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Maximal Strength Calm and Repair - replaces Sun Protection Maximize

Maximal Strength Calm and Repair - replaces Sun Protection

Repairing, Restoring, Shielding Environmental Conditions,

Environmental Repair, SPF 30 Sun Protection and Anti-inflammatory

1.6 oz net wt

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Daily Skin Health and Sun Protection - Essential to Restore, Renew and Help SHIELD the Skin!

MORE than just a sun protection, this intensified product provides the MAXIMAL strength therapy for skin health and protection to help prevent and protect against visible signs of aging, restore, moisturize and repair from environmental factors and damage for ALL skin types, genders and conditions.

WHY Calm and Repair… We are daily and INCREASINGLY exposed to environmental factors that age and challenge us internally and externally!

Calm and Repair helps to restore and support optimal cell health from disturbances, toxicities that we have accumulated from environmental toxicities, stressors, complicated by genetic challenges and weaknesses that promote and may result in disease risk, health and skin damage, aging and suffering. ALL active ingredients therapeutic and non-toxic to help repair and prevent against further damage from environmental stress factors including the sun's direct and reflective rays.

Challenges from sun, pollution, radiation, toxic, irritating chemicals in products used on the skin, hair and nails, in water, foods and the air we breathe, worsens the internal challenges, genetic, protein, immune, organ and cell damage.

Compromised functioning is caused by what we eat, nutrients needed - but lacking, stress, foods we are sensitive or allergic to and toxins deposited in our glands, lymphatics, cells, DNA, gut and tissues and absorbed through our skin.


  • ALL active ingredients therapeutic formula for calming irritation and redefining skin clarity - contains no titanium nor harmful chemicals.

  • Restoring moisture and shielding from further damage helping to repair cellular and extracellular damage down to the skin cell level.

  • Complete protection that includes SPF 30 Broad Spectrum defense.

  • Can mix with Serum, Wrinkle Filler and/or Emu Oil for additional moisturizing and repairing  benefits.