Dr. Julia Hunter had the privilege of working with Livestrong to create the following 10 videos for their website to educate and inform. Dr. Hunter answers commonly asked questions and clears up any confusion on the topic below.  Livestrong and Dr. Hunter help those who want to build their own healthy living success story. They believe that everyone should feel empowered through healthy choices in food, fitness, and inspiration to pursue their best life  because eating well and staying active are critical components in helping to prevent and fight degenerative illnesses and support anti-aging.

Wholistic Dermatology and Livestrong believe that achievements start with education and a commitment to small, daily choices. They offer content that engages and informs, and then complement that information with practical tools that make living healthy an easy and sustainable process.

Please review the videos for important information.

livestrong-anti-oxidantsAre All Antioxidants Fat Soluble?
livestrong-supplemental-enzymesEvidence Proving the Efficacy of Supplemental Enzymes
liverstrong-cardio-cocktailWhat Are the Health Benefits of a Cardio Cocktail?
livestrong-eating-healthyHealthy Eating Facts & Stats Regarding Self-Perception
livestrong-carb-breakdownThe Body’s Breakdown of Carbohydrates in Sequential Order
livestrong-dietary-lipidsMetabolism of Dietary Lipids
livestrong-teethHow to Keep Your Teeth From Losing Bone Mass
livestrong-basal-metabolismDifference Between Basal Metabolism & Resting Metabolism
livestrong-consume-edtaWhat Are the Health Benefits of Consuming EDTA?
livestrong-low-potassiumSelf-Care for Low Potassium