is one of the MOST frustrating skin problems that doctors, patients and parents have to cope with in everyday life. It is so common that it is a multi-billion dollar a year medical problem and unfortunately, that has evolved into a marketing opportunity, rather than scientifically correctly treated as the challenging health issue it has become.

There are many treatment modalities yet few that actually treat all the precipitating causes, therefore the lack of success in eradicating the problem. Many contributing and exacerbating factors cause acne, which is why my approach – Wholistic Dermatology –addresses all the internal and external causes and treats them in order to achieve success.


The primary cause of all acne, teen and adult is androgens – DHEA, testosterone and metabolites. You have the acne gene just like others have the eczema gene, BUT what ACTIVATES it and makes you have pimples is internal inflammation. Remember that the skin is a window to what is going on inside and inflammation is the cause of all disease and aging Virtually always in acne patients there is a normal level of androgens, but an INCREASED number and sensitivity of androgen receptors, thus the genetic propensity to experience acne instead of eczema or psoriasis or any other genetic issue in response to increased inflammation internally. When you are inflamed this increases oil production in the hair follicle. Bacteria, viruses and fungus come in contact with our skin 24/7 and feast on oil, hair wicks microbes down into the narrowed, thickened from inflammation follicle resulting in blemishes and pus filled whitehead ones.

Internal Inflammation Causes Acne

What causes that inflammation that results in YOUR body manifesting blemishes? In my experience and success in my offices – the PRIMARY cause is virtually always gut inflammation and when your gut is inflamed it sends into the bloodstream and tissues inflammatory chemicals, which activate the acne gene in your case. That is why I am a proponent of Live (and Eat) Right for your Blood Type for starters -the new scientific findings are in the book LIVE Right for your Blood Type, and you NEED to do the saliva test (on the website) for your Secretor vs. Non-Secretor status (there is a different one for each country for shipping and processing the test).

Gut inflammation can and is VERY often also caused by LOW hydrochloric acid in your stomach because if it is low your poorly digested food hits the small intestine and starts inflaming the gut from duodenum to colon and that is why you often have gas, bloating, constipation, food feeling like it sits and too slowly digests and IBS and other gut diseases. So you take Super Enzymes then Robynzyme if you need a stronger dose to treat. When your gut is inflamed internally then the bacteria, viruses and fungus we all eat all the time (normal and that is also what HCL does in the stomach is kill these organisms when we eat them) more easily infect the inflamed gut. The comparison is as if you rub dirt in a skinned knee (meaning into damaged more open wound skin) and that compounds the problems. This is also why you need to take Orthobiotic and Oregano Oil. When your gut is inflamed and damaged, you can eat fresh picked, organic, right out of the garden and all the supplements in the world, but your absorption of these healthy things is decreased significantly and that is not good for your cells, which need more not less and another reason why you cannot eat enough to adequately give the body what it needs/requires.

If the gut is inflamed in my experience, you see blemishes on all or some of these areas- the neck, forehead, cheeks, around the tip of the nose and upper lip. If you just have a few pimples on the lower chin, I find this is primarily just hormonal and you probably do not much have the acne gene. Back and/or chest acne is inflamed adrenal glands and that can be secondary to longstanding gut inflammation, high or great sensitivity to stress, unresolved emotional issues/traumas (we have all learned in medicine that we can never successfully cure patients until they recognize, address and cure their emotional issues and traumas because of the resulting hormonal, inflammation and internal chemical derangements). Also you are allergic to what you crave and that can significantly contribute to gut issues and blemishes.

Another PRIMARY and often can be an equal cause or the first cause or you have both- is low thyroid function-see the symptoms sheets for low thyroid on the website to see if you are likely to be hypothyroid. Low thyroid function increases internal inflammation and OFTEN is seen in acne patients and unless you treat this your acne will be at best VERY difficult to eliminate and at worse will NOT eliminate because the internal inflammation seems to activate your acne gene and you experience blemishes. This has to be treated as well-start with Vitamin D3, Ultra Omega, Selenium, Iodizyme, Vitamin B-100 and Vitamin A and see if the symptoms of low thyroid (hypothyroid) disappear, otherwise you need to see your health practitioner for the following COMPLETE list of blood tests (FREE T3, FREE T4, REVERSE T3, TSH, Thyroid peroxidase antibodies and thyroglobulin antibodies), otherwise if you do not get the COMPLETE list, the diagnosis can be missed. If you have the clinical symptoms from the symptom sheet then at the cellular level your thyroid function is low for many reasons no matter what the blood work shows then comes the medical challenge of do you treat the patient and your symptoms or do you treat the blood work. If we do not relieve your symptoms, then we will not solve the problem and you come to health practitioners to solve your challenges. I find what BEST and most bio-identically treats low thyroid is Armour (there are other brands equal to this – Naturthroid, Westthroid, or Ecothyroid or at least T3 WITH T4.When your thyroid is working correctly it is producing T1, 2,3,4 and Calcitonin and if you just take the INactive form of thyroid hormone, T4 (thyroxine) this may not convert in the body to the ACTIVE form, T3 for many reasons therefore you will continue to have the symptoms of low thyroid.  How to treat thyroid is a HUGE source of controversy amongst health practitioners. I use what works best from my and others experience and research in resolving my patients’ symptoms the fastest, most safely and scientifically correctly.

Internal and external inflammation, which is present chronically from diet, certain medications, pollution, sun, stress, chemical and electromagnetic exposure everyday, further personifies the blemish symptoms.

The following Maximal Strength Skin Therapy products and Skin Fitness Plus supplement solutions address the internal as well as the external factors with visible results and symptom resolution. Remember -symptoms do NOT resolve magically overnight because  the body, internally and externally has a period of time it requires to heal and the gut takes 3-9 months to completely heal depending on how inflamed it is initially.

How do you know how bad it is? If you take a LOT of Robynzyme per meal to find burn and cut back one pill for your IDEAL dose after completing a bottle of Super Enzymes then your internal gut inflammation is SIGNIFICANT in my experience and you are going to take longer to have symptom resolution. Remember also that the skin is also inflamed when you have acne/blemishes and that is why it is red and gets scarred. It takes time/months after slowly, but surely resolving the cause and symptoms to decrease and resolve the redness/scarring, which occurs as you work up to using at least Vitamin C Plus twice a day. Vitamin A Plus every evening with the other skin products that help this be more successful, then you add PEEL, and THEN you need my high dose RETINOL RESTORATION and maybe PERFECTING PEEL professional only peels. If you do not treat all the causes internally AND externally, correctly and adequately, in my experience, it takes longer.

Marketing will tell you that this magic product will resolve the symptoms overnight or very quickly. Correct science will tell you that it takes time as the to discover the cause, correctly address; then the body takes the time it needs to repair, which you cannot speed up but can be slowed down by being low thyroid, gut inflamed and nutritionally depleted. You MUST correctly address the internal CAUSES as well as the external SYMPTOMS to win the battle. There is a scientific reason I use what I use and do NOT use what I do NOT use to treat acne.

Instructions: This is your step ONE in therapeutic treatment and will be increased as below if acne is not progressively clearing completely over 3 months and remember it takes the body one month just to begin responding to giving it what it needs, is missing and wants then another month to begin to see more resolution then another 3 months to progressively clear.  If it is better but not clearing completely that usually means your thyroid function is low and that has to be treated in a more targeted way so we add Thyroid Life Force.
Skin Products:

CLEANSER, VITAMIN C PLUS, SERUM, SPF 30 SUN PROTECTION & REPAIR, NIGHT REGENERATION (if you have dry skin AND acne), REPAIRING EXFOLIANT (call my office for this OR one of the Professionals on the website closest to you who uses my products in their practice).

Add after 2 weeks on the above, VITAMIN A PLUS then after you finish – Repairing Exfoliant add my PEEL then after working up to using my PEEL nightly if tolerated, you should ideally have my professional only peels. RETINOL RESTORATION first professional peel then with PERFECTING PEEL.


Vitamin D3, Flora Syntropy, Hypozymase, Inflamma LifeForce

Next step – add Organic Sulfur, Iodizyme, Hepatogest