Hypo Zymase


Dual phasic digestive support targeting the stomach and the small intestine (duodenum) for a wide variety of digestive disturbances.

90 Tablets

Serving size: 2-4 per day.


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Product Description

Hypo Zymase Directions: Do not chew. Must be taken with meals. Do not use in ulcerative gastrointestinal conditions and when aspirin or other analgesics are being used.

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Hypo Zymase is a gentle yet highly effective, dual phase digestive product designed specifically to provide support for the stomach and small intestine. This product presents a powerful synergistic blend of two types of HCl (betaine) and Glutamic acid, enzymes, ox bile and organic (bitter) botanicals to gently and effectively bring balancing terrain factors to the correct binding sites.

As different enzymes require activation at different pH levels our exclusive enteric matrix formulation generates a pH sensitive release of the right synergistic ingredients at the “right time, at the right level and in the right sequence”. This insures that the correct enzymes are released in the gastric phase while the additional synergists are released in the duodenal phase. This is a significant point as many HCl digestive products tend to create dependencies due to their lack of synergistic ingredients and “over-amped” HCl content. Hypo Zymase provides the right level of HCl therapy and, typically will not cause a burning sensation or dependence like the straight forms of betaine often do. This is especially true for older patients who often require hydrochloric acid therapy.

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