Why Professional Strength Peels

We recommend you to have a Skin Care Professional that you utilize at minimum every three months for at least a necessary and MOST importantly scientifically CORRECT, Professional Strength Peels, skin cleaning and more aggressive exfoliation because even though my skin products are the MOST MAXIMAL and physician strength that skin formulations can be, if you are optimized internally and externally then the skin growth is so youthful that you need STEP ONE – REPAIRING EXFOLIANT or STEP TWO – RETINOL RESTORATION or STEP THREE -PERFECTING PEEL for MORE. You tune up your car, upgrade your exercise routine and weight lifting amount and you have to do the same when skin is maximally functioning because it is pushing old damage, pigment, dead skin to the surface and you anti-age and look younger/better/prevent faster by adding these intermittently.



STEP ONE -REPAIRING EXFOLIANT is used in the course of a normal facial to dissolve and clear blackheads, pigment, dead skin, decrease pore size, exfoliate, calm sensitivity and redness/vein issues so you leave the facial looking more like a polished jewel, or to clear, calm, clean blemishes, scarring and can be used to treat skin of the entire body including back and chest blemishes.




STEP TWO -RETINOL RESTORATION, which requires prepping the skin of the face, neck and chest but not the body in most cases, which your SKIN PROFESSIONAL will explain and assure, should be used one to four times a year depending on your age, skin issues (blemishes, scarring, melasma, pigment, pore size, volume, sensitivity, redness, abnormal veins) to maximize the Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D. products, supplements, and presciptives, for optimal skin health, beauty, anti-aging, lifting, tightening, volumizing, slowing down the clock, clearing, restoring and renewing. This peel is the NONtoxic, BEST results producing, unique, all skin colors and types acceptable, alternative to the old, side effect and down time issues treatments used such as ablative lasers of all types (i.e. Sciton, Fraxel, Pearl, Restore etc-there are a million of them that have different names but the same technology), Blue Peel, Cosmelan, TCA, Jessner, Glycolic. RETINOL RESTORATION because it is MAXIMAL dose retinol, penetrates THE MOST deeply to treat as MUCH of the depth of the skin as possible, other than a NON-ablative laser such as Endymed 3 Deep or Thermage. This peel should be used BEFORE laser treatments because lasers work on collagen and this peel optimizes youthful collagen production so when you spend money on lasers they work the best rather than a small percentage of the result because you have older or stretched out or a small amount of collagen. The same goes if you are having surgery- to optimize healing and best results.

Picture3STEP THREE – PERFECTING PEEL is often used alone or on top of RETINOL RESTORATION, on all parts of the body and in some cases does not require prepping, for MAXIMAL exfoliation, skin health and beauty, anti-aging, clearing of scarring, pigment, undesired skin growths, lifting, tightening, volumizing, rejuvenating! With these peels there is no reason to use toxic, inflammatory, downtime and unnecessary side effect options instead. Dr. Hunter formulated these peels so her patients and she did not ever have to use those options and for best possible, scientifically, chemically, pharmacologically, physiologically correct results.

Please click on FIND A PROFESSIONAL page to review the skin professionals that carry our products and are trained to do our professional peels, synergistic supplements (because your skin and body need the raw materials to build the BEST new skin when we are reconstructing it and your health) to provide you with THE BEST that professional strength skin treatment and science can correctly effect. (We also invite you to read testimonials that Dr. Hunter’s patients in her offices worldwide feedback when the office was following up on their results.

Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D. Professional Peels provide MAXIMAL support through scientifically proven, physiologically optimizing properties, which replenish, restore, rejuvenate, nourish, nurture and support the skin’s cellular structures, stimulate cell renewal and preserve, sustain and revitalize skin health. Clinical studies and research have concluded the primary importance of providing maximal amounts of potent ingredients that are missing, necessary and recognized by cell receptors to initiate, expedite and assure visible, perceptible, progressive results and that it is imperative to utilize ingredients that are chirally correct – so the body’s cell structure will correctly recognize and react, also allowing them to penetrate and adhere the most deeply and completely into the layers of the epidermis, dermis and cells. The non-irritating, non-toxic, optimally protective, restorative and revitalizing ingredients in my Maximal Strength Products result in visibly firmer, lifted, clarified, robust, more youthful, less sensitive, irritated and challenged with conditions, skin, and help shield against visible aging and damage.

Everyone thinks there is a magic wand treatment that someone has if only they can find the person who has it. This is, at this point in science, as close as it comes. BUT there IS NO magic wand NOR fountain of youth and life leads to death so we all have to accept the facts. Skin treatment requires more the farther you are down the journey of life and you have to promote health internally, use maximal strength skin products and peels, exercise, eat “right” overall and if you can add the best use of time and money lasers and treatments such as PRP (platelet rich plasmpheresis), perhaps other tools in the toolbox if desired- fillers and Botox medications.

Skin exfoliation and stimulation IDEALLY is accompanied by optimizing the body’s internal organs and hormone functioning, as this results in better and faster visible results, by clearing, preventing, restoring, rejuvenating and achieving goals, along with promoting health, feeling and thinking better, more energy, endurance, brainpower and less weight struggles.