Platelet Rich Plasmapheresis (PRP) 
A LOT of people are being separated from a LOT of money on stem cells -a science that the experts ALL agree is in its infancy at BEST.  NO, stem cells cannot live in a skin product AT ALL and even if given intravenously or injected-fresh and just born from a placenta with less damage and toxins than your stem cells may have (although over 100 carcinogenic toxins SADLY have DEFINITIVELY been isolated in fetuses in utero and breast milk in the last several years), are ONLY as viable as the environment they are placed into.  Meaning, if stem cells are injected into a body or organ that is diseased and the CAUSE of the disease has NOT been eradicated so the disease NO LONGER exists in that body-then those stem cells are soon going to be diseased as well, and will die JUST as the damaged organ cells did . This is why stem cells are not the magic cure either. YOU HAVE TO TREAT THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM!

If you inject stem cells from YOUR fat (liposuctioned) or your bone marrow, then they are the SAME AGEand contain the SAME toxins/exposure/age related degradation of function as the rest of you does, because they have been exposed to the same blood, toxins, acidity, etc.  That is why stem cells live about a year – so far – then they succumb to the same disease and aging issues. Obtaining stem cells from these places in your body is not easy, painless nor inexpensive.  ALSO–while obtaining them, the very delicate stem cells have been manipulated/damaged so their viability is unknown and nothing then stimulates them when transplanted to get to work-IF they remain alive.

prp-faceThat is why I don’t do those procedures. INSTEAD FIRST I make you and your skin healthier and more youthful, including your stem cells and growth factors then I do Platelet Rich Plasmapheresis whereby I take YOUR GROWTH FACTORS that live in YOUR body, concentrate, personify their action and inject them ONTO YOUR restored stem cells (under the skin) and stimulate them MAXIMALLY to work MOST youthfully and healthily. In return your skin and hair (and hair follicles) at ALL LAYERS including the subcutaneous fat visibly become volumized, truly more beautiful, lifted, tightened, decreased abnormal pigment and redness and indisputably younger.prp-eyes (339x340)

NOW is it magic? NO there IS NO MAGIC, but it is a VERY IMPORTANT piece of the rejuvenation/restoration puzzle and if you can afford it, it IS worth it as it DOES slow down, and turn back the clock significantly. If you can do immediately AFTER one strong Fractora treatment, it makes Fractora work about 40-50% better.  If you do PRP at any point then do anything including skin products and peels-they all work MUCH better. Takes about 1 month to see results and the results continue in my experience about 1-1 1/2 year.  After that your stem cells are trying to retire again but doing skin products, internals, peels and FIRMING laser, as well as filler continue to stimulate them.

I am a FAN of PRP and I OBJECTIVELY evaluate my and others results. There is the PRP facelift which I do, where a tiny amount is injected with filler for optimizing filler results and  prevention. I inject a lot more ideally for restoration and rejuvenation because more IS better, then filler later IF you need it and PRP is excellent for the entire body. Also – THE BEST TREATMENT FOR HANDS for anti-aging that I have seen!  I do this a lot for faces, necks, eyelids, lips, hands for volumizing, lifting, tightening, abnormal pigment and redness resolution, decreasing pores and scarring, for hair restoration and regrowth and it is well known to make great inroads in restoring aspects of libido and sexual pleasure.PRP man (440x221)

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