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Dr. Hunter talks about Premarin estrogen hormone medications

II am dedicated to scientifically correct and best solutions based on those medically ethical principles and creating optimal health and beauty- and VERY importantly–NON-TOXICALLY. Do NOT USE Premarin estrogen hormone medications for vaginal dryness nor menopause symptom treatment nor for anything-especially the off label use which some doctors are now VERY wrongly ignoring or oblivious of the history and the facts and the complete ingredient list, prescribing to patients for skin rejuvenation (also obviously oblivious to the fact that you CANNOT give estrogen without progesterone unless you MORE SO increase cancer risk whether you have a uterus or not).

Premarin and all its other contained ingredients to AVOID in and ON the body are the OPPOSITE of bioidentical, are made from horse urine, implicated since the 1970’s in increasing breast and hormone mediated cancers as a result of the horse urine estrogens in Premarin being COMPLETELY foreign/chemically INCORRECT chemicals to the body. They cause huge synthetic, foreign chemical overdoses in the body as a result of this and create thus the very negative side effects of increased cancer risks proven medically repetitively and litigated successfully as well for years by and for those patients who suffered the sad consequences of their being prescribed to them. Shockingly, they are being advertised and pushed to the public and physicians again as the pharmaceuticals perhaps believe we have no memory or do they SO NOT CARE AT ALL about the HEALTH!?

Any physician who kept up with the medical literature on Premarin’s side effects and remembered their pledge of the Hippocratic Oath stopped prescribing them and instead compounding bioidentical hormone therapy for relieving the symptoms of low hormones, menopause, vaginal dryness, skin rejuvenation synergistically using hormone therapy, became the best tool for the job. If you have vaginal dryness or are HORRIFYINGLY being prescribed it OFF LABEL meaning not intended nor approved for use for skin rejuvenation which Premarin is now being advertised again to treat, use instead if you care about your health and wellbeing, bioidentical Estriol or estradiol cream. You can ONLY use Estradiol-with or without having a uterus, if you are at the same time using Progesterone and the bioidentical, mimic nature best tool for that job as well is progesterone cream not pills in my medical experience and opinion for a great number of reasons.

I am engaged in this educational process for you the public, FIRST as a female physician who CARES about patients receiving the MOST non-toxic therapies that work and preferably, if at ALL possible, treat the patient successfully, and do no harm.



I formulated a bio-identical Estriol cream – Estriol is a weaker estrogen which is safer; better (see my website) for my patients to use for all the above reasons and as an alternative to toxic choices. But there are others you can choose from and your physician as I do in my office may compound Estriol cream but you want EVERYTHING you put in and on your body to be NONTOXIC if at all possible and remember to read the COMPLETE ingredient list of the CREAM as well as the DRUG contained in the cream (see ingredients to avoid).

Don’t spend your money on what is causing your body more toxicity/probable harm than everyday life in today s world. CHOOSE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES and Estriol is one but WHATEVER you do- do NOT use Premarin.

Shame on the drug company as they know Premarin is absorbed through the skin and vaginal cells just as in any other cells of the body-AND with NO progesterone! This why you have to think/remember, that the body ALWAYS must be treated as a WHOLE. Knowledge is power and you are the ultimate captain of your health, beauty and happiness ship so I am trying to help educate and protect you. What you do from there is YOUR choice with YOUR body.

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Coffee article-getty-186544016-opener-RBOZUK

You know your beloved java boosts your mood, but this antioxidant-packed multitasker can also help improve your hair, skin, and
more. Check out these pretty perks of your morning brew (and just be sure to stick to the recommended limit of 400 mg of
caffeine per day to avoid dehydrating yourself).

1. Brighten your face
When it comes to antioxidants, Julia Hunter, MD, a dermatologist at Wholistic Dermatology in Beverly Hills, CA, believes in
doubling up. “Drinking coffee is one piece of the puzzle; another is putting it on the surface of your skin,” she says. A coffee facial
scrub can help brighten skin, prevent clogged pores, and soften lines. The acid in coffee gives you some chemical exfoliation on
top of mechanical exfoliation, says Hunter. It also helps bolster skin’s protective barrier. “That’s what keeps you healthy when
bacteria, viruses, and fungi are landing on your skin 24/7,” she says. To make the coffee scrub:
In a bowl, soak coffee grounds in warm, filtered water (coffee grounds will sink to the bottom of the bowl), and add epsom
salts. Rinse your face with the water from the bowl, then scoop up the grounds to gently scrub skin. Finish by rinsing with
more of the water from the bowl.

Dr. Hunter on Expert Beacon – Improve Skin and Decrease Breakouts with a Healthy Diet


Food is your medicine and the correct diet will help you have beautiful, clear skin and help promote anti-aging.

Why do some teens/adults have severe acne while others seem to be pimple free?

The primary cause of all acne, teen and adult is androgens – DHEA, testosterone and metabolites. You all have the acne gene, but what activates it and creates pimples is internal inflammation. Remember that the skin is a window to what is going on inside, and inflammation is the primary cause of all acne. This causes an increased number and sensitivity of androgen receptors, therefore the genetic tendency to experience acne is directly in response to increased inflammation internally.

You are what you eat… your gut is causing your acne!

Yes, hormones play a significant role, which is normal during these years, which is why it is imperative that your diet plays an essential role in preventing outbreaks. Your gut is the incubator of most inflammation that causes acne. When the gut is inflamed, you see that blemishes more  prevalent, especially on all or some of these areas – the neck, forehead, cheeks, around the tip of the nose and upper lip.

Internal and external inflammation, which is present chronically from diet, certain medications, pollution, sun, stress, chemical and electromagnetic exposure every day, further personifies the blemish symptoms. You must correctly address the internal causes as well as these external causes to win the battle.

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Why & How to Use Supplements & Remedies…

From HEALTH comes beauty, energy, endurance, brainpower, greater happiness, better hair, prevention, rejuvenation, restoration, reversal, BEST slowing down and turning back the clock and QUALITY longevity. By knowing how to scientifically correctly, not marketing fact correctly, most likely assure or recapture health in today’s world, it is possible to live long, minimizing disease risk, infirmities and disabilities that can be responsible for shortening your life, your useful brain, mobility, self-determination, happiness and well-being, never mind the physical, psychological and financial depletion that inevitably accompany them. HOWEVER– WARNING—most everyone NEEDS their consciousness/fund of knowledge upgraded IMMENSELY on how do you/what does it take to TRULY HAVE/CREATE/RECAPTURE HEALTH in TODAY’S VERY toxic and MUCH more health challenging world vs. what worked in the past!

PLEASE be aware and BEWARE for starters-there is CORRECT SCIENCE and there is MARKETING facts science, and there are the MANY in the marketplace who allegedly “inform” us, who only know to chase and treat symptoms as their best solution NOT how to TRULY create/recreate health because they NEVER address/define the CORE CAUSE of the health, and/or skin/beauty/hair challenge, and rid it as much as scientifically possible. As a result, symptoms come and go, appear elsewhere in and on the body, side effects are experienced with the solutions, which can be worse or precipitate another set of symptoms, and there is less likely to be achieved the health, happiness, quality of life and longevity you seek.
There is a step before SCREENING of organs which is, all that we must do to try to achieve TRUE prevention as much as possible in today’s health and happiness challenging world. TRUE PREVENTION FIRST is what I want to enlighten you on HOW TO and WHY, because TRUE PREVENTION of all that threatens our health, happiness and quality longevity is the Golden Fleece – the goal. TRUE PREVENTION is MORE likely to be achieved— ALONG WITH symptom resolution (IF you already have symptoms and we ALL DO but think they are just a normal part of aging but we are wrong about that), by addressing/focusing on identifying the CAUSE of symptoms and PREVENTING/ STOPPING/REVERSING the CAUSE as MUCH as possible, as EARLY and QUICKLY as possible, long BEFORE SCREENING generally becomes POSITIVE. So START EARLY but it is NEVER TOO LATE.

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The Biggest Loser – What you NEED to know about Weight Loss

I am a compassionate person and physician and I have seen patients, friends and family suffer horribly from diseases and the treatments for them.  I am a keen observer by nature, not always by choice, which has resulted in all the suffering I have seen-and currently in my medical practice the unhappiness that the symptoms of aging and disease cause, both physically and psychologically, in men and women- being vividly recorded in my memory banks, and indisputably has and continues to determine my mission as a physician- to KNOW- and INFORM everyone possible- how to prevent, restore, slow down and turn back the clock, rejuvenate and cure- internally and externally.   That is why I am a wholistic dermatologist- because the skin is a window to what is going on inside, from health comes beauty and the side effect of creating beauty in my practice is health. So I daily, in all age groups, have the pleasure of helping to cure- internally and externally-not just treat symptoms in perpetuity, which results in my promoting and creating health as well as beauty and the greater happiness they bring- and knowing that I do what I can to prevent and lessen suffering.
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Homeopathics and Energetics

Licro-IntrinsicI have added all these this year and spent SEVERAL years learning all for a reason – they do something NOTHING else will nor can and you NEED them for OPTIMAL organ function, HEALTH creation, reversal, prevention, protection and detoxification ESPECIALLY in today’s toxic world, never mind rejuvenation and helping to cure challenges in a way nothing else so far I have found can.

JUST LIKE SKIN PRODUCTS and SUPPLEMENTS, these are ALL about HOW they are formulated and the raw materials and these are formulated by an extraordinary naturopath who studied for YEARS with ALL The GREAT doctors of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Oriental Medicine, Energetic Medicine, Aboriginal and SO many primitive cultures’ medicine as well as traditional medicine all over the world, and I have NEVER seen products work as well as these do. I SERENDIPITOUSLY have had the BLESSED opportunity to have him intensively teach me and I find the combination to give me the results NEEDED, to treat the cause, promote reversal and prevention that I have NEVER had. We are also using some of them in skin treatments as well to optimize your skin health, beauty, youthfulness and preservation.

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SUPPLEMENTS – The Body’s Support System

estrogen_support_smallYou NEED them, they are raw materials and in today’s frantic paced, TOXIC, STRESS filled world we cannot eat enough of what our bodies NEED to function at the level it is required to, never mind with the lack of rest. The soil is so over farmed AND full of toxins in today’s world that the nutrients are NOT there in enough concentration, even if you eat fresh picked right out of the garden so you HAVE to supplement.

BUT you cannot just take ANY supplement, because the VAST majority of ingredients in today’s world come from China and less regulated countries. They must be FORMULATED scientifically and physiologically correctly and in a CLEAN factory and equipment so no contaminants. That is why I have supplements for you that I KNOW ARE the best and I am taking them too and supplements JUST like pharmaceuticals HAVE to be administered in the CORRECT dosage to be therapeutic so I am trying to make it AS affordable as possible AND I am TRYING to give you as FEW as possible but it is HARD as we grow older and in today’s world.  I take the same fistful so I understand.

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