Why Skin Therapy Professional Peels

Skin Therapy by Julia  T. Hunter M.D. Professional Peels  ARE the new gold standard, scientifically correct, most completely anti-aging, non-toxic, healthy, skin rejuvenating, restoring, protect- ing and clearing, professional peels, replacing TCA, Jessner’s, Glycolic and all those with their well known downside. My unprecedented high dose, non-degrading, maximal therapy and results, break new ground with unique formulation, retinols, additionally containing extraordinary fortification with synergistic defense ingredients against known causes of aging. My professional strength acid peels, chirally correct, NOT inflammatory and skin thinning, as opposed to the other peels, provide state of the science treatment tools, for BEST visible results, HEALTHILY. Aging is thinning of all tissues, bones, gums, teeth, muscles, skin and slowing of organ functioning, and inflammation is the major cause of disease and aging, so you do not want to use products that further thin, inflame or challenge organ functioning. My high dose retinol peels penetrate most deeply vs. the other professional peels traditionally used, and the more deeply the skin is treated, the more completely the skin is restored, rejuvenated, lifted, tightened, thickened, made to function youthfully, cleared, protected, clarified and made beautiful.Dermis 2 (640x496)

Chirally correct, high dose acid peels provide synergistic exfoliation, enhanced healing, collagen formation and blood flow to optimize all the skin’s nutrient supply, toxin/waste removal, maximal anti-wrinkle, pigmentation and blemishes. AND because of chirally, meaning chemically correct, ingre- dients, they are no downtime, providing most complete MAXIMAL results through scientifically proven, physiologically optimizing ingredients, which nourish and support the skin’s cellular structures, stimulate cell renewal and preserve, sustain and revitalize skin health. Clinical studies and research have concluded the primary importance of providing maximal amounts of potent ingredients that are missing, necessary and recognized by cell receptors to initiate, expedite and assure maximal visible, perceptible, progressive results. The body’s cell structure will correctly recognize and respond in an anti-aging, healthy way to chirally correct ingredients, allowing them to penetrate and adhere the most deeply and completely into the epidermis, dermis and all cells. The non-irritating, non-toxic, optimally protective, restorative and revitalizing ingredients in my Maximal Strength Peels result in visibly firmer, lifted, clarified, robust, more youthful, less sensitive, irritated and challenged with conditions, skin, and help shield against visible aging and damage.

The  Science Behind The  Ingredients. This line was formulated with ingredients that protect, help regenerate and provide correct and needed support of the mitochondria as well, the power plant of each cell. As we age, our mitochondria become less efficient, generating less energy and harmful free radicals further speed their and every cell’s death, disease and aging. The essential factor defining the SKIN THER- APY gold standard results, is the wholistic combination of maximized science-substantiated ingredients accompanied by optimizing the body’s internal organs and hormone functioning, as this results in MAXI- MALLY promoting health – and from health comes beauty, along with helping to prevent degenerative problems. Health and beauty goals and PREVENTION are achieved faster by restoring and rejuvenating the skin and body concomitantly with the side effects of feeling and thinking better, having more energy, endurance, brainpower and less weight struggles.

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Providing the maximal penetration to most visibly and most expeditiously restore the skin to its best youthful and healthy functioning, these PHYSICIAN-STRENGTH PEELS are the therapeutic tools you need to achieve optimal results for your patient’s desired health and beauty goals. My goal is for us all to achieve THE MOST VISIBLE RESULTS that skin products and peels can provide, by MAXIMALLY

empowering and enabling prevention and the skin’s natural yet weakened ability to repair itself to a less diseased and compromised state of functioning, so we can turn back and slow down the physiological clock and provide solutions for every type of skin problem, as much as scientifically possible and in a NON-toxic way. Addressing ALL the pieces of the body’s puzzle is the ONLY way to BEST achieve anti-aging, health, beauty and disease prevention.

STEP  1 – REPAIRING EXFOLIANT. Perfect for blemishes, anti-aging, restoring, preventing, rejuvenating and express facials as this peel feeds, repairs, exfoliates and clarifies all skin types and colors. It can also be placed only regionally, on problem areas such as enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples, comedones, oily areas for faster symptom resolution and easier, BEST facial results. As a professional peel, it provides CORRECT, non-inflammatory, necessary and proper strength to help repair fine lines, wrinkles, skin dullness, laxity, hypersensitivity, rosacea, scarring redness, help clear blemishes, pustules, dissolve blackheads for easy removal, reduce discoloration and pigmentation, while instilling the needed gamut of nutrient and antioxidant restoration and protection. These intensified ingredients have the density to speed symptom resolution and infuse the potent array of physiological skin factors, facilitating correction to healthy, youthful functioning and appearance of skin of the entire body. Ideal for all skin types and every skin of color.

STEP  2—RETINOL RESTORATION.  This professional peel is a maximal strength, multi-tasking- anti-aging, anti- wrinkling,  abnormal  pigment  and  melasma  resolution, anti-stretch mark, lifting, tightening, maximal collagen/ skin component producing, skin-perfecting- MOST potent and penetrating on the market Vitamin A peel. It contains two stabilized, proprietary forms of Vitamin A, uniquely formulated for maximal therapy, fortified by the most active, intensified vitamins and anti-oxidants to provide the MOST desired visible results, via intrinsically affecting cellular re-growth, and protecting and treating the cell’s mitochondria and DNA. RETINOL RESTORATION is formulated to not only deeply restore and rejuvenate; it assists in physiological reparation and prevention of internal skin damage. It is ideal for all skin types and EVERY skin of color.

STEP  3—PERFECTING PEEL.  A professional, maximal strength, chirally correct acid peel that provides superior and scientifically correct, synergistic exfoliation while protecting the skin, guarding against free radical damage and helping to actively repair and pro- mote healing, youthful thickening, plumping, lifting, tightening, health and beauty. Enhanced healing activity has been attributed to increased collagen formation and angiogenesis. As L-Lactic Acid, L-mandelic Acid and L- Malic Acid work synergistically to safely and effectively optimize healthy peeling action, L-Lactic Acid additionally hydrates and exfoliates, helping further reduce wrinkles, pigmen- tation and discolorations, scarring, stretch marks, blemishes and skin growths. Additional protective and potent antioxidants, such as L-Carnosine, Tocotrienols and D-alpha Tocopherol, the chirally correct forms of Vitamin E, help guard against free radicals, which can have damaging and degenerative effects on cellular activity, internally and externally. It is ideal for all skin types, skin of the entire body and every skin of color.

This 3 STEP PHYSICIAN STRENGTH PROFESSIONAL PEEL PROCESS is the state of the science method for assuring MOST youthful functioning, symptom and conditions resolution, beauty and health of the skin of the ENTIRE body.