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The Science of Telomere Therapy and an Organic Plant Derived Nutraceutical.

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The Science of Telomere Therapy – An Organic Plant Derived Nutraceutical

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Targeting the support of telomere restoration and health- more specifically- it has been now found, another ESSENTIAL piece of the OPTIMAL internal and skin health, BEST quality longevity, slowing down and turning back the clock internally and externally, show me don’t tell me, treating ALL the pieces of the body’s puzzle- TODAY’S GOLD STANDARD medicine.

Telomeres are the caps on the ends of all chromosomes, most importantly in stem cells from whence ALL cells in ALL organs of the body originate and continue to maintained from, beginning with the sperm and egg (which is why the presumption is that healthy Mothers and Fathers more likely conceive healthier fetuses, but there are a LOT of pieces to THAT puzzle). Healthy and normal length can telomeres help assure, it has been discovered, correct DNA duplication, for more likely healthy, more youthful, robust functioning cells in every organ of the body, VERY importantly including the immune system T cells, which help kill damaged/diseased cells including ones with abnormally duplicated DNA.

Medical practice experience shows that the methods we well know also contribute to optimal health and beauty- dietary, exercise, internal optimization-seem to contribute as well to telomere and stem cell health and more youthful telomere length. Medical practice and research so far also seem to demonstrate that the better shape you are in internally and externally – the faster, inferring better, all the therapies we prescribe work together, including telomere therapy, to provide more positive results in response to every intervention we do internally AND EXTERNALLY. So treating all the pieces of the body’s puzzle has a firm medical rationale increasingly substantiated for more so, protecting, slowing down and turning back the clock.

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